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The Real Hunter. Cern Build for Clash/Arena

September 4, 2018 by Pipiloco
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FTL Build

Smite God: Cernunnos

Item Purchase Order

Lots of squishies.

Build Item Attacker's Blessing
Build Item Atalanta's Bow
Build Item Bloodforge
Build Item Toxic Blade
Build Item Poisoned Star
Build Item Wind Demon
Build Item Deathbringer

Tanky enemy team

Build Item Attacker's Blessing Build Item Atalanta's Bow Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Toxic Blade Build Item The Executioner Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Wind Demon

God Skill Order

Shifter of Seasons

Shifter of Seasons 4 9 11 12 13 key bind

Bramble Blast

Bramble Blast 1 2 6 7 8 key bind

Horn Charge

Horn Charge 3 14 15 16 18 key bind

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt 5 10 17 19 20 key bind

The Real Hunter. Cern Build for Clash/Arena

September 4, 2018

Chapter Title

The Real Hunter. Cernunnos Build for Clash/Arena


Fitst guide ever. I am cern main. I only play clash and some arena. This is not the best build for conquest. Conquest requires a very specific build path in order to compete and survive the early game. This build has some of the highest damage possible for Cern in the late game with the maximum movement speed possible as well as decent attack speed, some sustain and pen. This build can be quite weak early game but this is why it only works in clash, because u have help early game until u get some items online. It is important to focus on farming and keeping an eye on using your ult to stop enemy attacks on your lane or the other lane. If the enemy is pushing the other lane hard, go help, throw your ult and bramble and have the enemy back a bit, but then go back to your lane to keep farming. This build can be expensive so its important to focus on farm, help your team from getting crushed but don't go all in and get yourself killed. anyways, there are many tips and explanations that I want to share but I will update this guide later on with all that. For now I'll give a quick explanation for this build. I have built Cern in all possible ways, 15 to 20 different builds, they can all work great under different circumstances but eventually u need something that is gonna burst end game, that has enough attack speed because aiming in this game can be absolutely difficult and some people are great juking. And you also need something that gives you enough movement speed to allow you to chase. Common builds don't allow you to chase properly, why did they remove fatalis?, because it was broken on hunters. why people don't build frostalis... because u lose out on alot of damage. With this build you can reach a theoretical extra 47% extra movement speed with a theoretical 30% slow for up to 5 to 7 seconds with just one easy crit to refresh the passives. For a total combined 77% increase in movement speed if you add them(why not), all this while criting constantly, having 40 pen against on most assassins, hunters and mages. they usually have around 70 protections, while lifestealing, debuffing with poison star, his 1 passive, and antiheal. attack speed will be 2.33 to 2.43 depending on if you need exe or not.

So why no boots, boots is a pretty weak item in general compared to all the other items that go into your other 5 slots, people always buy it because they need the movement speed but the other stats are unimpressive. so with the buff to atalantas having 10% passive movement and with the 10 percent extra from poison blade you can be at 20% movement without needing boots. and the extra stats in those items more than make up for not having boots. with atalantas and poison blade you can now chase enemies with atalantas pasive, you will have enough pen (40), your attack speed will go up 60%, the antiheal is great for 1v1 fights and in geneal. this build is truly broken, but its a late game build, early game u have to be careful cuz kill potential is more limited. just try and not fall behind in levels, you can always carry lategame if u get enough farm. So, on top of what I mentioned above you also get 20% movement from wind demon and 15 slow from poison thus increasing chase potential, and if you get a kill, u get 10 movement passive prom bloodforge, this build starts to feel strong right when u buy poison star and start hitting a few crits. If you haven't completed bloodforge then u need to be a bit more careful. There are builds that can make cern early game very strong, blessing, boot, asi, ichival, into qins, but late game this build fall off real fast, and ultimately u just wanna melt people and towers late game and my build will do that. try the build, you will have a minimum of 37% movement speed pretty much at all times, that also helps with positioning, dodging and rushing towers or titans while others are distracted.

Like i said i have tried many many builds, and I like cern because he is the most versatile hunter in terms of builds, and I have played the other builds for months, but nothing compares to this late game. I used to start obow on cern and would do great, but lategame sometimes u need to 1v1 people and u can get bursted with obow but the item is also broken in general. Anyways, you can always build toxic blade before bloodforge if it fits your style or the situation. you can always go for wind demon and deathbringer 5th item and save poison star for the end. its all up to you, but if u complete the build and u have just a bit of frontline u will destroy. I guess it is possible to use this build in casual conquest.
If you decide to play clash, always invade the enemy left blue at the beginning, you just have to leave base really fast and hide behind the wall, soloing this buff will give u level 5 before anyone else and in some cases u can just go in hard and get a first kill. you will also need two health pots and u will pop one as u start the buff, use bramble and stay close to the buff to use your passive, u will have the buff before the waves meet and your bramble will be up again.

Out of the fountain go attacker blessing (cuz its broken), and level 1 atalantas with the 2 pots, grab a ward if you please, u will be a bit weak early game, so at least help your team with the ward to prevent surprise ganks. and ultimately, if u get to lategame and go the triple crit build, just the extra damage from the crits can offset not having exe for tanks, crits are broken, you are increasing your damage by 140%, while exe only gives you 36% pen, but hey in some instances if the enemy has 3 tanky gods u make just have to go exe, otherwise u will not do enough damage until its too late.

I love chasing mages to with this build, they think they can just dash and escape. They are always surprised when they are getting critted for 500 while when noone is supposed to be able to chase them. happy hunting. Please comment on your results.

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