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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


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The size DOESN'T matter

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by YangDemonKing updated April 8, 2015

Smite God: Scylla

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Choose a Build: Size DOESN'T matter
Size DOESN'T matter Dog goes woof, Scylla goes kaboom!
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Scylla Build

For Starters

Build Item Shoes Shoes
Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Aegis Amulet (Old)
Build Item Vampiric Shroud Vampiric Shroud

Start Stacking!

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth

Finishing Details

Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff
Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti


Build Item Aegis Pendant Aegis Pendant
Build Item Combat Blink Combat Blink
Build Item Greater Purification Greater Purification

Know Scylla

Hey everyone!

First, if you have seen, or know of a build that is similar to this one, please, let me know so I can take this one out or redirect to the one that was first.

Now down to business.

Scylla, Horror of the Deep, is also the horror in the battlefield if used properly.


Passive: Her passive lets her gain 20 magic power for every maxed ability, that makes 80 magic power, which, let's be honest, is just GREAT! A basic thing for Scylla in this build. TAKE. TONS. OF. POWER.

1.- Sic 'Em: This move is really helpful, either to stop your enemy for an easy kill for yourself or a teammate or to help you or a teammate run away, who know, at times running away is wiser than stay, fight and die. Also when this ability is maxed TWO adittional targets will be rooted as well.

2.- Crush: Perfect for cleaning lines, makes great damage to multiple enemies, it slows them and at max level it lowers their magical protection by 25%.

3.- Sentinel: Scylla's escape move, a little slow to cast but, using it can save yourself, also is a free-ward and it grants you 5MP while it's not cooling down.

4.- I'm a Monster: CC immunity, speed boost (at max level the buff doubles) and massive damage (400/500/600/700/800 (120% of your magical power)) obviously you need good accuracy so you can center the god, and not only that, for every kill you do with the attack, you get one more attack! PENTAKILL FOR FREE! EDIT: With the second build I swear I saw a 1000 hit, just saying...

Abilities and Items I

Scylla's abilities are great, and her passive makes her a great goddess but even with her some order is needes, as the saying goes: "All roads lead to Rome" the trick here is to know which ones to take, so the trip is the easiest.

Abilities Priority:

1.- Crush. This attack will make entire minion lines to go caput with one blast, if they don't the'll be so weak that with a basic you'll be having tons of stacks (usefull for warlock's sash and Book of Thot, that'll be explained later in this same chapter) also, the special power of this ability takes away 25% of the magical protection of those gods stading on it.

2.- Sic 'Em. Root your enemies to assist a kill, do a kill or flee the battlefield, and at max level it will be 3 enemies. Remember, one bad thing about Scylla is that she's a GLASS CANNON, meaning that in the early game, she'll be super squishy, so take that into consideration when starting a match, in the mid and late game you can become a little kamikaze, but in early game, you'll only feed your enemy if you jump into the battle, Scylla's a ranged champion, take that into consideration too.

3.- I'm a Monster. Massive damage, but high cooldown, even with the 40% of cooldown you'll have that makes a 34 seconds cooldown, is a lot of time, and it is barely starting at lvl 5 so... yeah, don't rely too much on this one, and here's a tip, try to center the god that you're gonna attack, otherwise it'll run away. EDIT: Also try to guess which was is the enemy god going or catch him on his back.

4.- Sentinel. VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE. But not so important to level up, it gives you an escape for 5 seconds, use it wisely.

Suming it up, always level up Crush first, then Sic 'Em and finally Sentinel at the beggining of a match. Then the priority becomes Crush, Sic 'Em, I'm a Monster and Sentinel.

Item order.

Start by buying Shoes, Vampiric Shroud and the first tier of the Aegis, just in case.

Why Shoes first? Why Vampiric Shroud first? Why the Aegis? okay, first, Shoes gives you a 6% more movement speed, that's useful, Vampiric Shroud gets you 10 health and mana for every kill, it's useful, you can skip buying the first tier of Aegis PENDANT but you'll have to buy it in some point of the game.

After that, finish the Shoes with Shoes of Focus. Complete the Warlock's Sash and Book of Thot, and of course, START STACKING! If you haven't bought Aegis Pendant, this would be the time for doing it.

I'll explain. Shoes of Focus gives you a 15% Cooldown, 30 Magical Power and 18% movement Speed, this is useful for everything! Plus Focus Shoes + Chronos' Pendant (15+25) give you the maximum cooldown allowed in the game (40%). Warlock's Sash

At full stacks, this item provides a total of +110 Magical Power and +600 Health along with +400 Mana.
do you need any more reason to buy it? and of course the Book of Thoth
At full stacks, this item provides a total of +875 Mana along with +15 MP5 and +100 Magical Power.
Due to the Mana to Magical Power convertion, ignoring a god's current Maximum Mana, this item actually provides +103 Magical Power by default and +126 Magical Power at full stacks.
the quotes were taken from so thy're trustworthy. Why Aegis? If you're with low health, in the middle of a gank, you'll need to escape, and Sentinel is a little slow to use, so with Aegis PENDANT you have two seconds to escape, two seconds that can be very valuable.

And to finish, Ethereal Staff, Chronos' Pendant and the Rod of Tahuti.

Ethereal Staff turns 2% of your Total Health to Magical Power, perfect combo with Warlock's Sash. Chronos' Pendant is more cooldown and with the shoes is the 40% allowed. Rod of Tahuti gives 125 Magical Power, and it's passive makes your Magical power to get a 25% more!


For Actives, obviously a must is Aegis Pendant (since Greater Aegis won't let you move...) and the other ones depend on the occasion, if you're facing an Ares with his freaking chains... use Greater Purification, if you're against something else... you can stay with Aegis, but if you want, Combat Blink would be a nice option, just remember that Sentinel cooldowns faster.

Abilities and Items II

The abilities order is the same, just one thing I forgot to clarify:
Of course, at the beginning you should have the first three, and get the ultimate when it gets available, but after that, stick with one.


Shoes of Focus stays, Vampiric Shroud goes away, but if you want to include it, you can do so.

Pythagorem's Piece: With this and the Shoes you get %25 of CDR, not as big as the past build but still useful, also lifesteal, with Crush you can recover a decent amount of life and defend the line/tower/phoenix/Titan a little more.

Bancroft's Talon: More lifesteal! And for each %1 of HP you're missing you get 1 magic power, so that, with Crush, Pythagorem's and the passive of Talon with low health you may as well recover most of your HP.

Divine Ruin: If you're against a Cupid, Chang'e or any god that heals, this is your best shot to stop them for healing their comrades on a big amount, plus %15 lifesteal!

The Three Penetrations: These are gonna give you power, penetration, and some extras with their passives that will be useful in battle, magical defense reduction, life steal and power aura and 33 penetration more, not bad right?


MANA POTIONS! Scylla is really powerful, but also costs a lot of mana, so if you don't want to go away every time you're out of mana, buy all you can of this potion.


Pendant, Blink and Purifications stays, but add the Sprint, lets you run faster, cooldowns faster than blink and can get you out of trouble without problems or whne chasing.

Wraping it up.

If you kept reading to this point. THANKS. This is my first guide, for a god I really like.

But back into the topic. As you could see, I'm focusing in having TONS of power and decent HP this doesn't mean that you're free to go and attack the Titan on your own, you may have a decent HP BUT remember you're still a GLASS CANNON so, always go with someone, a lady like Scylla shouldn't be left alone (or she'll kill ya... jk) anyways, so some tips in case you're still a little lost.

1.- Stay as far as possible of fights in early game, focus your attention on killing minions when you have the Sash and the Book. EDIT: For the second build, you can start battling when you have at least Pythagorem's Piece.

2.- Practice your accuracy! Scylla has slow attacks but very powerfull, don't let them go to waste.

3.- Mid and Late game you're allowed to become a LITTLE crazy and get a closer look to team fights, but even with that, be always careful, in a second you can be fighting and one second after, you're respawning in half a minute. EDIT: You can always abuse of I'm a Monster's power... I swear, 1000 and a little more in one attack!

4.- HAVE FUN. Yes is frustrating if your partners are AFK or they're "noobs" or stuff like that, but this is a GAME. It was supposed to help you have a fun time, so no stress if you lose, okay?

Thanks for reading, leave any suggestion, review etc. but please, GOOD criticism, not only burn :3

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PsychoticDreamz (1) | March 19, 2015 7:10pm
First of all, when referring to the book of thoth, you always spell it thot. Okay, now that my inner grammar Nazi is done, I like your guide. It's helpful to give me a different perspective on how Scylla can be built. Although I personally don't like getting Ethereal Staff, instead replacing it with Bancroft's talon. Magical power, and some lifesteal for some sustain. You should post alternatives in your guide for different scenario's that might occur.
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