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Vulcan, Master Jouster SEASON 3

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Smite God: Vulcan

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Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Doom Orb Doom Orb
Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard


Welcome one and all to my first smite guide,

I have been playing smite for a couple weeks now and have grasped a firm understanding of the game. I currnelty play exclusivly mages vulcan being my strongest. Ive noticed that vulcan has little to no guides to begin with so i decided why not and thus i created this one enjoy

Getting the Hang of Vulcan

Vulcan is a very strong god with a very high magic attack and low defense, i see many people misplay vulcan by attempting to make a tank out of him, in my opinion i have had the most succes disregarding items like warlock sash unless need be in that case i ussualy substitute out oblivion shard becuase the spear holds up better.

So now that we have that aside lets get into vulcan, Vulcans first ability deals a heavy blow to your target and provides a good escape tactic that is crucoal when playing a squishy mage.

Vulcans second ability is probably his most iconic, vulcan places a turet that increses in power and distance as you level it up, all around an amazing ability if you find a good spot for it

Vulcans third ability combos amazingly well with his first, vulcan realeses a bomb aoe that can deal rediculous amounts of damage, this bomb has a knock back effect making it extremely easy to kill targets by knocking them back then blasting them. One key thing to note is this bomb no matter the distance will always be in the air 3 seconds.

Much like his third ability Vulcans ult is an aoe, vulcan shoots missles from his back dealing amazing damage that at max level can almost one shot any tank and one shot any mage, unlike his three vulcans ult does take longer the farther it is fired thus it is not a bad idea to fire your ult then go for your 1 and 3 this can garuntee many deaths and i find it works amazing well.

The Build


Shoes of Focus - Every mage uses shoes, the big contreversy is which one to use, in most cases its either shoes of the magi or shoes of focus. I find in vulcans case the versitility of SOF give an extra edge especially with a mana, speed, and damage buff which vulcan uses extremely well.

Doom Orb - Doom orb is an amazing item on vulcan, many people will recommend book of thoth over doom orb however Doom orb offers more MD which is what we are looking for in vulcan. The downside to the orb is it is a stack item so in order to get the amazing buff you have to farm that is not difficult and BOT is in the same boat however when you die you lose half your stacks making Doom Orb a risky item to use if you tend to die alot, in thid case i would reccomend Book of Thoth for newer mage/vulcan users.

Chronos Pendant - Chronos pendant is a must for vulcan, on a mage abilities are key and vulcan is no exception so the cool down reduction you get from pendant truly makes it a must have, also the slight MD is great.

Spear of the Magus - SOTM is a great item for vulcan, i have not yet touched on vulcans passive but what it does is every time you use an ability the following basic attack slow the enmy it damages. Spear of the Magus truly makes your damage better sometime there are issues getting magic damage in on bulky gaurdians like sobek (he is the biggest pain for me) so the peircing bonus you get from SOTM is amazingly useful on gaurdians and anything else really.

Rod of Tuhiti - ROT is a MD boost that drives vulcans MD through the roof it is a later game star due to the fact that doom orbs early stack will keep you going until you need ROT, Rod of Tuhiti is a must or else in the late game you wont be dealing enough damage and that is your job

Obsidian shard - Much like SOTM Obsidian shard is aD buff and peirce buff super valuable but i find it can be swapped with warlock sash in those dire moments.


Thank you guys for checking out my first guide an i hope you learned something out of it. I know it is not the most amazing thing and i am going to tweak it as i learn SFs interface. Please leave a comment about how i did. Once again thanks for veiwing see you next time

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Equixz0r (1) | March 13, 2016 8:58am
Devampi wrote:

[[vulcan]], [[rod of tahuti]], [[inferno cannon]]

(there is a code to show codes)

Thanks! :)
FlamingSear | February 27, 2016 11:39am
Thanks for the tips ill be sure to add that asap!
Devampi (89) | February 27, 2016 9:20am
Equixz0r wrote:

EDIT: Another tip. I recommend using this code: [ [ item name ] ] (no spaces though) It makes the item, ability, or god look like this: Vulcan, Rod of Tahuti, Inferno Cannon. Makes everything look better and easier for people to see what everything does!

[[vulcan]], [[rod of tahuti]], [[inferno cannon]]

(there is a code to show codes)
Equixz0r (1) | February 27, 2016 3:18am
No ability purchase order??? That's a huge deal for the guides and the main thing people come for. I suggest adding it here soon if you even still update this guide!

EDIT: Another tip. I recommend using this code: [ [ item name ] ] (no spaces though) It makes the item, ability, or god look like this: Vulcan, Rod of Tahuti, Inferno Cannon. Makes everything look better and easier for people to see what everything does!
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Vulcan, Master Jouster SEASON 3
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