August 23, 2020
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IN CREATION.IN CREATION .IN CREATION .IN CREATION .IN CREATION .IN CREATION INTRODUCTION Hi! I've seen a lot of people who stopped playing Duel 'cause they think there are op we're going to see that is not true,and how to win them,and 90% matches,'cause,some style of playing have their disadvantage.From an Argentinian GM.Top1 9 times,with 96,2% win matches,more than 250 matches played in every split.(Record in 1 split: 600W 41L)

STRATEGY F/Beginning :Duel does not start when you are playing against some god,starts when you click "accept" and encounter a match.ban and pick is simple strategy,some advice are,don't try to ban "op" picks,just ban what you find that you pick is in disadvantage (Im going to do some tierlist behind of every rol)If u're fenrir main..there is no reason to ban he bo,you'll win 100% the early match against him,and the match,so,is a ban wasted.Bans is just experience,that you do along the time playing,and find picks that you can't win with your godti…
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