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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Queen of OP, Now In Tanky

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Smite God: Bellona

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Purchase Order

Final Build

Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Hide of the Nemean Lion
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin


Build Item Death's Toll Death's Toll
Build Item Potion of Power Potion of Power
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion


Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer


Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge


Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Hide of the Nemean Lion
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak


Build Item Greater Purification Greater Purification
Build Item Greater Meditation Greater Meditation

Bellona's Skill Order

Shield Bash

Shield Bash

1 X
4 9 13 18 19


2 A
1 3 6 8 11


3 B
2 7 12 15 16
Eagle's Rally

Eagle's Rally

4 Y
5 10 14 17 20


This is a guide to try and help you make Bellona as tanky and a basic attack abuser as physically possible for whatever your skill level might be. This may not work out for you all the time, but it certainly makes you feel glorious in Bot matches. Please debate mercilessly in the comments. Thaaaaaaaaaanks.

Items (Starter)

Now I have checked this myself, the items do amount to 1500, the amount you start most games with. I know that is how much you start Joust with but I'm not too confident about Conquest, Siege, Assault, Arena, and Clash. much uncertainty

Death's Toll

As will be mentioned in the Pros/Cons, Death's Toll is very good at bumping up Bellona's health early game. It also gives extra power and restores health and mana (which I pronounce mah-na) for each basic attack (which I do not pronounce ah-tahck).

Potion of Physical Power

NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, do NOT ever have more than 1 Potion of Physical Power in your inventory at once. It is a waste of money and can detract you from getting a core item such as The Executioner or Frostbound Hammer. The 5 minute power increase of 20 is a necessity for Bellona, as without power, she can't do jackshiet.

Lots of Healing Potions

You want at LEAST 5 on you coming out of that gate. Capishe?

Items (Core)

The Executioner

The Executioner is one of the items that pushes the capabilities of a basic attack far beyond what was originally thought of them. With an added 30 attack power and also making her attack speed 120% of normal, regardless of level.

Frostbound Hammer

Frostbound Hammer is a good combo with The Executioner for two main reasons. One is that Frostbound helps the massiveness of basic attacks by this tanky monstrosity. The other is the extra health, which helps with squishyness and survival rate of a buff camp. Now this might sound like BS but I have seen the rare occurrence of someone dying to a buff camp ogre.

Items (Damage)

As I said, without damage, Bellona is a poor excuse for a Warrior. But, this can be fixed with Runeforged Hammer and one of my personal favorites, Bloodforge.

Runeforged Hammer

Runeforged Hammer is good for Bellona in specific for two main reasons. One is that it grants phys. protection, which is always helpful, and adds onto the massive health stock you're going to have in the game. Trust me on that. I once had more health than a Titan while it was targeting me. It felt amazing. The second reason is that the passive on that bad boy makes the phys. protection IT'S increasing be converted to phys. POWER. Hot damn.


This is my personal favorite item because in my time playing Bakasura, this item was the single transition from feeding to being fed to. The item gives Bellona 40 phys. power (good for this build in specific) and 15% life-steal (always a plus). Not only does it grant life-steal to Bellona, who doesn't really have any, but it increases the magical amount of phys. power that makes this build run. Well, it also grants extra power and life-steal of all things for each basic attack landed, BUUUUUUUUT the stats are TOTALLY what matters. ;)

Items (Defensive)

The defense, in some situations (like Arena), is second to only damage when it comes to Bellona. However, her default phys. and magic protection can hold her out for early game and a bit mid game. It's not going to hold your weight forever. You need protection buffs. Maybe get Magi's Blessing if CC is pissing you off that game, but I don't recommend it.

Hide of the Nemean Lion

FOREWARNING:I will be referring this as the Hide of the Memean Lion throughout the rest of this. I'm sorry. With the added phys. protection and health, the Memean Lion Hide is an almost necessity for a late game Bellona. Not much more is needed to be said.

Hide of the Urchin

Much like it's cousin the Memean Lion Hide, the Urchin Hide grants 45 of each protection and 250 of both health and mana. It also has a passive that states it will give you 2 protections for each god kill/assist. Many of you will likely say, "Then what's the point for Nemean Lion Hide?" And this is my answer. The more, the merrier.

Items (Actives)

I feel like this isn't necessary, but I'll do it for the people.

Greater Purification

Greater Purification is the sub-out for the previously mentioned, non-recommended, Magi's Blessing. It, as you are hopefully aware, removes CC effects and makes you invulnerable to them for 3 seconds, making all god cool-downs also decrease by 3 seconds as well. Yes, the cool-down is significantly greater than that of Magi's CC canceling magic, 9 times it to be exact, but it does more for you than Magi's can for a lower price.

Greater Meditation

For those who don't know what Greater Meditation is, it heals the owner's mana by 75% of it's maximum, gives 45 mana per second for a minute (which is 2700 mana if you can live long enough.), and heals for 30% of their missing health. In tight situations where you've drained your mana pool clean, this is the perfect item that could get you out of, say, a Hades Ulti with the help of Greater Purification. Seems legit.

Pros / Cons

+ Ulti to initiate & escape
+ Scourge to heal from buff camps
+ follow Ulti with Bludgeon
+ decent in team battles
+ Shield Bash good for escape
+ Magi's Blessing helpful late game
+ Death's Toll helps with early squishyness
+ basic attacks easy to capitalize on
+ Runeforged Hammer good for power
+ Bludgeon clears camps well
+ strong top priority /\
+ current set very good for singling out
+ Shield Bash also good initiation
+ basic attacks deadly with build
+ good build to sustain damage
+ Stone of Gaia good for tanky
+ Runeforged Hammer helps with health
+ Executioner combines well with Frostbound Hammer
+ Hide of the Nemean Lion sharply increases physical protection
+ Urchin Hide helps with general protection

- w/o Ulti, no escape
- can't initiate often
- obliterated by CC
- needs potions
- if disarmed, you're done
- not even close to an assassin
- can't gank well
- don't be stupid, you WILL be punished
- mana hungry early game


This is the end of the guide as to how to play Bellona like the tanky SOB she was destined to be. If you want to learn a very specific, complicated strategy as to how to advanced skills like initiation tactics and shutting down, follow the link below.

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ZombieTorch | February 5, 2016 6:08am
I dropped the boots because the build is based around damage and health. Either way, you can add boots if you want. Has anybody seen the detailed strategy guide yet?
SekeChan (2) | January 31, 2016 4:35am
Did you forget you're boots?
iReauxbot (11) | January 30, 2016 3:13pm
No boots? Ill just drop the lifesteal
CakeSlapping (29) | January 30, 2016 10:42am
Where yo' boots at son!?
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Queen of OP, Now In Tanky
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