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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


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Osiris' Guide to Haunting the Jungle

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by OnRocks updated October 30, 2014

Smite God: Osiris

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Choose a Build: Bruiser 1 - Main Build
Bruiser 1 - Main Build Assassin - Carry Bruiser 2 - Gladiator
Tap Mouse over an item or ability icon for detailed info

Osiris Build

Build Item Bumba's Mask Bumba's Mask
Build Item Rage of the Gods Rage of the Gods
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais
Build Item Bulwark of Hope Bulwark of Hope
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer

Osiris The Zambie

Osiris is one of my favorite Jungle Gods. I think Osiris is fun because Attack Speed is just a fun play style in general and Osiris works very well with a decent amount of Attack Speed. He is also a very strong Bruiser God since he has good damage with a decent Tank build. Don't forget that a lot of items in Smite are interchangeable anyways but this guide is just a good base line guide for Osiris.


Osiris has many different play styles due to his kit and base stats. He can make a very strong Assassin and a very strong Bruiser. I personally would put him at a better Bruiser than Assassin because of his lack of escapes. He has too be able too either walk in or out of a fight since his only escape/engage is his ult.

I don't feel like you need too see the starter items and such, its jungle, buy Mask and HoG. Basic. This isn't a build too break the Meta or too get you to Master, it's too help you understand Osiris so you can branch off from this guide into your own.

Assassin Build is basic. Like a Melee's version of the ADC build.
[*] Warrior's Tabi Cause Boots, and CDR Boots on Osiris is Derp.
[*] Asi is very cheap, gives Pen, Attack Speed, and Lifesteal. Strong for Jungles.
[*] Rage I take Rage here because it Synergizes very well with Osiris and Asi.
[*] Qin's Sais Qin's is very strong on Osiris and the Attack Speed and damage help.
[*] Deathbringer Cause Damages
[*] Titan's Bane Cause Pen = Win
LvL 20 Full Build
170 Power
1.98 Attack Speed
30 Pen
75 Physical Protection
48 Magical Protection
2075 HP

Bruiser Build 1.
[*] Warrior's Tabi Cause boots, and Tank Boots aren't fully viable early in Jungle.
[*] Asi very cheap and your passive defenses should hold you over for now.
[*] Hide of The Urchin Because this item is so damn Tanky and you get stacks early.
[*] Qin's Sais Gives you the damage too still be a presence.
[*] Bulwark of Hope High Defense and lets you dive rather well for their Mage/ADC.
[*] Runeforged Hammer Because at lvl 20 with this build, it also gives about 28 power.
LvL 20 Full Build
89 Power
1.98 Attack Speed
30 Pen
195 Physical Protection
173 Magical Protection
3125 HP

Bruiser Build 2.
[*] Warrior Tabi Pretty much all the best boots for you, just accept it.
[*] Devourer's Gauntlets Stacks into lots of damage and Lifesteal.
[*] Qin's Sais Seriously, it works well on Osiris.
[*] Witchblade It has good stats for a Bruiser and it gives Attack Speed.
[*] Runeforged Hammer Cheap for HP, Protections, and a decent amount of power.
[*] Titan's Bane Little confusing here, but you need the pen by this point.
LvL 20 Full Build
176 Power
1.82 Attack Speed
15 Pen
175 Physical Protection
48 Magical Protection
2425 HP


I have noticed some people do their skills different. Skills are like items, interchangeable to your play style. I prefer maxing my Sickle Strike then my Spirit Flail, then Judgement Tether.

Sickle Strike - Deals single target damage and puts a 3 second slow on the target. Very Short cooldown ability.

Spirit Flail - Deals area damage and increases the slow from Sickle Strike while giving Osiris a slight movement speed buff.

Judgement Tether - Area Effect Tether that links Osiris to the enemies around him for a short duration. During the duration all enemies tethered do % less damage and after the duration they are stunned.

Lord of The Afterlife - This is Osiris' ultimate and it is one you can make very useful if you use it right. It has kind of a high skill cap too land perfect but does a lot of damage in the area it lands. It also prevents any enemy target it hits from healing for 6 seconds. This ability is Osiris' only escape and is a very strong engage ability. Use it wisely.

So, basically you want too land your Sickle Strike and then use Spirit Flail on the same target too get the higher slow % so that you can be in range for Judgement Tether too stun them. It just all works together like that. But you can of course be creative and snipe kills with your abilities also. Feel free too use them in whatever order you like and max them in whatever order you like.

Pros / Cons

The Pros and Cons to Osiris. Well, lets see...

- Fun Play style with some fun skins
- Has a strong Auto Attack Progression similar to Kali
- Is a Warrior but still plays the Jungle very well
- Can duel a lot of Jungle Gods early on if you play it right
- Anti Healing Ultimate, Unique

- Limited escape and engages
- No jump aside from ultimate for ganks
- His stun isn't a true hard CC since it takes time to stun and is easy too escape
- Most of his damage is from Auto Attacks and his abilities can be tricky too land
- Doesn't really bring anything incredible to the game


Paths, Ganks, and clear speed.

Osiris actually has a pretty good clear time. He gets a good amount of wave clear from his auto attacks with them being 2 Area hits in his progression, which is why I choose too take his Sickle over his Area damage ability. Speed buff helps his clear a good amount too since it makes his attack speed go up and that makes his area hits more common.

Osiris' ganks are questionable honestly. He doesn't bring a huge guarantee kill. But if you get someone with no true escapes it is pretty easy as long as you land your combo and slow them to oblivion while doing impressive damage. With the builds I do you have pretty solid damage during laning phase so use it. Don't be afraid too leach a little exp from lanes also. Be a 'Presence' meaning the enemy is always wondering if your going to be in their lane soon. Being a Warrior you should practice tower diving for kills if your team works with you it can cause some good kills, but be smart about it.

Osiris is a Warrior, he has some passive defenses. Use them, explore their jungle a little bit. Don't go looking for fights or steals, but if you can safely take their buff you don't need too be shy. Make sure your team knows though, you don't have many escapes and can get caught out by 2 people easily.

Team Fights

Osiris is actually very strong in team fights. With the Bruiser Builds you can Tank well enough too dive their backlines and take out their ADC and Mage without too much worry. If you choose the Carry build than you can 2 shot their ADC and Mage, but you can also be 2 shot.

If your going too be diving for kills you should try and coordinate it with your teams other diver. Like your support if it is a Athena or Geb. Your Solo lane also tends too do well for dives if they have like Chaac or Tyr. If you coordinate your dives with your team during team fights than you can get their high damage out of the fight and make the tanks try too peel you off them. Giving your team free damage. That is if it all works right, it all depends. Press the Score Screen button a lot, keeping track of what the enemy has and how much damage they will do to you and your allies.

As Osiris you don't have much Initiation aside from your ultimate. If you get a good ultimate into the enemy team it works very well. But, its not the most reliable. I tend too try and force them into us and use my Tether so their damage is reduced and they get stunned if they stay in the fight. Osiris also doesn't do terrible at fighting Tanks and Bruisers so use that.

Osiris has okay potential for picks, but, not a reliable stun so its questionable. You have decent damage and your a decent Tank. Fights in the jungle actually aren't bad for you because it makes your Ultimate easier too hit and it makes your Tether must more useful. Of course it also makes your Auto Attacks that do Area damage shine. You can really clean up a team in the jungle, its just hard for you too get a guarantee on a kill without a true stun.


So! Moral of the story is that Osiris is a fun Jungler. He is a Tankier jungle and that makes him do pretty well with the Meta of Tanks being incredible. He can also be made into a very assassin style Jungler. Just remember that he doesn't have a true stun and he doesn't work into all teams. If you play him right he can be a very strong presence against the enemy team. Built right you can easily take down the enemy backlines and win fights for your team. Above all else though, remember, just because it works for me doesn't at all mean its going too work for you. I just hope it helps you find your style of Osiris.

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Maaango | December 8, 2014 1:58pm
A nice build.
Went 14-1 with your gladiator build.
You should add the little skill pictures so it looks colourful.
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Osiris' Guide to Haunting the Jungle
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