July 11, 2019

Z-A: Sun Wukong to Rat

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So I could have made a huge title with all the god names again however from Sun to Rat is like 9 gods.

First of I do want to thank gulf for relearning assassin tactics to me (which I utterly failed at in team fights.

So Sun Wukong didn't change at all. Actually felt like he does damage to during full tank. and had a lot of fun with the sith skin during the 2 games I played with him.

Sol one of the basic attack mages. Never been really good at them, mostly cause I'm from the adc crit days. However did better than expected. Only hate to target the ult path.

Sobek played one game as he didn't really change. let's myst it up hwoever I had teammates that focused the thorns Kuzenbo even though I pulled him out of our team to prevent that.

Skadi: hoping she gets that buff I feel like kaldr is way to weak making her ult also quite weak. people focus kaldr quite quickly as he is on top of them like a warrior. And if you want to ult he can already be back next to you. Also for teamfighting period the 7sec is quite some time to regen which hurts in teamfights. also hard to send him on his way quickly or keep track of him mid fight.

Set uhm yeah had more succes than expected even with how bad tping and stuff went also damn his 1 does damage. didn;t really notice much from his ulti though apart from movement.

Serqet lots of fun as I managed to play her like an assassin should.

Scylla the queen of pentas. didn't get any actually had a low amount of kills. Had more assists cause I chunked the enemies and one of my teammates did the remaning basic or ability hit. hit my 1 pretty easy on most of them so yeah the enemy was quite bad.

Ravana the guy I could never play. until I went full tank/warrior build with him and did damage I didn't expect him to do. happy his 3 is going to get buffed cause it's almost never up.

Ratatoskr had a lot of fun playing him did lvl him wrong cause I was to lazy to read so went Acorn Blast over Flurry until I looked at the abilities midway through lvling acorn blast.

So yeah fun times still a lot to go. also pretty sure I will fall into either jungle or mid for CQ as my ability casting is better than AAing tbh.