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Isis Middle Lane

May 26, 2013 by Demt
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Isis middle lane

Smite God: Isis

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Boots of the Magi
Build Item Bancroft's Talon

Mid Game

Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Spear of the Magus

Late game

Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Put this in as 4th or 5th item

Build Item Void Stone

God Skill Order

Wing Gust

Wing Gust 1 3 6 12 14 key bind

Spirit Ball

Spirit Ball 2 7 8 10 11 key bind

Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic 4 15 16 18 19 key bind

Circle of Protection

Circle of Protection 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Warning!This is meant to be a pubstomping build, if you're looking for a competetive build, Figure one out yourself :)
Also expect that my spelling/building sentences isnt the best around(English is my second language!

How do I get good at Isis you ask? The key is to master your Spirit Ball. I'ts the reason you dominate as Isis

So I've been playing Isis a lot and really like her skillset which makes me play good with her. I want to share how I build and play Isis in middle lane!

Here is my stats with Isis and my last games!

Pros / Cons


-Easy to gank with
-Great sustain
-Easy snowball
-Good CC/can control a fight


-If caught you're usually dead
-Hard to master perfectly

Early Game

I start with Tier 2 Boots of Magi, 2 health potions and 1 mana potion due to Isis passive, You get the mana needed for the while you need to be in lane and after the first recall you should be able to finish you boots.


As Isis you should poke as early as level 2 with a Spirit ball follow up with Wind gust, You will take minion damage but try to hit the Spirit ball on the back minions and the enemy in the lane. This is why I pick 2 health potions instead of 2 Mana potions.

Aggresive opponent!

If you are versus a agni or hades they usually like to go aggresive from level 2 or 3, Isis is a great counter for this. If you are versus an Hades be sure to stand at the back minions and when he dashes in quickly use Dispel magic to block Hades Devour soul and then follow up with Spirit ball. The Minions make sure that Hades takes alot of damage. If he dashes in at level 2 just use the Spirit ball and the Wing gust

Mid Game/Gank time

Mid game is good for Isis, If you get the enemy tower down you can easily push down a lane and leave for a sidelane. With your ulti, you will almost never fail. When comming for a gank be sure to know that Spirit Ball will hit, Spirit Ball is what makes Isis a really good ganker. Make sure that your team know you're comming and stun the enemy the quickly follow up with your silence. Then enemy will not be able do so anyting for 2 seconds with Dispel Magic only leveled up once. After that you can use your ulti for heal if needed or you can use it as damage, it dependes on how the fight tourn out. Just keep in mind that if you're ahead in level your ulti will do plenty of damage to the enemy.

After a gank recall or if you have mana(you usually have mana) Go back to lane and pick up the buffs that are available(you will get ahead a ton if you master picking up buffs on the way to lane. Pus your lane and head for the next lane and do it over and over again. Isis is really easy to rotate with. If you got a lot of mana keep in mind that your Wind Gust gives you movementspeed.


This is where Isis can be really fun to play. Getting people cought with Spirit Ball and then finish them off with your ulti without them almost not even noticing you is so awarding and hilarious. Wards are your best friends and being able to shoot them through walls and see them and to know when exactly to detonate is key. Spirit ball is what makes you strong in jungle.

Late Game

This is when you and your team are going to teamfight. You can control fights easy if you're fed. Be sure that your team is following you and as soon you hit a stun the team should follow up on it. If your team meets trouble you have your ulti that can completly change the looks of a teamfight. With a stacked up ulti you will be able to heal a great amount and deal deadly damage at the same time, be sure that your tmea understand what a powerfull heal you have and that its okay to go fight.

What abilities should I pick and what other items can I get?


Atleast 1 Beads or Aegis is always good, you can get cought in nasty situations still. Aegis can give you the time for a CD to end for example a stun,silence or Wind Gust. It will help you to escape more then you think. Another ability I really like due to be being so comfoterble with Isis is Blink, If you use this correctly you can get some mean stuns in and really punish people that dont expect people being alert in jungle.

Other Items

Fatalis early game can actually be really good if you feel like switching it up, use it after Bancroft's Talon. With fatalis you want to get close after you stun your opponent, and maybe build a bit more tankier afterwards aswell.

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