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RAAAA! Vitamin D makes you stronger than you thought!

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Smite God: Ra

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Purchase Order


Build Item Vampiric Shroud Vampiric Shroud
Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Wall of Absolution Wall of Absolution
Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Soul Reaver Soul Reaver

Other good choices. (Instead of Soul reaver or Warlock Sash)

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Polynomicon Polynomicon
Build Item Staff of Mana Staff of Mana
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth

If you feel like you need them.

Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Reinforced Greaves (Deleted) Reinforced Greaves (Deleted)
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus
Build Item Divine Ruin Divine Ruin

Ra's Skill Order

Celestial Beam

Celestial Beam

1 X
3 8 11 12 14
Divine Light

Divine Light

2 A
2 15 16 18 19
Solar Blessing

Solar Blessing

3 B
1 4 6 7 10
Searing Pain

Searing Pain

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Ra is - from what I've seen - the most underrated god. But he can be very strong and versatile. I'll show you in a minute. (By the way, this is my first guide)


Well as I said he is very versatile and there are in my opinions 3 ways to play him:

- AD Mage

- Mage Bruiser

- Tank

Wait what, tank? Yes, Ra can be very tanky, as he can reduce the damage done by enemies, he can heal wich is why whatever way you play him he is a good support. He also has a great slow, preventing the enemies to deal damage to your allys. But since I think the Bruiser playstyle is the best it's the one I'll mostly talk about.

The items.

The Vampiric Shroud is a good starting item. It adds a little bit more sustain, do as much last hits as possible when using this to use it at it's best. Sell it when buying your third item.

The Shoes of the Magi or the Shoes of Focus, I normaly go for the Shoes of Focus but when I feel the need of a little bit more penetration the Shoes of the Magi are great.

Voidstone or Focused Voidstone,good for some penetration. Take the Voidstone whenat least 3 of your teamates are magical, so the aura will help them. If 2 or less go for the Focused Voidstone because it will benefit more to yourself. It also provides a good amount of magical protection and of magical power.

Wall of Absolution. This item is very good, a good amount of physical protection, some magical power and your physical protection increases when hit by basic attacks. Voidstone and this items are good for a mage bruiser because they are hybrids between power and tankyness.

Warlock Sash is great because it adds more health and magical power. Take this item if you think you have the time to build stacks. If you simply do not like getting stacks or think that you weren't fed enough so you will not have time to build stacks, take the Etheral Staff. It provides similar bonuses. It will probably give you less magical power but much more health.

Rod of Tahuti, this item is kind of like the Deathbringer for physicals; A must.
It will give you more magical power than any other items. Becomes very strong late game. I Pick this item as my fifth item because it happens often that the game doesn't last long enough for me to get this as my final item.

Soul reaver, as I said sometimes you will not have the time to get your last item, but if you can this item is great to deal a good amount of bonus damage every 60 seconds to gods. Very good to counter tanks. It also gives a big amount of magical power.

Optional items in brief: These items are basicly items I think are very good and that you should check out. Pick them for your Warlock Sash or Soul Reaver if you feel more confortable with them or if you think it's a better choice depending on the situation.


Your passive, speed of light, can give you up to a 24% bonus movement speed for 10 seconds after using 3 abilities. Late game you can basicly spam abilities to keep that bonus up, it is also your main "escape" but isn't really an escape.

Celestial beam, a very good slow moving line attack. This is great for dealing damage, keeping your passive up and clearing wave. I max it second because I think your third ability is more usefull.

Divine light. Can be used as an escape, to keep your enemy up close or to initiate a fight.
Every enemy in the AoE Will be slowed significantly, often times I pops this when I hear an enemy loki next to me, allowing me to slow him so he can't get to me. A good tool to keep your enemies up close and good for ganking (initiate fights). I max it last because the slow duration or slow don't increase depending on the rank of this ability, and because you have better damaging abilities.

Solar Blessing, I max it first because it does so many things! It heals, great for pushing by healing minions and add some good sustain. It's damage might be low it's enough to make enemies want to go around it or to block a jungle path. It debuffs the power of enemies and it buffs your power (I like to use it simply to increase my damage. This ability can often save your life and is great to counter melee gods.

Searing pain, this ability is a very good finisher or simply to deal a bunch of damage. It isn't very easy to aim, isn't the highest damaging ult, isn't the on with the larger hitbox, but the main uses of this it: a high damage pulled out at a decent speed, long range and can be surprising, goes throught walls. There is a long delay before it can do any damage, but when that delay is gone every enemies in your path will take some serious damage. Takes some practice to aim it but after a while it becomes easier. I like to slow my enemies and/or increase my damage with my 2 and my 3. When you want to make sure it hits, it's good to harass the enemy with the celestial beam until they start recalling. Then you give them a little peekaboo as they thought they were safe. It also has a shorter cooldown over most ultimates, going from 70 seconds to 50 seconds and up to 32.5 seconds at maximum CoolDown Reduction (CDR). Because of this shorter cooldown it happens sometimes that I pop this ability more than once during a teamfight. About teamfights, it's a good abilty to use when many enemy gods are aligned so you deal a lot of damage to all of them, giving your team an advantage during teamfights.

Wombo Combo!

Harass: The Celestial Beam.

Pre-Kill Harass: Slow with Divine light, then put yourself and the enemy in the AoE of Solar Blessing and hit them with a pwoerfull celestial beam.

Kill/ganking combo. Start with the same combo as the Pre-Kill, but then if the enemy starts to run away (Wich is probable since it does a very good amount of damage) you can get the gap closer with you passive (since you get it maxed after using these 3 abilities it's already ready) And when you feel like you're not going to miss (The enemy is going in a predictable line, he is recalling, you get him throught the wall as he thought you stopped chasing him) finish him off with a big searing pain! If you aren't sure if it is going to kill him you can put a Solar Blessing to increase your magical power. I could happen that the enemy still isn't dead at this point, but one good celestial beam will probably finish them off.


I hope your learned some usefull things, again this was my first guide and I hope it wasn't too long. I also hope I see more Ra players out there because he deserves to be played. Goodbye!

Oh and this is what a Ra can bring sometimes:


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RAAAA! Vitamin D makes you stronger than you thought!
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