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Is Osiris Viable?

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Smite God: Osiris

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Intro - The is not a guide as such, its a review on the warrior god Osiris. Now before i start on the Pro's and Con's on Osiris i want to make it clear that i'm fairly new to playing him, and i'm making this review/guide to answer my own question "Is Osiris Viable?". Feel free to leave a comment and i will try to get back to you ASAP!

Pro's and Con's

Pro's - Very good mana usage during low levels
- A four hit progression of basic attacks
- One of the best passives in game
- A very powerful AoE with a low mana cost
- A stun
- Ult prevents healing
- Great aid for team fights with his slows, stun and crazy attack speed.

Con's - Not as tough as other warriors (lower Hp)
- No CC Immunity
- Lack of escape
- Hard to play
- Harsh rotation ( if you mess up, you may die or the kill will get away)

Skill set

Osiris Skills -

Passive - If you have seen other Osiris guides then your going to now how good his passive is, and how easy it is to get it up. Osiris passive gives means that your basic attack does not have a moment penalty, it also means you can throw any object made by another player (such as Ymir wall, Odin's ring, Anhur shifting sands tower, Etc) you can also walk throw minions and players. You gain this passive by using 8 skills in any order.

Sickle Strike - this skill does not go throw minions, so using this to clear is a waste, This skill has a 55ft radius and hits the first minion or god hit. This skill does medium damage (+30% of your physical power) and applies a 20% slow for 3 seconds.

Spirit Flail - this skill deals high damage (+60% of your physical power) and gives Osiris a 30% movement speed buff, like sickle strike this applies a 20% slow to the target for 3 seconds, however if sickle strike is still effected on the target the slow in increased to 50% for 4 seconds. This skill is your bread and butter and is amazing low level for its very high power and low mana cost.

Judgement Tether - This skill deals No damage, any targets hit by this skill increase Osiris damage reduction ( damage reduction depends on the amount of people tethered) after 4 seconds all targets within a 35ft are stunned for 1.45 seconds

Lord of the Afterlife - This is a jump correct, but no. i never use this to escape, only to attack. the great thing about this skill is, even if you miss,you still get your passive out of it to chase and evade. this skill does high damage (+80% physical power), this attack roots players for 0.45 seconds and prevents them from healing for 6 seconds, this also deals high damage to any minions in the area.

Builds and Play styles

Osiris Builds - After playing Osiris for over 2 weeks now iv'e played him with many different builds and play styles.

Osiris Pure Damage build - Now when i said Osiris was hard to play... its insanely hard to play him in a pure damage build, unless you have some friends who will tank and heal for you, your gonna struggle playing Osiris like this. Life steal does help, but your lack of CC means even Ymir can kill you 1v1. I would love it if this build worked, his attack speed is crazy and him damage output is one of the best in games on this build. but he's a huge glass cannon at this point and with the lack of escape, i wouldn't go with this build if you are planning to be more than a kill stealing canon.

Osiris Bruiser build - Honestly i think this was my most successful build when playing Osiris. With items like " magi's blessing" your able to survive most hard CC's ( CC's for me where Osiris biggest downfall). With this build your damage output will be very good, with much better surviving capabilities. Now this doesn't mean you can jump into a group of bad guys swing your sickle about and expect to make it out alive, playing safer is the best way, and that stands for most gods in game.

Osiris Tanky build - I'm adding this build just so i could compare a quite tanky Osiris to other builds of Osiris. My goal with this build was to be able to be very aggressive with it, be able to survive those 2v1 fights and be able to take groups on. But no, fair to say this build doesn't work and i don't think it ever will.

Team and solo fighting

Osiris Solo - Osiris solo is a very odd play style,the way you play him is too stay away from your opponent and throw your slows until the targets hp is lower enough for you to get the kill, then jump in with your ult. While fighting him you now have to stick to him like glue, use your three and get the kill. Unlike other warriors, Osiris plays more like an Assassin, stay back use your skills and only go in the firing line when you know you can kill them.

Team play (Duo) - like i said in the beginning duo Osiris is very fun, ideal if you team mate is ranged god. Osiris really comes into play in team fights with his powerful slows, if played in the right order (Sickle Strike - Spirit Flail) you can get a 50% slow on the target, as well as these two skills doing very good damage. Osiris is like glue, he will stick to the target until they die or your ally come and gives you aid, hes very hard to run from, even if you have jumps and sprints he is a pain, Osiris's gluey-ness is what makes him very good with a ranged ally and will do very good in the lane stage.

Team play (group) - Osiris is very fun in the jungle, simply because unlike lanes there's no tower they can hide under. now this is when many players struggle playing Osiris, many people think that he is far to single target damage, but he isn't, with his four way hits and his powerful AoE slow he is ideal for group fights. but there is one more thing about Osiris that really does make him an amazing group player, and that's his three. Spirit Flail is a very nice skill, this skill with give you a nice damage reduction for 4 seconds and then stun all targets in a 35ft radios, this move not only helps you to stay alive but also helps all your team get damage out.


Summary - After playing Osiris, i really do like him. so yeah i take back what i said before , i am a bit biased but that's because he a challenge. He's skill all work with each other, and with his ranged AoE's and his attack speed+hit progression you can do damage from afar or toe-to-toe. I play Osiris as a jungler, solo or duo, because he's ideal for all of them, however from playing Osiris in all modes i have to say he is not made for Area or Assault he is very much a conquest man.

Hope you enjoyed

Hope you enjoyed my review/guide, sorry it was a bit brief this was my first. Any advise feel free to share, please correct me if i missed anything. Any people that have had experiences with Osiris please comment on play styles and builds (if you would like a build comment and i will try to send you mine)

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Raventhor (157) | July 13, 2014 2:24pm
I think this would have made a better forum thread than a guide without guide elements. There's no reason to make it into a guide.

Decent discussion, though.
HammaSmite (7) | July 13, 2014 2:17pm
And btw, it's okay to use your ult as an escape. If you are gonna die, just use it and you're gonna be home free.....maybe...if you're fast enough. :P
HammaSmite (7) | July 13, 2014 2:16pm
Yeah, I agree withe the comments above....although... you have some spelling mistakes. Not insulting, just saying. Is English not your native language? Just try to correct them. Try your best. :D
SherriffTurtle (3) | June 30, 2014 10:18pm
Wall of text. Definitely needs some bbcoding to make it pretty. The content's alright, could be better. All in all decent guide.
MafiaPledge (2) | June 30, 2014 7:34pm
The Content is great, Just need some BBCoding and it'll be better!
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