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King of Solo

May 10, 2017 by Canadian Bacon
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Solo Lane

Smite God: Tyr

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Winged Blade
Build Item Bulwark of Hope
Build Item Spirit Robe
Build Item Mantle of Discord


Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Bulwark of Hope Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Mantle of Discord

Easy Opponent

Build Item Bluestone Pendant Build Item Boots Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Teleport Glyph

Difficult Opponents

Build Item Bluestone Pendant Build Item Boots Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Teleport Glyph

God Skill Order


Fearless 2 4 8 10 11 key bind

Power Cleave

Power Cleave 1 3 6 7 9 key bind

Change Stance

Change Stance 12 13 14 15 16 key bind


Lawbringer 5 17 18 19 20 key bind


This is by no meens a beginners guide. This is ment for som1 who already knows the basics of tyr. This guide is also a work in progress and i will keep adding 2 it. There are no fancy pictures or colours in this guide, it is just a read on how to play tyr.

The Build

Start by picking up the warrior tabi this will be the only real source of power(being a warrior u will still wreck people). From here it depends if you are against a magical laner or a physical, u will either get the bulwark or the breastplate(if against a healing comp pick up pestilence instead of bulwark). If u had a physical lane match up get the winged blade next, if u got the magical defense get breastplate 3rd as the jungler will be looking to exploit this weakness in defense, then grab the winged blade 4th. Winged blade is great against many comps as it provides u with movement speed to get close to people as well as health and attack speed. There are so many slows in this game it is also great to have the passive. Once these 4 core items are finished pick up robe and mantle, this will leave u with max cooldown. This build has lots of health (2500hp)and a lot of defense. U will be the hardest person to kill in the game and the hardest to hold still or lock down, while being able to murder squishys. This build is for diving the back line and taking out the squishys while being unstoppable(grab blink as ur second relic to help u engage). U will be a freight train of justice.

Auto Cancels

Most people think that tyrs only way to do damage is with the fearless cleave combo, truth is u can also deal out a boat load of damage using auto cancels. Tyrs attack chain goes 1/0.5/1.5 and progresses very slowly, his cleave and stance change will reset his slow progression. The best way to auto cancel with them goes ---auto-cleave-auto-stance-auto-cleave-auto--- this deals quite a chunk of damage and can be executed very quickly. Try to sneak in auto cancels whenever u can.


Tyr is at his weakest in the early game, a good opposing solo laner will try to poke u out and get an advantage over tyr in the early game. Concentrate mainly on clear in the beginning once u get 2 or 3 points into ur cleave ur sustain will be quite good. DO NOT start fearless in the begining and try to fight them before the wave gets there u will lose that trade. Start with the cleave and when the first wave meets do thee auto cancel chain on the front and then try to auto the archers until clear, if u out cleared them go to there blue and cleave the littles twice(this will clear them with no autos needed) u will hit lvl 2 and be left in red stance... now u will most definetly out clear them next wave. If it seems u wont out clear them just play a little bit more passively. Prioratize farm over attacking them let the minions poke them out while u do the camps in the jungle. Use ur kit to clear not fight the other god, this will just be for the first few levels. Dont get poked out and lose the early.


Mid game u shine, u have unbeleivable sustain and amazing clear. Begin to use your fearless to fight them, it is very easy to poke them out and hold them under tower. Using ur fearless to clear becomes a waste as u can just clear the wave with cleave and such later. Basic the waves until the other laner trys to walk past u to clear, once he is close enough fearless him and a portiin of the wave. Overall look for trades because there are not many gods who can keep up with tyrs sustain. Poke them out.


Late game u are no longer in lane, u are now here to team fight. Dive the back line!!! Go for the squishys, after uv fearless cleaved them dont be a chicken and run, use the auto cancels and such to keep on attacking. U are very tanky and while u are scrapping in the back with the enemys damage dealers ur team should be destroying the rest of the enemys. Use blink to start fights and save ur ult more as an eacape.

General Laning

Unless u want to clear quick and go get jungle farm save ur fearless to fight. Basic the wave until the opposing laner gets close then dump ur kit on them using the fearless combo and auto cancels. If they choose to prioritize clear after u fearlessed them just group the minions and cleave it twice to clear. Ur cleave has a very low cool down and is used in so many different ways, this is why u max it first. It is clear, poke and sustain.

Fighting under their tower

I would personaly recomend playing tyr on a higher sensitivity. Using ur fearless you are able to pull people out of there "comfortable position" into a death trap. Using blink you can pull them out from under tower, it will take practice but what u do is blink behind ur target and spin 180' and u will pull them out of the tower, this is much better than blinking directly in front and fearlessing them forward as that brings u even further under there tower and pulls the target further away from your team, were as the blink 180 brings urself back toward ur team and out of the tower with an enemy. During the laning phase when u are against ur opposing solo laner, if lane pressure is urs u can walk with ur wave of minions(after autoing theres to death) under the enemy tower and once the enemy comes up to try and clear under tower u can fearless them back out of their tower and into lane, thus avoiding tower poke for u and keeping urself in a good position. Always fearless people back towards ur side of the map while poking them under tower.


"The backstep", if u find urself in a bit of a pickle and are in full retreat to ur tower with som1 nippin at your heels u can turn the fight on them pretty quick. If he persistently chases u right to the edge of ur tower, without turning or anything quickly step backwards a liitle bit just so he steps past u and then fearless him into ur tower. Only do this if u are in a pickle. Dont be one of them plebs who just try to pull people under tower the whole game... cough (herc and xing).
If the person u are fearlessing has beads there is a small trick u can use to stick to them a bit better,(u have to be very good with beads in order to get them off before tyr knocks u up but a good player can do it), the trick is to cancel ur fearless by activating ur cleave early, this will stop ur fearless and cleave immediatley. The person will be behind u so u will have to 180 cleave to hit them with it, this works in blue and red stance.

Match Ups

I will be adding quick little details on how to play all the match ups. Each one will be mostly just laning 1v1, always be aware of ganks and watching ur map. I have 2 starter builds in the build section, 1 with blue pots and one with multi pots, I will say which ones to start with in ur match ups. I will be adding different match ups every day.


Im going to begin this one by saying any tyr that loses lane to an ama should be shot. Against Ama u wanna start with the easy opponent start. Level one is yours u will out clear her easily with the auto cancels so u will be stealing the littles off her blue. So if u imagine u are have ur 1 and ur 2 a fresh wave is running in, u will walk up to the fronts and start basicing them, ama will walk up and start charging her shield and basicing the front creep, dont let her so much as think about doing this. The moment she comes remotely close u will fearless her and the wave using ur full kit to clear and hit her with every ability at the same time. Do not blatently fearless the wave because if she is smart she will use her dash to cancel it, just sit and basic until she comes in to do something. Some amas will dash past the fronts to the backs and blast her shield from back there to avoid u fearlessing her and the wave, if she does this fearless her wave immediately and clear it she will miss the fronts with the shield and will be left in lane with creep agro and no dash, she is in a pickle, go back there and beat her senseless. Her wave clear is so terrible until about lvl 10. When she chooses to ult on u, u have two options. 1) When she ults there is most likely a gank coming in on u, or u are low and she is looking to kill u, either way ur ult is very nice as it will throw u half way across the lane and away from danger. She will not get the stun on u and u can reavaluate from there. 2)She is panic ulting because u are given her the beat down, if u are healthy enough let her hit u with the first 2 strokes then if timed correctly u launch ur ultimate which immunes the stun, when she sees u do this she will most likely move backwards with the last hit so u u want to aim ur ult 3/4 of its range behind her. If u timed ur ult correctly u should land between ama and her tower and apply the slow from ult, in this position u can block her dash back to the tower (which isn hard to do) and u can continue beating on her. Last little FYI is that ama is so bad in the early game that a "good team" will get the jungler to help her out in lane, so be weary of the jungler hangin around, when its u and her tho... oooh killem.


There are two gods that are going to be looking to beat u senseless before u come online, Bellona is one of them. Even tho this is a hard match up for tyr i still use the easy opponent start. This is because bellona will need to get her scourage and shield bash before she will start beaten on u, by this time ur cleave should have a point or two and u can sustain it... u will appreciate the mana pots to keep ur early clear from exhausting ur mana. For the first few levels u just dump ur kit on the wave, if shes dumb she will get caught by u as ur clearing, she should however be standing off to the side and just bludgeon spin past u. After uve cleared the wave dont try to fight her cuz she will just smack u with everything while she finishes her wave. At lvl 1 she WILL out clear u, clear what u can and once she begins to finish hers begin falling back, because around this time u will have a bludgeon coming ur way. At lvl 2 this is when u just dump ur kit and leave as discussed u will out clear her... don't try for more then that. Once u back and pick up ur boots the fun will begin. Now u are in lane to draw blood, once she begins spinning the bludgen grab her with ur fearless chain and run her against the wall, use ur auto cancels and hit her with the blue as well. Then go back to wave and clear them as ur cleaves come off cool down, it will take her longer to clear because she did not slam the bludgeon before u grabbed her, if she chose to shield bash or scourage u that is dumb on her part because she is now in the wrong "mode" to clear wave. U grab her once or twice like that and she will be sittin under tower. Bellonas will try to juke ur fearless by spinning backwards or forwards, saving the bludgeon, shield bashing first, just pay attention and learn what she trys. Nothing to really say about ult countering but a warning. If she is the 1 smashen ur face in and u think ur ult will bring u 2 safety, ud be wrong, the moment u land from ur ult she will be plant that flag right in the back of ur skull. Dont save the ultimate as a get away for when u are at minimal health, know when ur losing and fall back. Lastly Bellona is an auto attack based god and ur an ability based god... so unless ur fearlessing or auto canceling her, dont just stand there exchanging autos.


This match up is very annoying, u wont lose to chaac but u are going to have an awful time trying to get close 2 him. No real way for u to KILL him, what he will do is huck his axe and teleport to it full clearing his wave, he will then pop his heal which puts a slow around him, you will not be able to walk up to him becuase of this slow and he will do one of two things depending on u. What YOU should be doing is fearlessing the wave and clearing it as they run up to one another, this way his combo may not totally clear and leave some stragglers. If u dont do this and he clears he will pop his slow and run up to u autoing and waiting for his combo to come back... but if u chose to full clear wave and turn around to fight him, he will pop his slow and run around wasteing ur time and waiting for his combo to come up and smash u with it. This god is aids as he just runs around hucking stuff and throwing slows everywere. Just clear and look for chances to use some combos on him, if u ever find urself close to him with a combo up use it on him, either than that he will be playing like a %#*#⬣. Out farm and out rotate him. A warning about his ult at lvl 5... it hurts, it hurts a lot so make sure u are healthy and in good position when it comes, u can use ur ult as he winds up his ult but u will not avoid the damage as ur cast takes to long, it will however cancel the silence he puts on u. Once u start on ur breast plate u can eat thos ults all day they wont hurt, its just the lvl 5 ult that will obliterate u.I start with the easy opponent choice. As the pros say he will not win lane, but he wont lose it either. He is useless come late game,so the later the game goes the better ur team fights will be. This god is dumb, boring lane to be in and he is not good late game.

Erlang Shen

On this gods release, u could not play a game in solo without hime being there, he was unbelievably strong, now after nerfs and adjustments to his kit, he is no longer chosen in solo, I still play him once in a while and I say he still has potential there. As Tyr I start with the easy opponent build as erlang just cannot clear. If he chooses to attack he will be poked out by minion agro. At level one stand directly in the minions as he will most likely have leveld his mink. The mink passes throungh minions but stops on gods, so if u stand right in the mionions he will hit u and his clearing ability will stop right there, out clear and take the smalls off his blue. Level 2 and beyond look to grab him and the wave as u clear. Clearing is verg akward for him so u should always look to poke him along with the wave clear. i heeded a warning for trading autos with bellona... Erlang Shen will eat u alive if he catches u with nothing up in ur kit. So u will have to look to poke him out with ur abilitys. Erlangs kit is executed in many ways but is trash for clearing. Basically for this match up u just dont wanna catch urself without minions or cooldowns against him. He is very un popular and not picked anymore. For certain situations u could just leave a question in the comments as 2 how to handle it, Erlang is very unpredictable in the way he plays lane.

Guan Yu

Guan Yu is a solo laner who will never win lane, this man is happy if he can clear and make it back 2 his tower. He is not very often picked because a lot of people have a way of canceling his clear, Tyr however does not. Guan Yu is immune to your fearless while he is using his clear abilty and also, his dash passes straight through u and ur fearless. So a good Guan Yu will not be getting fearlessed by Tyr. But there is a sneaky little trick to grab the guan yu with a fearless. Often people wait for the minion waves to hit each other and stop before people try to clear it, Guan will inititae his clear and u wont be able to fearless him, however if u initiate ur fearless a little bit early as the waves are running up 2 one another Guan wont expect this and u could do some damage 2 him. Other than this he will most likely clear and then dash back to tower, his kit is perfect for rendering tyrs fearless as useless. Your play will be to just clear (a good guan yu will be able to clear no problem against tyr), after the waves are clear u can go and try to auto cancel him and buy time till ur fearless comes up again, u might be able to catch him in lane by the time ur second comes up. He will most likely fall back 2 tower. This man is here to farm not win lane remeber that. Picking up pestilence 4th item would be a good idea because around this time his heal will be getting abnoxius. I start with the easy oponent build, it has been a while since I faced one in Solo so I am not 2 sure who out clears who lvl 1.


If uve been playing solo lane season 4 odds are uve ran into a lot of hercules, or maybe uve been playing him 😑. Everyone u talk to will say "ooohh noooo, dont pick tyr into herc he counters Tyr"... WRONG Tyr is the anwser to the this derp. For this match up start with the difficult opponent start, we all know how much damage hercules does if he manages to hit his combo, the extra health will be handy 2 have. Lvl 1 u will out clear him take the littles off his blue. Lvl 2 he is going to walk up to the fronts pull the backs and driving strike it all... this is going to sound familiar, give that boy a woop down if he tries this, fearless him and the wave👍, hit him and the wave with everything. The idea that herc counters Tyr comes from the fact that if u fearless his driving strike will smash u out of it... so u just basic the wave till he walks up to u, hound the wave and save ur fearless for when he comes up next 2 u. There is not a safe way for him to clear without u beaten on him. But this is not the way herc works he is here to obliterare u not the wave, DO NOT prance around close to his tower the only thing that is going theough ur opponents mind is "PULL. PULL HIM INTO TOWER" simple solution, if u know he has his kit up, dont hang around his tower. Not allowing herc to clear will frustrate him and he will begin hucking his ult on the wave and then saving his kit 4 u, once he hucks the boulder fall back and clear under tower u will retake pressure on the next wave, u dont want him using his combo on u with his wave running around un cleared. Just play around his kit and do not let him pull or push u around, force him to come up and clear, where u will give the man his beat down. A note for the build is after u finish breast plate go into pestilence(pick up winged blade 4th) to help stop his abnoxius healing. Tyr is better.🙊


End of season 3 Nike was first pick first ban, not because she was good in solo but because of the passive she would provide her team as the game went on. Like Guan she is not preffered because her rends can be interupted... but unlike Guan ur fearless will rip her right out of that ability. Start with the easy opponent start, only way u will take damage early is if u stand with ur wave eating rends. Lvl 1 u should out clear her take the blue littles. Lvl 2 and beyond, she will try to walk up to the fronts to rend, fearless her and the wave, hitting her with everything. Once she clues on that u are doing this she will stand by her archers and rend u and the fronts. Now u stand by the archers basicing them, if she chooses to rend just u, u can try and juke the rends and then clear heal up. As she gets frustrated she might jump to the back of ur wave and start rending from there, the moment she jumps behind u clear the wave, she will not rend the fronts and she will have to run across lane to chase the other half of the wave, between her and the rest of the wave u will be, use ur auto cancels and poke her as she runs across the lane. If she ults u, ur ult cleanses the slow. Very easy match up for Tyr.


aka (Mario) is going to be thinking twice before he jumps on ur wave, go with the easy opponent start. Odins biggest counter is a knock up, right as he is landing from his leap a knock up will cancel all of the damage from it (It will not however cancel the raven shield thingy majiggy)... Guess what Tyrs fearless is considerd (KNOCK UP). As per usual for the first cupple lvls focus on clearing until around the time u back for ur boots. Around this time Odins combo will be full clearing, so when little Mario goes to clear instead of clearing ur wave with fearless, spin a 180 and grab odin with a fearless chain right as he is landing, thus canceling his leap damage and removing some of that raven thingy majiggy explosion if not removing it all. U will do so much damage that u will most likely rip right theough his shield and into his health bar. Switch stance and beat him up in blue form as well, he has no sustain so he will not be jumping in like that a second time without finding death waiting for him. Do this to him if he tries to clear under tower, any time he raven bombs u will fearless chain him, this god is powerless against tyr. He will be dying to u that is for certain. Princess Peach will want nothing to do with him once u are finished with him in lane.

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