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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


(Joust) Khepri: The Aura Support Master (Updated)

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Smite God: Khepri

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Purchase Order

Aura Master

Build Item Watcher's Gift Watcher's Gift
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Heartward Amulet Heartward Amulet
Build Item Sovereignty Sovereignty
Build Item Salvation Salvation
Build Item Stone of Gaia Stone of Gaia
Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Hide of the Nemean Lion
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone

Khepri's Skill Order



1 X
2 4 8 11 14
Rising Dawn

Rising Dawn

2 A
1 3 7 10 12
Solar Flare

Solar Flare

3 B
6 15 16 18 19
Scarab's Blessing

Scarab's Blessing

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20

Introduction to Khepri

Khepri, the Dawn Bringer. A melee magic guardian that looks like the the most scary bugs in existence, and acts like the nicest guy ever. This big fella (biggest one in Smite yet), is one hell of a support, yet using him will require some practice.

Grab all you know about Smite's support Gods, and throw it out the window because this guy takes a completely different approach to help his allies. He does act like other guardians, as it's a perfect wall to block off attacks, having the size to protect his entire team in Joust from projectiles, and the bulk to laugh it off. Yet Khepri excels at one thing, turning your allies into reckless killing machines, and your enemies into kids with peashooters.

And even though he has received many... many nerfs, and because Hi-Rez just hates Khepri he'll probably receve many more, he's still one of the best supports to date.

The Backpack! (Standard)

Khepri's all about teamwork. He doesn't need those dirty kills to be happy, he feeds on assists and finds joy on the longetivity of himself and his allies. Just as an example I managed to save an Isis from a Loki's ultimate and help her kill him. Those moments would not be possible without Khepri. This set is slightly different from the last one because Khepri has seen many debuffs. This is what I usually go to on normal situations during Joust, meaning a match against a Guardian or Warrior, assassin or hunter, and a mage. This set is made to keep your allies pushing, take both tower and player damage, and help you help your teamates get kills.

Watcher's Gift is an excellent item to help you build up early. With your second ability you can easily get assists in the minions, because at this point you'll barely even scratch a minion.

I skip the boots because contrary to popular belief, not all goods need to start with boots. Now this item goes first because it's not only cheap, but it helps counter her several of Khepri's new nerfs, and it gives a really helpful cooldown reduction, because Khepri is not by any meansma basic attacker, he needs his abilities.

This is where the niche of the set starts. Khepri's all about the team, so this should help your more fragile friends stay longer in battle, and this added to Khepri's shield means that your allies will get extra seconds of life. As an added bonus you also get some magical buff.

This item is the same as before, except instead of raising your allies' physical defense, you raise their magical defense, while raising your own physical defense. These two items are the first ones you are going to want to get, as the defenses plus the shield from Khepri's passive makes your allies durable, they won't fall that easily.

Kehrpi lacks one thing to be the most OP support ever, and that's healing for his teanmates. This is why I always like to have salvation just in case my allies are low, with Khepri's max health it's a really good way to heal, altough the cooldown take a while, so don't just use it when it's ready, wait until your team is low yet you need to push or defend.

From this point, you'll have to analyze which one you want to build first, magical or physical defenses.

In case that the one dealing the most damage in the opposing team is a mage like Ah Puch or Ares. This item gives all Khepri really needs to face off magical users, health, defense, and HPS. This item does wonders, believe me.

In Joust, most of the time the strongest attacker is a physical God. Loki, Fenrir, the Rat, Anhur, all those assasins and warriors. They all fear one thing, a bulky Guardian using this hide. They won't even notice that while they're trying to take you out, at the same time, you're killing them slowly. And with Khepri's bulk and his ability to decrease the opponent's power, they won't be wanting to go after you.

This item is amazing for Khepri. It has high magical defense, raises his low firepower even if for a small bit, and when Khepri grabs them and gets the opponent closer to something like Kuku's Whirlwind or Zeus' ultimate, it deals even more damage.

You have several options for the last active slot.

The Enfeebling Curse is a great item for when the opposing team goes against you to try to take you down, only to be cursed and becoming easy targets for your hunter or assassin. Either that or running away when all your team is down and they're after you. This active does it all.

If you're too annoying for your opponents and they have decided to focus on you, you can give them the pleasure to even try to kill you. Shell of absorption is great for when you need to tank, this plus your amazing bulk and your ability to revive yourself at the last second, the Titan has nothing on you!

Another one of Khepri's flaws is that he's... rather slow. When your team is in the front lines and they're about to face the Titan or the Phoenix, you may want to rush there to tank the strikes, and this is where you come in. Teleport To Gods is the best choice, yet if you can afford some wards, the lower cooldown is amazing.

The Skills

Khepri's skills are all about teamwork. That's why you need to have a team that knows how Khepri works, or else you'll find yourself going straight into danger alone and getting killed by the lack of support... to your support God.

Khepri's passive is in my opinion, the best part about him. That shield works wonders, specially in the early game, and in Joust, where all your allies are nearby, you can all enjoy the wonderful wonders of an extra protection. Anubis and Loki hate this, btw, so you know it's good.

Ok whoever decided to name this ability, you need to lay off the sci-fi. Jokes aside, this ability is rather good in the late game, working specially well with area attacks that enemies can get off easily, or bringing targets closer to your hunter/assassin. It also helps your allies' escape, as a well placed abduction will get your enemies off your friends' back. This can also be used to clear waves after using your second ability. I have tried using it with escaping targets, but it has rarely worked and there are way better ways to stop those. Although a well timed 3rd ability with this one can do the trick. One of the mayor uses i have given this skill, is to escape or to get somewhere fast, as it doesn't use that much mana, and it does cover some good distance, not the best retreat skill, but it can do the trick.

In my opinion, Khepri's oddest skill. It sets fire to your enemies, and debuffs their physical defenses, while raising the physical defense of your allies. I use this one mostly for wave clearing, as in the late game it can easily break down most if not all of the minion wave. Although a well placed one can help your allies when they are dueling against opponents, and you could even use it to kill escaping opponents (it was worked more than once for me) It's rather good, as it's a nice mixture between damage and buffs for allies.

This ability is pretty straightforwards. Aim, hit, root and do damage. That's it. In more offensive sets this skill would be key, as in a late game and with a good amount of magical power, it can do some good killing. But this is an extremely supportive build, and in my personal experience this skill is not as useful as it may seem, as aiming is kinda hard and it gives enough time for enemies to escape. Although one thing I have learned is that you can aim it at your feet when being chased, to have a good chance of rooting your opponent and gain some good distance, plus with Abduction to dash away, you have a good chance of making it out alive.

Oh, the controversial skill. Khepri's ultimate doesn't focus on the kills, but on the saves. With this, you give either yourself or an ally a really impressive boost in both power and movement speed, plus if they get killed, they will respawn immediately behind you. Yet there's a huge drawback, this ability is a pain to time properly. I'm still having a hard time knowing when to use it on an ally or saving it for later, I have managed to get some revives, and sometimes the revives weren't even necessary as the movement speed plus putting yourself as a freaking wall between the escaping ally and your opponent will almost always guarantee an escape. Luckily the cooldown is rather short, and even shorter with the bought items. Still, I suggest constant practice with this move to master it, because once you do, you're bound to become the true perfect support.

Pros / Cons


    High Damage Sustain.
    Constant buffs for allies and debuffs for enemies.
    Amazing wall to take the bullet for others.
    Almost impossible to kill with the right build in the late game.
    Assassins have a hard time with him.
    Disrupts enemy strategies.
    Can take tower damage in the late game without a scratch.
    If you can time it right, your team may never even die
    It's adorable.
    Just look at that victory animation, that's an amazing reference.


    Won't do much damage.
    Won't get many kills.
    Relies on Assists
    Giant hitbox.
    Has a hard time against other more offense based Guardians and Warriors
    His Ultimate is difficult to use properly.
    He's rather hard to learn at first.

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Southrncomfortjm | November 6, 2015 6:35am
*For the skill build, I think you really need to consider getting 1,2 and 3 to start since Solar Flare >> Rising Dawn >> Abduct in early game basically guarantees an early kill. The moment someone overcommits, just Flare them, hit them with a Rising Dawn (or Rising Dawn then Flare if you are sure you can hit them with RD to make the Flare do more damage) and then Abduct them. That's over 200 damage just from you, which will take most level 3 players down to less than 50% health. Combine that with the 1.5 second pull from Abduct and that player will likely die to your allies.

After that, I always prioritize Rising Dawn since it flips all protections in your party's favor and does a deceptively damaging DOT. Of course, level Ult each time it is available. Then just alternate Abduct and Solar Flare. Get that 40% CDR quickly since you will basically be able to keep Rising Dawn up on enemies/allies at all time. That's a massive advantage for your team. Having Rising Dawn up all the time will basically ensure that you get an assist for just about every kill your team gets.

Thanks for tip on Mail of Renewal. I'll be replacing my Stone of Gaia with it and also adding Watcher's Gift to my early game.
krookidwayz | November 3, 2015 8:37am
I usually don't take him into to joust, but this build looks great. I will definitely have to give it a try.
Gaelden | October 11, 2015 11:35am
Good build, but I think Runic Shield is not for guardians, since it gives some physical power!wer!
VolkaRona | September 10, 2015 3:35pm
Moonsyne wrote:

...A small tip would be to just lay out your favorite 6 items that you find you use most consistently for results...

...My one suggestion for your build is if you've tried out Watcher's Gift yet on Khepri?

I added the 6 items I usually pick, and I've tried Watcher's Gift and I gotta say, that's quite effective. In fact, it's my goto item now, so thanks for both suggestions!
Moonsyne (1) | September 7, 2015 10:51am
I like the guide! It's solid, and you give good explanations for all of your item choices, although some players might be a bit confused with the amount of freedom with your build. A small tip would be to just lay out your favorite 6 items that you find you use most consistently for results. You could then have additional categories under offering alternate physical or magical protections.

My one suggestion for your build is if you've tried out Watcher's Gift yet on Khepri? He is melee, so if you spend a lot of your time body blocking and damage sponging, you'll have to adjust your playstyle at first, but as a lot of people would say, the pros of Watcher's Gift are just so strong. The health and mana given to you on minion assists fit perfectly with your idea of super sustain, and you also get more gold if you aren't clearing waves yourself. This will help you finish your build sooner, which is always nice.
ShaoTheGreat (5) | September 7, 2015 4:38am
Awesomee... tank Khepri... I tried all manner of tank Khepri and got tired of going 1-0-30 every game. I don't like to play support, but I can. I build my Khepri with more power so that I can actually kill. Your choice of Mail of Renewal is commendable though. Since being buffed, and being combined with Khepri's passive, it basically means that once your build is done, you NEVER had to leave the battelfield - as in INFINITE sustain - if you play him right. My build now:

No particular order:

Gem of Iso - Adds slow to his #2 which makes it one of if not the best move in the game
Reinforced Boots (or whatever they're called) - CC reduction and health help a lot + they're cheap
Mail of Renewal - If you're constantly spamming the enemy team with your abilities, wow...
Mystical Mail - Adds protection and health, plus passive hurts when you grab them
Rod of Tahuti - Self-explanatory
Chronos Pendant - Khepri isn't mana hungry and this build still gives you a nice amount of health and protections, so I'd rather have the power and MP5 - finishing his CDR at 40%

This build makes him an absolute monster. You may need to sub magic D items in case of a troublesome mage, but against 2 phys/1 magic in joust, I still absolutely destroy the enemy team with this build. With max CDR you can literally pick an enemy and keep him on lockdown for as long as you want, assuring a kill, then Mail of Renewal gives you 20% of your health and mana back. I just played a 3v3 with this build and was the carry with Khepri. I went 22-0-13. Pick up the damage buff when able - this build gives Khepri 435 power, 3310 HP, and 3310 HP. A bruisery tank build for sure, but able to stay in lane forever once built. If you can't at least get an assist with Khepri, then you're doing something wrong.

Mail of Renewal is the ULTIMATE Khepri item.
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(Joust) Khepri: The Aura Support Master (Updated)
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