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Bernardozomer's Blog
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October 19, 2018


Views: 1434 Bernardozomer
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Hello it's been two months since I last opened this site, what's been happening?

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April 02, 2018

Am I the only one?

Views: 1356 Bernardozomer

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December 09, 2017
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downvote  |  nobody cares for tag  |  upvote  |  vote
In case you don't know, SmiteFire has a feature called "Voting". No, I'm not talking about voting on guides, I'm talking about this thing here:

Yeah, that thing. Nobody cares to use it.
Today I propose a change: what if we start to use it? You just need to upvote helpful/funny/cool/positive things and downvote negative things (rare to find on this site tbh). And if you find something that isn't none of that, just don't vote on it.

Now, who's with me?



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October 23, 2017

GRAMM-POL®'s official customer list

Views: 4469 Bernardozomer


Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about? Well...

Recently, we realized that we are receiving quite a negative feedback. This time,
you aren't going to be called heretics, don't worry. Thankfully, you can now choose whether you want to receive corrections or not! I don't know why someone wouldn't want to enjoy Gramm-pol®'s services, but these are still awesome news!

Please comment whether you want to enjoy the services we have to offer or not.


>Devampi (only in PMs on a guide!)



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August 07, 2017

My first SF year is now complete

Views: 3142 Bernardozomer
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Has Kuzenbo  |  Yay

Exactly one year ago, I created my SF account!

Fun facts:

It was a wonderful year and I want many more to come.

I was thinking about something tho... what do you guys think of me?

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