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CaptElfimis's Blog
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August 26, 2018

Guide Redesign

Views: 1059 CaptElfimis
I will be going over and redesigning all my guides again and as always focusing on Joust gameplay mechanics, itemization, and team composition as well as general strategies, map control, zoning, pushing, etc. Please feel free to stop by and revisit them over the next few weeks as the updates roll out! I will also be adding 2 new God Guides for 2 of my new favorite Joust Picks in the current meta :D

Current Guides:
Xing Tian-

Loki-(From 2015 with no updates, yikes! It was also a funny build not a serious one but it actually worked back then too haha)

Ne Zha-(I actually worked really hard on this and was surprised at how little love it got)

Pele-(This one is brand spanking new and I'm open to additions/revisions, really nee…
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January 31, 2018
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Got my CDL back in August and haven't really had much time for Smite on the road, but now that I have a semi-normal home-time routine, ill be on here as often as possible and updating my Xing Tian guide for Season 5 as well as writing a couple new ones (I have some excellent S5 Ranked Joust builds coming up :D)

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