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The God of Death

December 26, 2013 by James1613
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Rage mode enaged

Smite God: Chaac

Item Purchase Order

The kill machine

Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Qin's Sais
Build Item Hydra's Lament

God Skill Order

Thunder Strike

Thunder Strike 1 4 6 7 9 key bind


Torrent 2 8 11 12 16 key bind

Rain Dance

Rain Dance 3 14 15 18 19 key bind

Storm Call

Storm Call 5 10 13 17 20 key bind

The God of Death

December 26, 2013


At this point in time Chaac is about op as it gets. Once you reach mid game you can destroy anyone with his 1,2,4,3 combo. You the god of death and you should be feared.

Chapter Title

High Damage
Easy to use, once the combo is master
Possibly the best slayer in the game
Can take down gods in the early game
Can carry a team in the mid-late game
Excels at one v one

People will hate you
He will get nerfed at some point, his ability to tp
He can be slightly squishy throughout the game
Players will learn to gank him
Lacks a non combo get away this can lead to death if a second or third god gets in the mix



Items are simple. You want as much physical power as possible. The more physical power the more op he gets. The tabi starts the journey to op, along with the added cooldown this helps with your 1,2 spam.

Jotunn's Wrath

The Wrath serves the same purpose as the first item more power and more cool down.

This is were Chaac true op starts to really show, once you get level 3, your going to have a hard not one winning any one on one against you.

Qin's Sais
By this point it should be getting toward the later part of the game. If you haven't murdered everyone in sight this makes it super easy mode. More power, faster attacks, and why not some life steal. O yea the passive is pretty cool to

Hydra's Lament
This is one item you could buy before the Deathbringer depending on how you want to play it. This is to just keep on the op train, add in power, a basic attack buff and you should destroy everything on the way to victory.


1 is your most important, focus on using that to weaken the other gods.
2 is the follow up to 1, a quick 1,2 combo is nice way to drop them to around half health and then finish them off with 4 or 3 and just spam your basic attack
3 is underused by most players it seems. Always use it if we you go close. It slows them down, and you can basically out heal most attacks with it in late game.
4 is your semi nuke, this works great in a combo with 1,2,4,3. Use this then go in swinging for the kill. It also silences for 4 secs

Make sure to combo as much as you can. 1,2 also can make a great gtfo tactic. If the situation is going bad.


Chaac is a god were you have to throw out how you normally play smite and go rouge. He is possibly the best slayer in the game, but unlike Guan Yu the other op slayer. None of his abilities help your team out. His skill set is to murder anything in his path.
He is the angel of death and the enemy should cringe anytime they see him.

How should you play as Chaac?
Early game focus on just leveling up, as any other god. Once you hit the 7-10 range. This is were you can be a slayer. At this point you should be able to take out most gods 1 v 1.
I have found great success in being an assassins, go in the jungle to different lanes and kill any enemy gods as they go for your friends.
He can lane when needed but i feel his strong point is playing the slayer role and allowing his teammates to focus on pushing the lanes.
The only last comment as i said before just because your the god of death, doesn't mean you can't die. You still have to play smart if you want to do well. Pick your fights wisely.

Play Chaac before he gets nerfed. As in the current state Chaac can carry a team on his back. If you wanna to be super annoying grab a buddy and roll Guan Yu, and Chaac. This duo is pretty much auto wins for your teams.

Thanks for reading, i look forward to any suggestions or comments as this is my first build. I will update it if i find anything better for Chaac.

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