October 24, 2019

small update & Z-A Ne Zha to Medusa

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Hi all here I am again and no I'm not dead again. like last blog said just hadn't a lot of time. September is considered one of the busiest month for work and with study etc time has not really been there. On top of that I started playing Black Desert Online as it is a good game to combine with watching youtube (which also has a long watch later list build up over school and work stuff of 436 videos ranging from 10-20 mins with some exceptions of 1.5h vids)

However I am also still doing the Z-A. I played several gods some time ago and last time I played was before Yemoja dropped.

So first of gotta catch up on Persephone. overall she is quite weird to play, however I blame this fact to testing her on arena, which I use to test builds later in the game. The reason has to do with her Harvest it requires time to set up something that does not really exist well in arena. I don't know how but I did manage to get quite some burst of with Harvest nonetheless. Also her ult is damn fun to use and quite powerful.

moving on to were we left of Ne Zha. he didn't change much. just as fun to play only I am out of practice with his ultimate or it was because of misjudging the latency, cause I was playing on NA servers.

Merlin was quite fun to play only I do have to say I prefer his fire and ice style arcane/astral merlin not my thing. very versitable because of the stances though.

Mercury still can't hit his Made You Look and his Special Delivery is not that good in arena. but after that he still can hit as a truck.

Medusa yeah let's just say my first experiecne with Fail-Not. Let's just say that was quite a powerspike. also love the passive. forgot how speedy she was.