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Ravana Arena Dominating

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Smite God: Ravana

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Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath

Optional items (instead of any 2 last items)

Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Ancile Ancile


Everybody thinks Ravana is weak. That's semi-true.
He's weak if you expect from him what he isn't. Osiris, Kali, Mercury etc.
He is Ravana.


As in another Ravana's guide said (and I agree with that) the best practice for Ravana is to combine attack speed and damage. And we need some HP to survive. Lets call that Ravana's philosophy.

So, first item is Ninja Tabi which consistent with main part of philosophy and in arena you can afford it since begining.

Second item - Transcendence. We need damage. And cool mana and cool passive. The main minus is that at first we have to gather stacks. Thats why this is second item. Anyway, at last 50th stack we gain 1050 mana + at 12ve lvl we have 650 mana = 1700 * 0.03 = 51 physical power from passive only and let add to that 35 from item itself = 86 phys.power from one item. And A LOT of mana to cast our skills. (at 20 lvl item gives in sum 94 phys.pow.)

Third - Frostbound Hammer. 2 of 3 parts of philosophy. Some damage, great health and very important passive to stick enemies. Afther this you become real Ravana making real stuff.

Fourth - The Executioner - dmg and attack speed. Why not Sais? Well Sais good for early game (when Ravana is bad) and for big health gods (which are always only 1-2 in enemy team). Also Executioner has a lilbit better a.speed, BEST penetration options for fast god as Ravana is and not so unimportant point as it costs less at 600 golds. Also VERY important part - your huge part of damage is made by PRANA ONSLAUGHT, and it goes synergistically with good-penetrated enemy. So, stack at least 3 hits on enemy before praning. Also thats why no need in critical items - PRANA ONSLAUGT itself is one, big, guaranteed CRIT damage (400-650dmg with 4+ items at last levels), which will be your finisher. (Don't let steal your honored kill! :) (NOTE! don't forget to throw it in-da-face every 6/4.5/3.6 seconds)

Fifth and Sixth items may be changed on some others, but let me explain why theese.

Soul Eater - remember Ravana's philosophy? One of best lifesteal %, 300 health, 15% attack speed, 15 phys.pow and 10% phys.def.(idk why %, not flat). And good for phys allies. At this time we have good dmg, so lifesteal will noticebly increase our real sustain, especially against other warriors, guardians and in any fight we have to stay alil longer.

Last item - Jotun's Wrath. It could be usefull anytime earlier, but all items earlier were too important at their time. Anyway, thanks to Transcendence we gain 44 phys.power, not 40. Ofc, we take this cause of CDR, not for mana. At game's end damage usually becomes much harder, so its better to have more chances to avoid damage, make final punch-in-face or catch running enemy, determining the match's result.
And penetration is always good to have.


Bloodforge (instead of Jotun's Wrath). More sustain. Take it if long teamfights is usuall for your current match.

Brawler's Beat Stick - against team with healers. Hel, Aphro, especially combined with Hercules and Chaac.

Deathbringer - if there are many squishes in enemy team with hard damage. The best defense is offense. Kill them while they didn't do it with you.

Runeforged Hammer - if somebody with phys damage is very agressive to you.

Ancile - if somebody with mage damage is very agressive to you. (Note, that it should be stacked, so you can buy this much earlier, even right after Transcendence - depends on how its hard for you against mages).

You could note - there are not def. granting items, only health. Why?
Ravana's features. So health is better against gods with lower dmg but bigger penetration. We dont have defense to penetrate, we have health itself. This way we become more vulnerable to Quin's Sais. But good for us, its not very popular item among gods (especially mages ;)

So what we have in item list? All items give us damage, even optional ones. We have huge damage, we have 700 health above, remember that Ravana is warrior so plus his stats - very tanky assasin.


Easy. Max you ult, then 1st, then 3rd, then second.
From the begining you must have all skills on 1st grade.

How to play in Arena? Can be adjust to any game mode.

Remember who you are and everything will be ok. You are dangerous. But not immortal.

Early game.
At early game Ravana is growing and its better for him not to search hard fights.
Buy Transcendence as fast as possible and build stacks. Minions prefered.
You can kill someone, but engage only with great assurance that you manage get back alive OR to support teammate in hard situation.

It starts for you when you buy Frostbound Hammer. Now you can survive and you can stick to running-away enemies. Maybe its the best time for Ravana.

Ravana is dangerous as hell, but enemys increased their damage too, so you have to be more careful.

Hot to fight with gods.

First of all - be attentive. Don't use Prana Onslaught at first, without stacks. You should have at least 6, 8 is best ofc (remember it gives you up to 80% bonus to 1st skill dmg since last Ravana's buff). NOTE! Set this skill to instant use.

Don't use second skill to deal damage. Damage is low and you lose chance to use its great effect for 14-6 seconds (depending on your items and grade of skill). Use it to avoid CC, big predictable dmg (Ra, Janus, Scylla, Poseidon, Ymir's circle etc), escape from roots, slow circles (Hades, Poseidon) and so on. Also note that for that 0.75 seconds you gain 50% bonus movement speed. Can be used to catch not-so-far enemy. And yes, you can use it's damage to kill some poor guy with 0.01% of health bar. NOTE! With this you can avoid 1 shot of tower. And tower's shots are slow and predictable. And they become harder with every next ball. So you can dive under tower with your ult, beat somebody's face, prana onslaught, gain kill, and escape avoiding last tower shot.

Since you have The Executioner and Soul Eater you can beat 90% of gods 1vs1 except ultra-dangerous melee assasins like Kali.

So you chose your victim. Reach it. Usually it does not agree with your intentions, so you have use your 3rd to catch it and become closer. Sometimes they can underestimate you and get closer themselves. But soon they'll change their mind. Begin to beat your victim's face, side or back. Gather 6-8 stacks and PRANA ONSLAUGHT. NOTE! Set this skill to instant use. You cant miss with it, cause it has very wide area for close distance.

Use ult in 2 situations. 1st - reaching enemy at big distance (running-aways won't like that). Second - engage in teamfight. Best practice - choose god with lowest damage but attack another. It'll give you 40-60% reduction for your main target. Ofc, for that trick enemies must stand close enough to each other.

What should you do in teamfight? (Arena is one constant teamfight)

You should know your priorities. Usually you should watch for mages and other burst but squish persons. You can cut up any tank, but focusing them is your last task, only if there is nobody around. For example, enemy tank starts teamfight diving in your team formation. Best you can do - find the most dangerous damage dealer, better if he located not in center of enemy formation and kill him, or if you feel that its very risky, then
"scary" it, make pay attention you, so it wont be able to support main direction of its team attack and then retreat to safe position.

If you are sure in your team's support, start teamfight yourself with ult. 40-60%, as far as I know not-penetrated defense and 400+ health let you survive a lot of s***. Ofc, your team should help you immediately.

Remember! Stack passive and PRANA ONSLAUGHT!
Overhead Kick - avoid any dangerous s***. CC or BIG-PREDICTABLE-DMG.
10-hand Shadow Fist - catch enemies/help your teammate to run away from aggressive.
Mystic Rush - engage fights, catch far enemies, dive in 2-3-4-5 enemies depending on their strength and your audacity.

Pros / Cons


    fun, agressive gameplay

    hard to get used to


We have one of most interesting melee gods with wonderful design.

Everybody yells for its low ult's damage - but that skill not for damaging, it's for getting close and surviving surrounding enemies. "Kali has much better", but Kali is squishy and has't any cool CC-DMG immune skill. She has to use 2 skills, while Ravana can handle with one. And she can be caught on landing without any chance to turn on her ult.

Do Not forget that Ravana's combo - stacks with PRANA ONSLAUGHT - is SUPER-bad for enemies.

I play a very few conquests matches and I'm not definitely pro player, so maybe at ULTRA-HIGH-TIER leagues Ravana is lame, but here, on land of mortals metaskill of player itself is often more important than god's characteristics. And Ravana makes hardlife for enemy gods.

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Drajgon | March 17, 2016 9:45am
Great build man but for me cooldowns are too long
ThePenguinGodOfHugs | December 8, 2015 3:27am
Your build seems spectacular. I shall be trying it. But please add the exact way to build his Abilities in the ability building thing, which is usually underneath the items. It would make my building him a lot easier.
somewitcher | September 1, 2015 9:00am
SepticFir8 (2) | August 30, 2015 4:52am
Your build looks pretty good. I've been trying out Ravana and he's hard for me to get used to; I use Odin, Hercules, Sun Wukong and Ravan is way different than those. I like him though and I will certainly be trying your build!
somewitcher | August 29, 2015 10:35am
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Ravana Arena Dominating
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