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To Become a Phantom Queen

May 16, 2017 by the_finch
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Default Build

Smite God: The Morrigan

Item Purchase Order

My Default Build

Build Item Book of Thoth
Build Item Warlock's Sash
Build Item Spear of Desolation
Build Item Spear of the Magus
Build Item Soul Reaver
Build Item Polynomicon

Possible Relics

Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Sundering Spear

First Impressions

The first character I picked up was The Morrigan. Before playing Smite, I had already loved mythology and studied it along with history and languages. The Morrigan happened to be one of my favourite deities to read about, along with Fenrir and Tyr. Upon discovering that she existed in the game, I immediately strived to gain enough favor to buy her off. Playing her has honestly been a pleasure, and I have learned a great deal about her.

The Morrigan looked very dark and mysterious in her design. The purples and dark violets helped bring out what type of character she was, and I greatly appreciated the animations. Recalling is quite mystical, for her animation is enthralling for me to look at every time. While her skimpy clothes make me cringe, I still find myself unable to hate it because it matches her confidence and boldness, for she carries not an inch of modesty.

The design is great, and her animations are amazing too. What really is stunning, though, is her abilities (especially the first one, because, you know, it actually stuns)!

I loved how they incorporated the lore, as she does, in fact, shapeshift into different animals and people as a result of her magic. Thus, her ultimate makes me giddy to use, reminding me of the stories I've read, and overall, she is a powerful mid-game character that can be amazingly fun to play.


Deadly Aspects

This ability does a lot of damage. I make this the first ability I level, because it does damage and stuns my enemy. It's great in early-game, and just gets stronger as time passes on. However, this is very short distance, so if you're playing safely in a match, you should probably focus on Dark Omen or Confusion.

Dark Omen

While Deadly Aspects does a lot of damage, this ability is great for wave-clearing, which makes it pleasant for early-game leveling. I usually prioritize this ability over Deadly Aspects when I am playing Conquest, but otherwise it is my second priority.


This ability is an amazing counter to almost all enemy abilities. If you're about to be sniped by Rama, smashed with a hammer by Thor, or stuck in Ganesha's ult, this is the perfect way to conceal yourself for a getaway or a stealthy moment of hiding. You just plop down your decoy and watch as people get fooled or just have no idea where you are.

Because of its stealth, I often use this when I'm playing jungler with Morrigan or if I am trying to escape. Not only that, I can sneak up on enemies and attack them with my increased movement speed and abilities (which activate when you're in stealth!). This mixes your mage approach of playing, and occasionally I try my hand at playing her like an assassin.


Her ultimate transforms her into any other God in that match. This is a huge game-changer, and you can definitely use this to your advantage. However, this only lasts for ten seconds, so you must be quick and know how to play the God you are changing into.

Many people have asked me, "How can you play Morrigan so much? Don't you need to know how to play all of the Gods?"

The answer is simple: no, you do not need to know how to play all of the Gods. If you play a handful of Gods, whom may be your favourite or what have you, then you should be fine, because usually there is at least one person in the match who is playing a God you know how to play. If you can play all of the Gods, that's great! Then you have an advantage of in-game knowledge and abilities that allow you to not have the restriction of whom you want to transform into. However, it isn't required.

That said, her ultimate can be used in many, many ways. It's quite a creative platform for her to use in-game, which makes her a deadly force of nature that one needs to watch out for. Perhaps there is a Rama on the enemy team, and you see a cluster of players who are low on health. Activate your ult, transform into Rama, use his ult, and snipe that cluster and boom! You have slain an enemy!

But maybe there is a Nemesis on your team, and you see a character low on health? Transform into Nemesis, use her first ability to chase the character (or combine with Nem's ult, slowing the character down, which is wise), and then slashing her up with a combo of your two. If they fight back, create a shield with your three and boom! You have slain an enemy!

But perhaps your team is low on health and your support is down? Perhaps that Hel got into a tight spot, ganked by a Thor and a Fafnir, so now she is waiting to respawn... So, you can transform into her, heal up your pals, and attack the enemy!

But maybe you want to get that tower in under two minutes? Oh, but there is a Sol on the enemy team... What about we transform into her and use that passive? Transform, build stacks from attacking, and boom, tower down!

And the list goes on....


Even though I had posted a default build, I have learned to switch it up a bit. When you're building up your character, you must learn to be flexible with the items that you're choosing. I've noticed that it is an effective skill to have in your repertoire as a gamer, since this can aid you in countering enemies, supporting your team, making sure to strengthen yourself, and so on.

If I always used the default build, I tend to be less confident. Sometimes I need more speed to go against another God, or perhaps they have too much magical penetration and I need more defenses, etc. The point is, it's important to remember that builds are not always meant to be set in stone.

My default is only what I use at my default. I could give you an explanation of every item there is, how it works, when to use it, but that would just take way too long. I recommend that you instead just play the game. I'm a kinesthetic learner, I only know about the items from making my own builds and playing the game. I need to see it in action, what it does, and feel the change in power and support. Therefore, I recommend you do the same, or you can go the insanely amazing route and study it like you're learning a new language, complete with flashcards and books.

Thus, I think you should experiment and see what you like! But you may use my build as a little starter! c:

The Morrigan in Arena

Arena used to be my favourite game to play in the beginning. Eventually, I switched my favourite to Clash and Siege. When I'm playing Arena, I usually play Bellona or Skadi, but occasionally other favourites like Odin, Tyr, or Nemesis pop up. So, as a result, Morrigan is more of a "last resort, there are no mages on my team" type of character, since she is one of the few mages I have actually tried to learn the nooks and crannies of (which gives a powerful advantage).

So, then, why is this here? Well, I'm going to tell you how to play her in Arena anyways.

In Arena, you need to be careful with Morrigan. Until you're level ten (minimum) or level twelve (maximum), you should try to lie low. Characters are shedding blood on the battlefield and you can't risk getting in the middle of it with your fragile defenses. Thus, you must level up your second ability and play at a distance. Farm minions and steal kills with your first ability, and once you hit the correct level, you can be a beast in the arena and start aiming for pentas.

"But, Finch, what if I want to play aggressively?"

Alright, alright, I get it. As an Artemis player, you just love getting all of those kills and trying to competitively beat your teammates with the amount you have in your arsenal for that match. So, what does one do when you're playing a Morrigan?

Well, like I said: stealing kills. But then... there's another way.

You see that third ability on the bottom of your screen? Yeah? That's the key to victory, dearest. Activate it and place your decoy, she will start running, you're in stealth, and you have a limited time with your increased movement speed to get to an enemy and damage them. What you could do is steal kills by rushing over in stealth and getting the character from behind. Alternatively, you can go after another mage who has around half health, and do a 1v1 and get a new kill.

This method of playing is really fun, but the problem is you are more vulnerable to attacks. In Arena, people tend to swarm you for a kill, and often they will overwhelm you, gank you, and you will be sent into respawn mode while your team gets a chance for more kills with the enemies you lowered health on. And you probably won't even get an assist for it.

But, you can also mix it up. Play it safely but then become aggressive when someone is low on health. Sounds snazzy, huh?

The Morrigan in Conquest

One of my favourite things to do is play Morrigan as a jungler. It sounds bizarre, doesn't it? A mage in the jungle, ganking foes in lanes and supporting your team by pinging the maps with new buffs and placing wards to unveil an enemy's location...

But, considering Morrigan's abilities, it is very possible and very interesting.

Sure, I have faced some social ridicule for it. It is not uncommon for someone to begin flaming you for playing a non-Assassin role in the jungle. Hunter is somewhat accepted for the role, but Guardians, Warriors, and Mages are frowned upon. Which is done for good reason, as the Hunter is more of an ADC role. Guardians are meant to be support, due to their tanky kits and such. Warriors and Mages, however, can fit in this role if they can justify it well.

I've seen a few jungling Ravanas and Noxes, but why not a Morrigan? Few people play the Phantom Queen as is, and thus, if your enemies don't know your kit, you have a huge advantage on the field. You can use your decoys in getaways or if you spot an enemy in the jungle (then attack or run, depends on the situation). Thus, I began playing Morrigan in the jungle.

And wow. It's fun.

What you need to do as a jungling Morrigan is, well, jungle. First thing you should do is help mid, farm a little until you're level three or so, and then retreat to the jungle, grab a mana buff, and go help your teammates. You must ping when you clear a camp, set up wards, and position yourself for ganks. Perhaps you have a Hades in solo, and he's a single level lower than the Chaac he is facing. Jump in and gank the Chaac, allowing your Hades to push once you get the kill.

(Psst, you can also try using your ultimate to pretend you're on the enemy team, only to suddenly attack them, but it depends how aware your enemies are, so pick apart their behavior towards you to figure it out.)

There's a risk to being a mage in the jungle, however, and this would be your fragile defenses and limited health. As Morrigan, your main problem will be your mana. Once you're a little past early-game, then you will be more prepared, but your health will be more at risk. So, what to do?

You can do a few things. One, you could get lifesteal items, or you can just go "whatever" and go all damage, kick some booty, and get a few kills while helping your team push. But, I recommend only getting one or two lifesteal items. Three should be your maximum because you would want to get some power and penetration for Morrigan to really put her abilities to good use.

"But, Finch, I don't weant to play Morrigan as jungler!"

That's fine too. If you're going ADC (a strange choice, but I'll take it), build up entirely damage and penetration, and play more aggressively. A good support for Morrigan is Khepri (he's a good support in general), as his ult can save you when you're in a tight spot, and he can help you get some kills with his one. His two can help with engaging enemies, and his three is great for stunning them while you use your one to stun them again and do some more damage. Terra can be a good match too, but is unable to save you as effectively in tight spots and her three is honestly the only way you can heal.

Now, if you're going mid, it's going to be interesting. Many people play Janus, Sol, Hades, Vulcan, and Thoth in middle lane from my experience.

Janus is hard to combat as Morrigan unless your three is not on cooldown. To really know how to play against him, you need to try him out for yourself to know what his abilities do and how to counter it, since they have certain movements and Janus has certain behaviors for each ability. My rule of thumb is to try to keep a safe distance until your three is up, and then take him by surprise from behind with your one, followed by your two, maybe some autoattacks. Try to ask your jungler for assistance when you're facing Janus, as they could be helpful for getting rid of the robotic tumor.

Sol is easier to go against, since what makes her very threathening is being fed and her passive. With her passive, she can easily take down towers from building stacks, and with being fed, she becomes more powerful. Her ultimate can be quite cancerous too, so always be prepared for a quick getaway when fire starts raging from the sky.

As for Hades, you will find that his biggest threat, like Sol, is his ultimate and being fed. Your jungler could really help you out here, because Hades is a bit more unpredictable than most Gods. Just be careful and use your stealth ability to your advantage: attacking by surprise or a quick getaway works wonders.

Vulcan is the biggest tumor in existence. I've played many Gods against him, and I just can't figure out what to do. If you're going against Vulcan, you must get an Aegis Amulet and farm minions like crazy. If you manage to put him down early-game a few times, he's probably going to bring out his jungler. Always have wards. Try to bring your jungler out, too. Morrigan's best hope against Vulcan is using her ult to transform into him and fighting fire with fire.

Finally, Thoth. Rule of thumb: keep your distance. His range is insane, as well as his damage, because of his third ability (the wall of doom, as I call it). Once it's raised, jump back under tower range or judge a good distance away. Use your three as much as possible to get him, but farm like crazy, and be careful to not show predictable patterns.

Now, solo isn't something I suggest. Morrigan has a tough chance against others in early-game. In mid, you have the advantage of being against another mage. In duo-lane, you have the cushion of a Guardian to help you out. But in Solo, your only chance is your jungler, and even then, you're going to struggle a lot.

If you want to be a rebel, that's fine. Go play Morrigan in Solo! But don't get disappointed if you don't do so well, for playing her in that environment will require a lot of practice and experience (as well as patience, something I don't have).

The Morrigan in Joust

My friend loves playing Joust. You will see her in the queue almost always, and once I come on, I know that once we get into a party she wants to play Joust. Personally, I love Joust, but only when I'm in a party of two or three. You need to have communication in matches, and I find that it is crucial in Joust because of how small the team is.

Still, when you're playing Morrigan, you need to have a good set-up. These are some good combinations:

    Morrigan, Hunter, Guardian

    Morrigan, Warrior, Guardian

    Morrigan, Assassin, Guardian

    Morrigan, Assassin, Mage (Healing, like Chang'e or Hel)

    Morrigan, Mage, Mage (Be careful, you are very fragile and are at risk, therefore you should have Morrigan be an assassin or aggressive mage, have another mage be who you didn't be, and have a healing mage. But, this combination can be powerful if you're going against a team who has low defenses.)


Morrigan is quite a pleasure to play and can be a useful tool on the battlefield. Use her abilities to your advantage, and have fun!

Good luck!

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