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Jing Wei Crit Bulid

April 28, 2016 by MsBehavingXx
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Crits for Days

Smite God: Jing Wei

Item Purchase Order

My Basic Build

Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Malice
Build Item Bloodforge
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick

God Skill Order

Persistent Gust

Persistent Gust 1 8 11 12 15 key bind

Explosive Bolts

Explosive Bolts 2 4 6 7 10 key bind


Agility 3 13 16 18 19 key bind

Air Strike

Air Strike 5 9 14 17 20 key bind

Jing Wei Crit Bulid

April 28, 2016


Hello everyone! I'm MsBehavingXx and this is my first god guide. Smite is my first and only MOBA, and I've only been playing for a few months now. But, I really enjoy it and finding new people to play with. I mostly play Arena, Joust, and Conquest. This would be a pretty good build for Arena and Joust. Feedback is welcomed! please note that this is my first guide so don't be so harsh. If you do not agree with anything let me know. I love learning new things and how to improve.

Pros and Cons

So let's get started! Jing Wei, the Oathkeeper is a hunter. She has some very interesting abilities that let her move around the battlefield with ease and deal some pretty harsh damage. She is best played as the team's Carry or Support.

- great mobility
- Good in team fights
- Can clear waves pretty quick with her 2
- Passive is great to come back into the fight after quick recovery

- Very squishy
- Ultimate isn't very strong
- Hard to get out of certain situations

Friends and Foes

- Nox she can attach to Jing Wei and fly with her when she is using her passive. She can also hold enemies down for you so you can deal as much damage as you can.
- Awilix she can help you chase a target down and build some great combos together. If you use your gust and the enemy gets out awilix can pull them back into the gust for extra damage.
- Skadi she can help you pin a target or help you in a sticky situation. Team up your gust with her permafrost and ult with Kaldr
-Awilix she will pull you back if you try to escape
-sylvanus he will also pull you back and root you. You will not be able to use agility to escape.
-Poseidon you will not be able to use agility in his whirlpool


So what I have on Jing Wei the Oathkeeper is that she is a very fun God to play as. Her kit and passive bring a refreshing feel to SMITE. With the right team you are sure to dominate and have an awesome time. If you have any questions, suggestions, or anything that may help don't be afraid to tell me. I'll try my best to make better guides and builds. Later fam~

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