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Support Aphrodite

March 15, 2013 by Kaden
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Smite God: Aphrodite

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Boots of Celerity
Build Item Gem of Isolation
Build Item Winged Blade
Build Item Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Rod of Tahuti

God Skill Order


Kiss 2 15 16 18 key bind

Back Off!

Back Off! 3 4 6 8 10 key bind

Love Birds

Love Birds 1 7 11 12 14 key bind

Undying Love

Undying Love 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


I find Aphrodite to be a very situational hero in what you buy but for me if im playing as a full support i like to focus on speed and cool down reduction. there is no point in auto attacking its probably the lowest in the whole game. so onto the build.

This is a Full Support Build not a "Mage Build" mage builds are generally all the same, but its a different story for full supports. the gameplay required here is keeping you alive and spamming your dmg buff as well as stuns and heals. positioning is important.

This guide allows you to be a Supporter and Chaser



1. Chrono Pendant
2. Boots of Celerity
3. Gem of Isolation
4. Winged Wand
5. Banecroft Talon
6. Rod of Tahuti


Girdle of Might
Sprint or Beads/Aegis (beads vs hades or ares otherwise Aegis)


These items are designed to give you constant lane survivability as well as cool down reduction and speed.

1. Start of the game pick up 2 levels of Chrono Pendant, this gives a lot of mp regen and a good amount of extra power, and a few hp pots.

2. before completing chrono pendent get boots of celerity then finish up the pendent.

3. Gem of Isolation, more hp, more power and it will apply slows to your dmg skills such as the dot from your doves.
4. Winged Wand, i dont see this as much in game anymore but its a great time to pick it up, this will give you more speed more hp/mana and if that enemy tries to go for you first, it will negate slows and give a temp speed buff allowing you to escape or kite.
allows you to chase or escape.

5. Banecroft Talon, more hp steal and boost to ap

6. Rod of tahuti for the extra ap and scaling

few things i need to point out, physical protection is not a big concern for you if you keep up your map awareness, combined with speed and all the hp from the items you have good survive and escape and should not be getting killed by melee or physical gods.
mages still pose a small danger as they have longer ranged skills generally.



Love Birds/Back Off (Gank there mana buff at about 5-8 secs elapsed time) just level 1
Kiss (1 level into this at level 2)
Back Off
Love Birds


while linked, use back off when your team mate initiates, followed by love birds for the heal and DoT (especially if you have Gem of Isolation) do those while moving towards the enemy to land a kiss.
dont be over aggressive but keep up your spam while watching for jungle ganks.


start of the game try gank the enemy mana buff, this is great with your passive to go into your lane partner.

start with 1 point into love birds (safest skill to gank, because of the dot, if your aggressive get back off. dont pick up kiss because its wasted despite what the official video says, generally burning mana to gank from level doesnt happen, best ganking is from level 3, sometimes 2, so the passive mana wont help.)

priority shifts to BACK OFF then LOVE BIRDS, maxing kiss last.
if you have a lane partner who has a leap and nuke like odin or hades or sun wukong, make sure to land your nuke as he lands at the enemy.

If your lane cant push change the focus to love birds then back off for the lane sustain.


This build focuses on speed and map awareness. with the extra speed items and immunity to slow you should never be in a dangerous situation which is the reason there isnt a lot of protection, especially physical.

chrono pendent early game gives a lot of safe play spamming of skills so use them.

dont force your lane mates into your pace, make sure you work out how your team are playing and support that.

girdle of might, use this when your team start a fight.

with this build you can actually bait a bit mid game because you have a lot of life and enough speed with slow immunity to not be caught.

Remember you have enough life, speed and slow immunity that if a enemy runs, you can catch up to them and spam your now slowing DoT skill and stun till your partner catches up, or maybe kill them, have fun hunting.

Pros / Cons


Very Fast
Short Cool Downs
Reliable Stun
Strong Single Heal


Low Auto Attk dmg

Official Video with lore, skills and game play

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