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you wanna get hammered?- Fafnir Supp S4.16

September 12, 2017 by tigercatfaceEU
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Build 1
Build 2

Support starter items

Smite God: Fafnir

Item Purchase Order

Core supp Item

Build Item Watcher's Gift

Situational starters

Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Lono's Mask

Boots baby

Build Item Reinforced Shoes Build Item Traveler's Shoes

Rest of items are situational

Build Item Magic Shell Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Heavenly Wings

you wanna get hammered?- Fafnir Supp S4.16

September 12, 2017

Look at my dragon

Fafnir Introduction

Fafnir is a simple fun Support
Not too complicated
Powerful ultimate
2 Long dashes
Atack speed buff

He can be booth good and bad, hopefully this guide will help you to attain Fafnir mastery.

<Gains free protections the more he reamins without backing>
<Has 2 long range leaps, one with a disarm and another with a stun>
<Has 2 long range projectile stuns which slow and debuff>
<Has a teamfight ultimate which can help secure objectives and kills>

<High cooldown on his hammer>
<His 2 early game lacks in utility>
<High cooldown on his leap>

Tips and Tricks

Laning phase

Fafnirs early is not as good as his late game
You will become very tanky (for early game) at 1000 gold, thenyou can risk a invade or even engage

I upgrade Underhand Tactics first because it has the same damage as Cursed Strength, is easier to hit and has a disarm

You will need to balance using your 1 to clear wave or saving it for the stun and slow

Avoid engaging with your hammer because Fafnirs cooldowns are high

Don't upgrade Coerce until level 6 unless you need it for the heal.

Fafnir is one of the only supports that does not have to back early due to his 30 Protections at 1000 gold, which is easy to reach

Mid game ganking

Rotate with the jungler, mid to late support tends to rotate around with jungle and mid, keeping gold fury control and clearing camps.

Don't waste your ultimate, fafnir's ultimate has so much utility. Unfortunately this means that the enemy team are going to attempt to force or bait the ult. One thing that is fun and wrecks teams is using his ultimate as a engage, say for example you dash in, try to stun a character with escape and then ult. This will mitigate all damage during the transformation and most importantly will force the stunned god to use his escape, this allows for your team to either go on a full aggression or one thing that I like to do is to have the jungler destroy the character that was stunned.

Using your jump to agres is not always the best option, this leaves you vulnerable and also you just used the disarm. This may cost you ult or even a fast trip back to the fountain.

Fafnirs [Cursed Strength] has a pretty high cooldown,
This is true. In early-mid game knowing when to use the hammer is vital, it can be a valuable tool to clear, stop people from retreating and even engaging, this is why you should know its cooldown.

Late Game

    At this point you need to level
Coercefor the ADC

I recommend building Shogun's Kusari, even though it is expensive Fafnirs Pasive allows it and the [ì]25 % attack speed[/i] stacks with his Coerce

Use Dragonic Corruption for objective secure, zoning and even to push towers/phoenix

What boots do I get

Depends on the enemy Team composition. Say for example if you have burst gods with tick damage then get Reinforced Shoes. If you plan to live in the jungle and gank every lane at once then Travelers Shoes are your go to item, combined with Winged Blade this gives you insane rotational power and kill potential.

Credit and sources

BB-coding and templates:



Supp starter items

PolarBearMike's channel has helped many Support mains with his builds and guides, be sure to share the love!!

Hope you all find this helpful and keep grinding

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