July 02, 2019

Z-A: The Morrigan, Thanatos, Terra, Sylvanus & Susano

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So that's a big title, well I have more time to play so it is going a bit quicker.
let's start

The Morrigan:
Pretty much the god that can be anyone in the game. A pretty nice ultimate however team and enemy dependent.

So her passive is nice only hard to utilize during a combo unless you start of with it.

her 1 is a straight forward stun quite fun to spam the animation.

her 2 is a great to start the combo of with and can even pressure people away.

So honestly while playing as the morrigan I have to say she feels like kind of an assassin only it's hard for her to actually do it with 2 damaging abilities.

well don;t really have to cover Thanatos as he didn;t change apart from building. Also I failed so many scythes.

Damn what a load of text. Also so many thing you can do with her dash. it took me a while to understand what everything did (mostly her ult)

Sylvanus an old goldy only have to practise the grab, had a great game pulling people into Hades ulti

Susano was also quite confusing to start however he quickly made sense after I figured out how his ult worked. didn't win the game but had fun.

Looking at what I want to play in Conquest I will probably need to learn how to jungle as in start stuff etc. Also might or might not stop the blog series itself while keeping the challange up