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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Osiris is Sarcophagawesome! Jungle guide and Arena guide

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Smite God: Osiris

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Purchase Order

Build Item Death's Toll Death's Toll
Build Item Potion of Power Potion of Power
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Witchblade Witchblade
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Wrath of the Gods Wrath of the Gods
Build Item Greater Sprint Greater Sprint

Osiris's Skill Order

Sickle Strike

Sickle Strike

1 X
2 14 16 17 18
Spirit Flail

Spirit Flail

2 A
1 4 6 7 9
Judgement Tether

Judgement Tether

3 B
3 8 11 12 13
Lord of the Afterlife

Lord of the Afterlife

4 Y
5 10 15 19 20

Osiris the Broken God of the Afterlife

Osiris is a Warrior class god that can be a lot of fun to play, but is very difficult to get the hang of with his unique move set. It is also very infuriating and time consuming to figure out what to build on him exactly, fortunately for you reading this I have him at legendary rank and spent hours finding the best build in my opinion to use whether you're playing Conquest or Arena. This build makes him a true bruiser that can allow him to stay in a solo fight or team fight for a good time and deal great damage all the while being able to escape. Hercules and Osiris are my favorite characters in Pantheon mythology and I really enjoy playing both of them and have them both at the Legendary rank, so take my experience and tips as you will and I hope you can destroy your enemies and have a fun time as well!


-Has great slows in his moveset
-Passive allows physical damage mitigation and can run through minions and enemies along with enemy objects such as walls
-Ultimate can be used to counter Healers
-Can help the team by peeling and uses his 3 for damage reduction
-Is a great rush down character
-Has an Area attack around him for his auto attack chain
-Not as beefy as other warriors
-Rather difficult to play
-No escapes on him besides using his Ultimate

Conquest mode

Jungling with Osiris
I have a guide set up for the Jungle only because I find solo lane to be really hard for him and support also rather lack luster. Their is just so many better choices for those lanes and I just focused on the Jungle to be honest. Osiris jungle is really good and the best role for him in my opinion. Start off like you would any Jungler with a power potion, a pair of boots, and first tier of Hand of the gods active. Depending on which side of the map you start on, you first get either the speed camp buff or the power camp buff. Then you proceed to get blue buff for your solo laner and help him or her for a bit in their lane. As will the enemy jungler (if they play right) will do the same. Harass the enemy with some pokes and if you see an opportunity to get a kill go for it. But be cautious and feel the situation out if you and your ally is capable of doing that. If not poke for a bit and return to the jungle. Pick off some small camps, and then proceed to get the other buff camp on the other side of the map. Remember to ward now and again to see if the enemy is in your jungle and to keep track of those rotating. Remember the jungle is your second priority, your first is to gank whenever is necessary. Also remember to ward the Gold fury and the Fire giant. And to upgrade your Hand of the Gods to rank 3 so that you can secure the kill of those objectives as well as steal them from the enemy team if they are attacking them.
GankingNow comes the hard part....ganking the enemy for your team. I have an image above of the mini map, see that red line? Well try and remember as a general rule of that invisible line on your mini map. If the enemy goes over that line it is a good time to gank they have pushed out far and it gives you and your allies in that lane an opportunity to attack and make him or her pay for it. So try and always look at your mini map and judge the situation if you can attack and get a kill or not. So ganking with Osiris you have a couple of options. Option 1. walk into the lane and throw your 1 at them which will slow them down and then hit them with your 2 to slow them down more and cast your 3. All while running at the enemy auto attacking them and your ally helping you attack him. When he tries to run away or has a bit of health left finish him off with your ult, or allow your ally to kill him. You should do this if the enemy your attacking doesn't have any means of escape for example a jump or dash, characters such as Agni, Ullr, or Odin. Learn the characters moves and know the ones that do not have escapes moves such as Aphrodite, Ao kuang, and Poseidon do not have escape moves so it's easy to run up from behind them and start attacking head on. Option 2. is good for characters that have escapes such as jumps and dashes. Let your ally know you're going to jump in and very carefully use your ultimate move and jump on the enemy from the jungle. Learn where you can jump through walls to make this move much easier to accomplish or from the opening from the lane. Once you have hit the enemy with your ult they should more than likely instinctively jump or dash away. Proceed to hit them with your sickle which is move 1 to slow them and then hit them with move 2 to slow them more. The moment you are close to them hit your 3 to start the mummy wrap process to eventually stun them all the while your ally should be close behind hitting the enemy with whatever moveset he or she has and kill the enemy. Also whenever you're able to buya sprint active while ganking feel free to use it if you think it is necessary to run down the enemy and finish them off. This is what I find to be the best options while trying to gank a lane. It is hard for Osiris and takes practice but after you practice and get the hang of it you will be a great ganker with Osiris.
Meta game/Late game notes
During the meta game make sure to secure the mid harpies as they will reward you with high gold and experience points. Make sure you are ganking lanes and helping out team mates who can't handle their opponents in their lane, just as all junglers should do. Come late game make sure to secure the big objectives which is Gold Harpy and the Fire giant. If the enemy team is trying to take those jump in with your ultimate and hit your Hand of the gods active to steal the buffs. Then hit your 3 to weaken your opponents strength and either A. Start running away or B. Attack them along with your team to punish them.
Conquest play notes/Team fights
During team fights you should allow your support to start the fights. He or she should go in and stun or whatever they can do and then proceed to follow. Osiris is a brawler fighter you should look for the lowest health character and attack them with all your moveset's and basic attacks. Look for the mid mage or the Physical ranged or if the solo laner has low health and eliminate them. Try and save your ultimate for when someone is running away with low HP and finish them off with your jump that can go through walls. Also remember your ultimate is your only escape so if you're in a team fight and have done all you can and have a bit of health left and can survive then use your ultimate to jump away, if can go through a wall so the enemy can not follow. It sucks to use your ultimate as an escape but sometimes you will find that you have to do that in order to live and prevent the enemy team from killing you and getting gold and experience points.

Arean Mode

Arena fighting
Personally I love Arena it is my favorite game type. For Osiris it can be difficult for him, he has no escapes besides burning his Ultimate move and can be rushed down hard by the entire enemy team to be killed. But here is my experience of and advice to help you achieve great scores and defeat the enemy team. Always aim for the Squishy players, example mages with low health, assassins, and adc ranged. Ignore the tank and ignore beefy warriors. Run an enemy down and hit them with your 1 and 2 movesets, then hit your 3 and begin the process of stunning the enemy until you finish them off. Sometimes you can use your ult to finish them, other times you will kill your enemy that you selected and then need to use your ult to run away as the rest of the enemy team is jumping on you. Hopefully your team is good enough to help you escape or kill the rest of them. Now with your actives which should be an Aegis amulet and sprint, use them for escapes. Osiris has no escapes besides his ultimate so you need to buy some. After killing an enemy and beginning to run away or if you're getting attack use your Aegis to become immune to damage and keep running. I can't tell you how many times this has saved me from Poseidon's Kraken, to a Thanatos ult, or something as simple as a Vulcan magama bomb. Then I just run to base, minutes later I will jump on an enemy, kill him, then run on back to base.IMPORTANT NOTE when fighting the enemy team try and have an escape always. If your ult is up walk into someone and start fighting them to kill him and then ult away. Or if you want have your actives up and ult into the enemy and then use your actives away. If both are down try and play it safe poke here and there until they are off cooldowns. You want scores like 7/1 not scores like 7/7 right? Play smart.
Make sure you are off to the side and in good spots away from the enemy. You pretty much need to play like an assassin and stay far off. Use your 1 and 2 to harass the enemy team and use your 2 to hit and clear minion waves so you can get some gold and experience. After you get your full build you can go into the enemy team but only for a moment watch your health and if you're getting low use your ult or actives and get out of there. Osiris may be a warrior but he is very squishy and can be killed quickly if hit right.
When should I use my Ultimate?
In Arena you should use your ultimate to either A. Initiate and hit a group of enemies or one enemy and begin to throw your movesets on him or her until you kill them. B. use it to finish someone off, you see a Zeus running away with a bit of health left ult into him and finish the job then try and use your actives to escape. And C. use it for an escape. It sucks that Osiris has no moves for an escape so sometimes you are forced to use your ultimate to jump away. It bites but you have to ult away or ult away.


Conquest mode items
Items here are pretty straight forward like any jungler, Death's toll and boots with a Hand of the God active and a sprint active later one. Qins sais are amazing for clearing camp creeps and attacking enemies when ganking. Hide of the Urchin makes your really beefy and durable during fights. Witch blade makes your move around a lot faster and attack faster which is always a huge plus for a jungler, along with chasing down your enemies quite well, along with great physical defense. Runeforged hammer and Shifter's shield give you that extra beef and damage so come late game you can last in team fights and lay the smackdown on your opponents. Once your build is complete buy some power potions and maybe an Elixer of power to make you even stronger. And of course lets not forget the most important item in Conquest.....WARDS!!! Remember to ward your jungle the objectives and the enemy jungle. Wards saves lives, Wards wins games so remember to always WARD WHEN YOU CAN!!!!
Arena mode items
Arena mode make sure to buy a witchblade first I will explain further down why I absolutely love the witchblade so much and why it is important. Malice I have found is amazing it gives you crit chance along with it's passive to give Osiris that extra UMMFF to hit your opponents hard. If you don't like the Malice give the Hydra's Lament a try it is also great along with some cdr for you. The shifters shield is the best for last it gives you more protections and a good load of damage that just works out great for Osiris. The items I have listed is pretty straight forward and remember to use your actives for escapes.
Please please please GET A WITCHBLADE! Witchblade is amazing for Osiris you get everything you want from it. Movement speed, Attack speed, and physical protection on top of your passive and moveset 3 that allows you to go head to head with any physical character laugh at them and then destroy them. It is just such a perfect item to get and if you experiment and get other items astray from my guide that's fine, but please give the Witchblade a try and see why I love it so much as you destroy with it.
Item Notes
I have experimented sooooooo much with item builds and I have found these builds to be the most successful. For conquest you get beef along with full on attacking damaging. In arena you get to be very beefy along with striking down your enemies and escaping quite well. Some thing to notes are this which is very important, lets say your enemy team is heavily magic with only 1 physical? Then instead of the Runeforge hammer or the Hide of the urchin try a Bulwark of Hope. The other magical items I have tried and the Bulwark is just the best I get a lot of Magic protection, a lot of health (which is really important) and that nice shield passive saves you quite well from magic users. Another note for Arena is Ares, enemy team has an Ares, please BUY PURIFICATION BEADS! Buy Purification beads and a Greater Aegis amulet to survive his ultimate. Another item to try out is the Winged blade, sometimes as much as I love the witchblade as I have mentioned I have tried the Winged and it is really great as well. You get cooldown reduction, movement, and attack speed. Along wtih that health and passive to ignore some slows really works wonders for Osiris. Remember this is my opinion and advice that has worked well for me maybe you have to change a thing or two to work for you that's great just try it out and see how it works for you! I wish you success.


Osiris skills are pretty unique and interesting, and at the same time pretty straight forward. Remember to do the 1 and 2 combo slow them with 1 and then slow them down more with 2. Now his 3 you might be asking like I did a lot, when should I use my 3? You have 3 options 1. During a team fight if you're in the center of it use it to reduce the enemy teams damage while stunning one or two of them hopefully. 2. Use it to chase someone down and stun them to kill them. It's very hard to get that stun off and impossible almost in a team fight because everyone can just jump away or walk away from it. A lot of times I use it to hunt someone down and stun them so I can auto attack them and use my movesets to kill them then run away. 3. As an escape, lets say you just killed someone or the whole enemy team is on top of you, well use your 3. After chasing you for a while they will get stunned and hopefully you can run away from the enemy team. I have explained how to use each skill set through the guide so use my advice and you should do well. Practice to aim your skills as 1 and and his ultimate can be difficult to hit off.
Leveling up your skills
The skill order should be 4,2,3,1. Upgrade your Ult when you can of course, but mainly upgrade that 2 first that Flail whip will help clear minion camps fast and it gives for a great poke at the enemy. Then your 3 as it increases the damage mitigation greatly for you and your team. Then your 1 last, it hardly does any damage and just slightly pokes and is mainly used to set up your 1, 2 combo to super slow an enemy. So make sure to practice that 2 because that will do great poke damage on the enemy, and can finish them off a lot of times when they're running away with a bit of health left.


Here are some notes and advice I would give if you plan to use Osiris that can hopefully help your play style.
Use your passive ghost form
When fighting the enemy try and be in your ghost form, this gives you great physical damage mitigation. And while auto attacking the enemy run through them now and again this can put you behind them and make them miss their attacks as well as get you in a better position to continue to attack them. Also if escaping just run through a minion wave, it will make it hard for the enemy to follow and have to run through the minions to get to you. Ymir wall or Odins ultimate? HA just run through them in your ghost form, or run into Odins ultimate to help out a team mate and kill off Odin and make him regret doing that.
Know when to fight and when not to
Osiris isn't really that beefy, and has practically no escapes, mages can pretty easily burst kill him. So know when to run into a fight and get kills and when to hang back and poke them with your 2 and 1 moveset. Play smart.
Orange buff is Sarcophagawesome!
Orange buff on Osiris is fantastic, especially after having your full build you can have even more protections and zoom around auto attacking the enemy like crazy and put them down fast. So when can try and get an Orange buff on you it helps out quite well!
I'm not going to lie Osiris is pretty hard to use, you have to aim your skills well to kill the enemy and know when to fight and when to run. And that ultimate is harder to aim with than you think. So just keep at it, hopefully my guide will help you get just the things you need to master him and do well. And after playing him a number a of times and practicing, you will will hit your moves off perfectly and know when to fight and when not to. Just keep at it and don't give up.


In Conclusion that is all the advice I have on using Osiris and the build I use personally in Arena mode and Conquest mode. I do truly hope my guide was some help to you, and maybe you will discover what items and methods work for you and what doesn't. Osiris can be difficult to use but with practice and believing in yourself you can become an amazing Osiris player, maybe you'll play better than me! I for one love Osiris and think he is a great character that is fun to play and is very unique, so good luck to you!

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allen lynch | November 4, 2014 5:19am
I am looking for a way to solve the damage problem of osiris.And I am on a headache with it.First,his progression is really freakin frustrating.Every four strike of him only do three strikes of damage,even though it make his attack speed faster but still seem to not enough!!!The first thing come out of my mind is that Qin's Sais will be useful to him because of his progression.If you wanna build him with crit damage,there comes the problem.The second strike and the fourth strike of him is dealing half damage but somehow it often crit....DAMN!With rage,my damage become the same on every single strike=progression:(None)...If I build death bringer with him,he is totaly waste cause in that case he have no difference between an assassin or maybe weaker.
Some people say that with full CDR osiris,his Sickle Strike will become balanced with the damage that he give out by basic attack.people also complain about Odyssey Bow will be suitable to him.I would like to know your opinion.
Sentaku | July 4, 2014 6:27am
For the pros and cons section, you missed out the fact he has an AoE stun, after the duration runs out on your 3. Nice guide btw, big Osiris fan :)
Devampi (99) | June 3, 2014 9:47am
You know it is still editable so you can fix a lot of things
BLOODBEARD | June 3, 2014 9:05am
Sorry this is my first guide and I did the best I could, I just written out everything that I felt was necessary and good for pros and new people to understand. I didn't exactly have or know what images to put in for it to be much better. But thanks for reading it and I hope it helps.
Devampi (99) | June 2, 2014 8:08am
Underneath wrote:

Okay, sorry to be that guy, but it miss BBCode. It's looking like a wall of text have to be patient to read all, try to make some BBcode.
Otherwhise try to illustrate the skills, put a picture of the god (for the lore) just to make it looking better and more understadable.
PS; you made a mistake on the title of your chapter arena mode, you wrote : arean mode.

I mostly agree with this statement. But the lore plz no just no. The lore is already in the database itself and in the game

for some bb-code tips try to look at this guide:

BBcode-Guide or Code blue bbcoding for beginners
Therrion | June 2, 2014 7:39am
Pretty much the above, was simply a wall of text. I agree with most of your choices and explaining though, and overall, good job on the guide.
Starliight | June 1, 2014 10:46am
I like how you explain all. But personal for me it't to much text and I get really fast really bored. You should make your guide more interesting and after that I'll give you a +1
BLOODBEARD | June 1, 2014 10:28am
Fixed it thanks, tried to improve it more with pictures and representation.
Underneath | June 1, 2014 3:37am
Okay, sorry to be that guy, but it miss BBCode. It's looking like a wall of text have to be patient to read all, try to make some BBcode.
Otherwhise try to illustrate the skills, put a picture of the god (for the lore) just to make it looking better and more understadable.
PS; you made a mistake on the title of your chapter arena mode, you wrote : arean mode.
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