December 26, 2019

Z-A Ao Kuang to Achilles

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So it's done, my thoughts on the home stretch gods.

Ao Kuang, dam was he fun to play especially making the choice of throwing his Dragon Call, lost the game I played since I wasn't able to carry hard enough for the feeding Ymir

Anubis old goobis, melted some faces and damn does his lifesteal go through the roof with thyphons

Anhur basics felt really powerfull to me for some reason even without Shifting Sands gotta practise the pillar stun though

Amaterasu like her and don;t like her at the same time, she sticks well to opponents however her ult is a bit annoying because of the jumping part.

Ah Puch he has a lot of burst with a well placed 2 but after that he does not much, also in arena I didn;t really use his passive as corpses get cleaned quickly. Also annoying he only stuns on an ability heal giving him pretty much no peel.

Ah Muzen Cab still feels the same and still meh in arena because of the hives being easily destroyed.

Agni still able to do his combo, however his damage feels a bit more lackluster than back in the day.

Achilles owh what a fun match not only a mirror match but a "troll match" with 3 warriors on our team. love the passive and Combat Dodge also found out his ult can be canceled for later use to get some basics in.

So looking back I think my class prefference is going a bit like this:
and lastly adcs.

mostly because of assassins performing well with a bruiser build if needed. So it seems jungle/solo is gonna be the role for me to play (prbably solo because jungle needs some more knowledge anyway) into support or mid and lastly adc.
I don;t think my adc play is terrible, however I just don;t like getting dived by the assassins and your team ofcourse not peeling, mostly because in a lot of cases Athena has her taunt on CD or Ymir engaged using Frost Breath. yeah, I see a lot of low CC team comps and the team not recognizing the persons to keep alive on your own team.
So yeah probably gonna play more conquest probably or back to assault again