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Teh Rain Go..... Wait wrong Mayan (What works for me in season 3)

April 20, 2016 by ThePimpShark
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Crush your enemies but also have life

Smite God: Xbalanque

Item Purchase Order

1st order

Build Item Soul Eater
Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item Ichaival
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Rage
Build Item Asi
Build Item Meditation Cloak
Build Item Magic Shell

Alternative (I use this)

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Ichaival Build Item The Executioner Build Item Rage Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Blink Rune

Teh Rain Go..... Wait wrong Mayan (What works for me in season 3)

April 20, 2016


This is my build for Xbalanque. Now stating this is my first build that works for me very very well. This build gives you enough life-steal while also packing a great punch. My guide will go down the following and ill try my best to explain everything to my ability. Even though I was with smite since season 1 I'm still learning a lot so bare with me!

Items and all that good stuff

So with our first build that I sometime use is the souleater/*****-slapper build that I have with the funky jaguar man. So lets get down with it
So with our first purchase is Soul-eater. The reason why is because I like staying in my lane longer than my enemy and with Meditation and Soul-eater that makes it possible in Joust and Conquest.
Our next upgrade is Ninja-Tabi. Gives you the speed and early attack speed which in the start of the game to me is important. Out speeding your enemies is a good start that I go with to have more control and manipulation over my foe.....like that ***** medusa.
Third we got Ichaival. This is again more attack speed for a lesser cost also gives you more physical penetration for more control.
Next we got Rage. Gives you the crits that pack your punch. So much speed and so much power makes you an annoying opponent to get near to or even kill.
Lastly we got ASI. This is kinda adding insult to injury here and giving you more attack speed and life-steal. Your more of a badass now and you are hard to kill.

This is a sub if you want it. The Gauntlet gives you stacks for life-steal which people might see more useful than Soul-eater. And with Deathbringer its just more power if you choose so. More chance to crit and way more damage.


So with Jaguar mans skills I had a hard time remembering when your Ult levels up so I'm just going to explain it here.
Basically Rising Jaguar is your best friend and your only escape move that you want to use. If you want to waste your Ult you can but there is really no reason to now since most people gain immunity or other ******** that makes it hard to stop them. You want to level up Rising Jaguar,Poison darts, and Darkest of nightsup a lot before you start going for Branching bolafor kinda last. For example I level up Rising Jaguar,and Poison darts to level 3 and I level up Darkest of nightsas much as I can before I go to Branching bola. The main reason i do this is because i think its not to essential until you can start packing more of a punch. it cost mana and it could put you in a bind if you mana burn and can't use Rising Jaguar to get out. Its a low mana cost but I've done it before and got my self killed before I go 20/1/00.

Pros / Cons

To much Life-steal so you can stay comfortable doing your own lane or in joust
Pack a good punch to Warriors and Guardians with their fancy *** physical/magical protection upgrades
You have the early attack speed to be annoying to your opponent and with the life-steal you can stay in longer to out level your opponent like that ***** medusa
Despite the life-steal your a delicate Jaguar and can really get destroyed via Odins bird bomb thing.
Cooldowns are not your best friend so be carful with Rising Jaguar
People might send you hate for wrecking them

Summary and the end

Overall I hope this guide helped people or is even moderately good i just have a few more things to state to be carful of

You want to be carful of these individuals
Xing Tian

And these people you will wreck
Other hunters
assassins besides Kali and maybe Loki
Medusa (kinda a catch 22 you guys will kill each other)
Most Mages besides Au kong

And a good partner to have is Chaac if you and a friend can sync their Ults together it could be a great wombo combo. Hope this guide is good it is my first so be light on me I'm open to criticism but not insulting comments thank you hope you have fun with Jaguar man

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