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Isis: Protected & Powerful

January 10, 2017 by Sand-Dun
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Come No Further

Smite God: Isis

Item Purchase Order

Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Polynomicon
Build Item Void Stone
Build Item Spear of Desolation
Build Item Jade Mountain Helm

Isis: Protected & Powerful

January 10, 2017


The following is a guide on how to play the Egyptian Goddess, Isis. This guide educates on her abilities and on this build. Hope you enjoy. :)


Wing Gust


Wing gust is a line attack that sends forth four damage-dealing balls. It scales off 40% of your magical power. This means the more power you have, the higher your damage output will be. Additionally, wing gust disregards the backpedaling penalty and increases Isis' movement speed while also ignoring knock-up and root.

This attack will go through walls and continue to hit enemies behind the initial target.


Wing gust is Isis' main attack for minion clearing, and debatably one of her primary methods of escape (movement speed + smacking players with potentially dissuading damage). This attack is best used in combo with her spirit ball to ensure maximum damage by hitting all four gusts. Wing gust is also a good chase/finisher move.

As a lane bully, Isis can use this attack to gun down enemies while clearing minions waves. She can drift in and out of fights or the range of other players with a mobility that can make her a harder target.

Spirit Ball


Spirit Ball is a dangerous long-ranged projectile that works as Isis' highest, immediate damage ability in her kit. Alongside dealing massive amounts of damage spirit ball, stuns enemies for 1 second. It scales off 70% of magical power.

The farther the ball travels the more damage it will do (gaining up to 1.5x more damage a full range). Once thrown the spirit ball can be activated at any time by tapping the button of its activation again.


As a double threat (stun + damage), spirit ball has both good team potential, kill set-up, and poke. As stated before this attack is best used initially with a follow-up ofwing gust. During team fights, spirit ball can be a outcome changer with its stun and damage. Throwing this attack into a crowd of enemy players is an excellent route for helping secure kills for your team as well as dooming the enemy to take more damage.

However, as a relatively slow-moving projective, spirit ball is easy to dodge, particularly at far ranged. Using the attack at closer range gives the enemy less time to react. Being a mage, however, getting close usually isn't safe, so when trying to hit spirit ball from far range try using angles. Hitting boxed in or distracted players is much, much easier than going head on.

Seeing as most hits with spirit ball will be a result of manual detonation, it's important to get timing down. Sometimes balls will go too far and sometimes not far enough. It's all a matter of getting used the attack and just watching the projectile. Practice makes perfect!

Lastly, spirit ball can also allow Isis to escape potentially dangerous situations with its stun. However, stunning enemies who are too close can be extremely difficult (spamming the button is the only chance). Spirit ball should be used early and often to avoid this.

Dispel Magic


Dispel magic is used to silence enemies (this does not prevent basic attacking; only abilities). Additionally, this attack can slightly slow and take away magical protections. If allies are close enough to gain the affects of Isis' passive ability, then they can gain some magical protection for a short time.


Dispel magic is best used to prevent enemies from using their abilities, so use it frequently to cause as much disruption as possible.

Circle of Protection


Circle of Protection is Isis' dual bladed ultimate. Isis will insert her staff in the ground with a target area around. The staff can charge for a maximum of 5 seconds, but, similarly to spirt ball, the ability can be detonated anytime it is activated. However, the longer the staff is allowed to charge, the more damage will be outputted.

As mentioned, circe of protection has two sides. Alongside damage, the ability will heal Isis and any allies inside the circle. The longer the staff is allowed to charge, the more healing the ability will do.

Similar to Isis' other abilities, circle of protection scales off magical power: 50% for damage and 25% for health.


Circle of Protection is a very powerful ability that can be utilized to its fullest extent during team fights. This is where Isis' colors really shine: her team capabilities. If a big fight breaks out, be sure to thrown down this ultimate and detonate as soon or late as necessary to get the full potential.

With it's healing ability, circle of protection can help sustain Isis in normally one-sided fights. For example, if Loki attacks, throw down this ultimate and use wing gust to keep a safe distance (all the while staying within the ultimate circle). When it's charged enough, detonate it. You'll gain back a dissuading amount of health and pack a hard punch against Loki.

(Passive) Funeral Rites


Funeral rites gives Isis and allies close enough (80 units) increased HP5 and MP5. The passive potency increases the more deaths Isis "witnesses" (these can by ally or enemy players) and maxes out at 10 stacks (at this point it does +20 HP5 and MP5). While this passive does not play such a big part in Arena, it can give her a sustaining edge in Conquest.


About The Build

This build revolves around penetration, life steal, and protection. While the end result is not as much magical power as other builds, Isis will still do good damage, and she'll have protections to help sustain.

Items of The Build

1. Shoes of magi are a strong pick for Arena where damage is king. Isis is extremely mana hungry early game, so be prepared to go back to the fountain a lot. Don't linger when mana runs low!

Note: Consider switching out for Shoes of focus in other modes (i.e. definitely Conquest, possibly Clash), where sustain is key.

2. Bancroft's Talon is key for life steal. With wing gust, your health will quickly return.

3. Polynomicon is, again, for the life steal. In addition, the passive can help you secure a kill with, yes, a basic attack! As an ability-based mage, this may seems like a strange concept situation. However, if another ability is on cooldown or an ability doesn't do enough damage, what's the first thing you do? You do a basic attack. This has secured a lot of kills for me.

4. Void stone adds both some magical power and starts adds some magical protection. Additionally, you can get in some extra damage thanks to the items passive with reducing magical protections of the enemy.

5. Spear of Desolation brings in some real damage and adds some good penetration.

6. Jade Mountain Helm adds physical protection and finishes up to add full penetration.

Note: depending on the enemy god picks, it can be useful to switch up the order of these items. For example, if there's a lot of heavy physical it's a good idea to purchase the Jade Mountain Helmet as a 4th or even 3rd item.


1. Sprint
2. Sanctuary
3. Purification

I find that Sprint is the best item to purchase with Isis as a first relic. As a mage with no "real" escape, she's easy to chase (especially for gods with a jump, etc). Next is Sanctuary. Of course, if the team has a lot of CC, it's always a good idea to consider Purification to cleanse yourself before there's a chance for a lot of potential damage.


Here are the overall specifications for this build:

    Basic attack damage: 150
    Power - magical: 425
    Attack Speed: 1
    Lifesteal: 22
    Penetration: 45
    Protection - Physical: 93
    Protection - Magical: 90
    Health: 1725
    Mana: 1600

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