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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Sylvanus Support/solo guide

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Smite God: Sylvanus

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Starting support
Starting support Full build support Against a hunter or assassin in solo lane Magical ADC/jungle Healer TANKY AF

Purchase Order


Build Item Watcher's Gift Watcher's Gift
Build Item Shoes Shoes
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak

Sylvanus's Skill Order

Verdant Growth

Verdant Growth

1 X
1 13 14 15 16


2 A
2 4 5 7 9
Nature's Grasp

Nature's Grasp

3 B
3 8 10 11 12
Wrath of Terra

Wrath of Terra

4 Y
6 17 18 19 20

The start

Watchers gift:This is the standard start it gives you more sustain and gold than mark of the vanguard. There really isent a situation you wouldn't want to get this.

Shoes: The start of the shoes you will go into

Early relic

Curse-If you think your gonna clear the wave before the other team buy this. Clear wave grab-curse-stun-kill

Meditation-If you just wanna sit back and farm choose this

Shell:If you are looking to fight with ure jungler and middle when you pair up and fight for mid harpies

Scout:IF you dont buy wards get this so youll forcefully have to ward:)

The shoes

Travelers shoes :If you get this 1st you will be able to run around the map faster and it will provide you 500 or more gold than your other option due to the passive of each god you hit gives you 30 goad. I prefer these as the gold increase allows you to get your other tank items on early.YOU ALWAYS GET RID OF THESE WHEN YOUR BUILD IS COMPLETE CHOOSE ONE OF THE OPTIONS BELOW

Reinforced shoes:Gives you 150 extra health and 30% CCR(cool down reducction)than the travelers shoes but.... you will lose the 14% additional movement speed and the HP5 increase when you rotate through the jungle.Also travelers shoes are 50$(ward) cheaper and provide you extra gold through the passive. These boots are a perfectly fine option to pick its all about personal preference

Winged blade: Let me just start off by saying this is a must have against nemesis if you choose to buy shoes and this thats fine but you need this to counter nemesis"s slows she has. This is a good option if your going down the healer route since it will add extra protection that you will need since the healer route is less tanky. This will also increase the power your healer has if you combine with ethereal staff passive. This is great for healers or is a replacement for shoes if you wanna be extra tanky.

Shoes of focus:You can get these early game for the CDR(cool down reduction) of 10% and so your mana problems will be less but..... i think one of the options above are better for the early game.They are very good when your build is complete and you want CDR tho.

Shoes of the magi: You get these ONLY in solo where is will provide you the only pen you have in your build.OR if your super ahead and your trying to have some fun


You need a item for both magical and physical protection and one for both to be a proper support against a normal team lineup.These are my favorites.

Hide of the urchin: There isent a better tank item than this in the game.Fully stacked urchin gives you 65 or magical and physical protections and 250 health. This is massive and i like to get this before the others due to the need to fulfill the 10 stacks you can put on this item

Breast plate of valor: This item fulfills your mana hungry state while giving you 75 physical protection.Lets be honest though the 20% CDR is what separates this item apart from the others.

Bulwark of hope:The 60 magical protection is useful same with the CCR of 20%. But this along with hide gives you more health to work with. This item provides 200 base health and when you add the 250-350 health passive that this provides since you'll have this item from levels 10-20 it looks like a great item(which it is).

Why i pick these core items to others/certain secnarios to replace core items

These are your options, and the 1st thing that comes to my mind for me

Heartward amulet-If you want to help your teammates get tankier than i suggest using shell in team fights instead of losing the extra CCR health and protections that bulwark provides.Hell if you want a aura get locus crown

Pestilence-Do they have a healer(chang'e,RA,HEL,Guan Yu,Sylvnus,Cupid,etc..)
Yes-than this is a very viable option
No-Why TF are you considering buying this item

Oni hunter's garb-uhhh not bad i guess but since the passive can be destroyed by tick attacks like Poseiden's Whirlpool for example or a stray support attack its not very useful.The health bulwark gives you is to much to pass on

Genji's Guard-This passive is kinda **** lol. 10% CDR is cool but the 550 extra health bulwark can potentially give is enough to stay loyal to the trusty bulwark of hope.

Void stone- If your trying to kill gods fine pick this but if your trying to kill gods dont play support please. It gives a little more power to your heal while giving you protections but i think there are better option than this.Solo wise i can see how this could be a viable option

Sovereignty-Again shell is the better option imo. CDR is hard to find and Breastplate of valor provide to musch to choose this over it imo.Hell if you want a aura get locus crown

Mystical mail- Its ok but why buy this when mid-guardian mail is available

Mid-guardian mail:Best passive in the game, good health, kinda irrelevant protections but it has them.I like this item i really do but the 20% CDR of breast plate of valor is too much to pass up on. This is a great 5th or 6th item which ill explain later

Witchblade:If your versing a auto attack reliant god in 3 positions this is a fine 5th or 6th item paired with mid-guardian mail

Dynasty Plate helm:Maybe if your in solo but really this is meant for mages and shouldent be built on supports.If your in solo and you don't want pen boots then this is a semi-viable option.

Celestial Legion Helm:IF there's a hunter that's building crits on the other team then fine build this but im sure there are better options.Plus the crit meta ended in Season 2

Lotus crown:Since sylvanus is a healer this is a good option for a 5th or 6th item which ill explain later

Hide of the nemean lion: NO CDR nuff said.

Spectral armor:Yeah nobody uses this lets keep it like this

BOTH PROTECTIONS(comparing to hide of the urchin):

Magi's blessing:Passive is good, gives a good amount of health and practically irrelevant protections but they are there i guess. Full stack hide give you 100 more combined protection this is why you get this

Spirt robe:CCR and CDR with a lot of protections.Passive is useful.For me i'd take 250 health and 50 protection over CCR and minimal CDR in a item.This why i pick hide over this item. If you don't want to pick up hide so early than pick this up in replace of it late game.

Mantle of discord:250 health and 10 less protections seems like a fair trade for 15% CDR and a ok passive but..... is cost 700 more so if your looking to pick this up in replace of hide than look to do that after breast plate of valor and bulwark of hope have been bought

How to round out your build------5th/6th item

With the 4 core items i've told you to build you will be over 2500k health and 150 protections on both magical and physical.So you have to decide what you want after that.These are my favorite options:

Mid-guardian mail:Health protections and a amazing passive for 2250 what more can you ask for. If the carry's on the other team are relying on their autos for damage than get this to debuff their attack speed.

Mail of renewal: The 400 health should account for at least 10% of your health. So if your in a team fight where you got 2 assist than this item will have let you regained 30% of your health plus the base 400 boost.You'll get 1.4k health from this item in a very realistic setting where your team gets 2 kills and this will allow you to provide the front line longer than the other support.Oh yeah its got CDR on it to and HP5 but who really cares about that.You practically get a bulwark shield for each assist or kill you get in a team fight. If there's no specific opponent that is doing damage on the other team this is my go to option

Winged blade:Health,CCR and movement speed are provided in this item.This is a good CHEAP item to round out your build if you are up against a lot of slows from the enemy team.

Pestilence:If they have a healer fit this into your build

Gengi guard: Buy if a mage is their primary source of damage. CDR is very useful also

Spirt robe: Lots of protections and has CCR and CDR with an good passive. IF you get this make sure you add a health item also so all your protections will mean something

Mantle of discord: This is the equivalent of what spear of desolation is for mages. The item is overkill and if you have the cash than splash the cash.If you get this as your 5th or 6th items have it combined with magi's blessing or mail of renewal so your fountain of protections are not protecting a droplet of health.

Magi's blessing:This is a very good way to fill your build if you want to be well rounded in all areas and the passive is somewhat useful.

Locus crown:So this item gives you power utility and protections.....not bad. This is a item almost meant for sylvanus and is a very strong option for the 6th slot.Its hard to find a reason not to get this item.

Full build-standard enemy team

At full build with
-10 stack on hide
-shoes of focus replace travelers shoes
-level 20
you get

----3,100 health
-bulwark sheild will give you 250 extra healh
-kill or assist gives you 465 health back

----249 physical protections

----173 Magical protections


-Healing will provide allies with 40 protections for 5 seconds
----able to happen every 11 seconds


As sylvnaus you'll want to decide your relic you'll choose before the game starts.So right when you spawn you upgrade your 1 buy your starter items and rush to lane and throw down your 1st ability where the tree will be safe to provide you mana. Then go to damage throw another tree and sit in it and you'll be full mana before the game start with 2 mana trees thoughout the map to support your team



As sylvanus you want to provide utility so upgrading your heal as much as possible will be what you want to do.Your 3 should be upgraded more than your 1 due to the fact that your 3 gets its cool down reduced when upgrading when your one dosent. Now whatever you due PLEASE do not upgrade your 4(alt) past level 1 all it does is do 50 extra damage each level therefore its not worth upgrading trust me.

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