June 14, 2013


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NOTE: not for strong players

"Dammit, it's all their fault"- Many smite players.

I have been through this situation so many times, where my unknown teammates have blamed me for something. They would blame you for not taking the buff, or not being there on time. Some even blame you when you have the least to do with the event. This really discourages players from playing, all this blame and pressure to get better prevent people who are level 30 from getting better at all. The difference in skill is huge for all the level 30s, making it hard to play with people who are at your level. This leads to people into continuous hatred for this games, as everyone is bring each other down with all the rage going on about how everyone sucks.

I won't go on a rant about how we should we deal with these kinds of people, but I would like to talk about the people who got blamed, hated and despised by the team. I am probably one of those people who gets hated for poor play, yet I feel like I did nothing wrong. But is this really true? Did I really do nothing wrong during the different stages of the game? Maybe it was right to ignore people's comment about my actions and my decisions and make myself as a player feel better.

I feel like that we as a community should realize something. Yes, some players go too far with their comments to say that you should delete the game, go back to the tutorial or regret that you should have never been born. This little comments can really affect one's gameplay as they become more wary or their decisions and this can cause a great loss for the team. One thing I want to say is that it is never 100% your fault. But, I want to tell those people who have had people bm continuously that it isn't over yet. Many of my recent games involve me getting hated by my teammates and there must be a reason for this. I think that people who are continuously losing have the right to continue playing the game, yet us as players who can not produce well plays during the game should learn from others, or realize by ourselves that we have to do something. Before I use to play with good people who never made fun off me and my mistakes. But this never helped me, I felt that I was dragging the team down with poor plays. Even one good play could affect the enemies decisions, yet I couldn't produce anything. So one day I solo qued and found out that I really did suck. Out of the 5 games I played, I lost them all, my team hated me and I was like, "what is going on, do I really play like this?" Then the realisation came to me, maybe I wasn't good as I thought I was, maybe I am that little frog is the well.

That example is pretty generic, but those haters out there do have a reason to hate, as human emotions are mixed as all of the 5 players try to combine and get good team work out of it. We as those people who know we suck have to realise what we are doing wrong and what we should do about it. Soem don't even know that they are bad, so we are one step into realising that we are in a well, we are not that good. Now its up to us as players of this game to become better.

As Darrell Royal says:
"You should all ask yourself what do you feel when you are defeated.
Are you blaming others, feeling depressed, or are you feel with passion, ready to take the challenge again.

All those of you who has played on the field will have tasted defeat,
there's no player who has not lost before,

however the best players, as a tribute to all their efforts, will give everything they've got to stand up again,
the ordinary players will take them a while to get back on their feet,
while the losers will remain flat on the field.

do not be ashamed about being defeated.
to be defeated and to not stand up is what you should be ashamed of.

In his letter, he stated that those who were losers are those who do not stand up again. That could be us, thinking that the well is too big to jump out of, the hurdle is too high to step over, the wall is impossible to breach. But those who do not put the effort to get better will not get better. Go watch your matches, record the matches, try out new gods, new roles, new builds, even if you are bad at math, at least try. If one person's effort isn't get others to help. There are a ton of streams on twitch willing to help. There are a ton of guides on youtube and this site to help you get started and learn new tips. There is mentors on this site and tier monster who don't mind sharing their experiences with you so you can get better. But the one who has to start it all is you. We can't help if you don't start now, and the later you start, the deeper the well becomes. Strengthen your guts and charge straight forward if you are just like me, a loser who sees the sun from the bottom of the well.