August 23, 2020

HowTo Duel , from a TopGM --- (The most complete guide ever)---

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IN CREATION.IN CREATION .IN CREATION .IN CREATION .IN CREATION .IN CREATION INTRODUCTION Hi! I've seen a lot of people who stopped playing Duel 'cause they think there are op we're going to see that is not true,and how to win them,and 90% matches,'cause,some style of playing have their disadvantage.From an Argentinian GM.Top1 9 times,with 96,2% win matches,more than 250 matches played in every split.(Record in 1 split: 600W 41L)

STRATEGY F/Beginning :Duel does not start when you are playing against some god,starts when you click "accept" and encounter a match.ban and pick is simple strategy,some advice are,don't try to ban "op" picks,just ban what you find that you pick is in disadvantage (Im going to do some tierlist behind of every rol)If u're fenrir main..there is no reason to ban he bo,you'll win 100% the early match against him,and the match,so,is a ban wasted.Bans is just experience,that you do along the time playing,and find picks that you can't win with your godtierlist rol (explain below)But try to win "bans".. if people don't want hebo in theirs match,they will ban it,so if u dont want to play hebo,or against him,just wait till the final ban to ban it,enemy will ban it,this happens with most gods who people think they are op,or just don't want in their matches.Freya,amc,baka,hebo.Just wait for it,and you gain +1 ban :)

WHO TO PICK: Who..? That is a failure,You need first to encounter your style.Which rol do you think you are better in,in every match.If u dont have it,continue to the section below.Here im going to explain who rol are better in :
Warriors,the most op gods in duel,Why? They does not need damage in early,boots,and breastplate against physicals,or jotunn's and then magical with cooldown defense.Even without damage,they will destroy you,and can do not just 1 item of defense,many.They win the most matches against adc,just practice and will win the late game easily,and if u're good with this rol,or you find sooo much adcs at your odd,just pick try this rol with some practice,and playing aggressive,won't regret.
Assasins No all the god assassins are good,but like warriors,they have the best early game in the entire game,and as a warriors,they can do defense too,and same build.Without damage they'll destroy you too,but first levels have to play well and aggressive,you don't have the defense that has the warriors.They are the best against Adcs,can win early game easily,and not too difficult the lategame as the warriors.
Hunters My favorite rol,the early game sucks..but if u play sooo well,or if are your main rol and played a lot of adcs in duel,won't be too bad.This rol is probably the best in all season at the lategame,and if u win the early game,you win the match(that's why adc gods with earlygame are choiced a lot,if they kill you,the match is won)
Mages Probably the worst rol excluding some obvious picks,they are the best without doubt in lategame,but even in early game,if u miss one skill,are dead.They have the worst earlygame possible,and If u win the EARLY GAME,you have 85% to win the entire match even against a GM beeing platinum f/example.
Guardians Magical warriors with more defense and health..duel is about being aggressive,because that means early,and early means the match is won.So they are worst than warriors but..they're good? Yes,there are some picks that are actually playable,winning matches against adcs,assasins,even warriors.Most people think they are not worth it,but we've seen matches won being guardians so..what is not possible to us play with that rol?

STYLE Of Playing : This section is about doing your OWN tierlist,it is true there are goods that sucks in duels.But the most it doesn't and have their own advantage as i wrote above.Forgot all about your old bans.Think what pick do you like to play,are better in duel with the tierlist i'm going to do below (if u feel u are better w/ one good than other,even if are in a better tier,just put him at the top in your mind tierlist)then try to think what abilities of which god are an odd to you,and the style of that god too,for example,the movement speed from erlang against hel,he will reach you,taunt you,even if u scape of that taunt,have the root,and the transformation,you can't escape.Or like the turret of vulcan against the ullr axes. So if that god is playing a lot in your region,day,week,or season,just ban it(Don't get confused if u lost once and the god is not picked very often) .Select 4,5,gods,no matter if they are banned a lot or not. Then do the tierlist,when you already have,just try to pick from that tierlist of yours,you can call it "godpool" too. But that is inaccurate.An example of a match with some random but possible tierlist would be : TIERLIST: HeBo,Amc,Ullr,Hercules,Pele,Sun Wukong. I would try to ban useful picks that i'm not counter of,who are played very often,and are strong against my picks,for example : bakasura,,vulcan,kali,poseidon,etc) this imaginary match if the enemy don't ban he bo,i would pick it,if he bans hebo,you go to the second god of your tierlist who is in this case Amc,banned too,Ullr,banned too? Hercules in fourth place, and it's not banned,pick it.Then you would encounter with which bans are you lacking of (For example you didnt ban kali when pick Hercules cause you think u could win to her,but you couldn't fourth times,so there is you new ban) <--- If you don't lose 4 times a same matchup (picks) you know that is you weak point,or maybe the weak point of your STYLE of Playing..