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How to Merc in conquest?

March 6, 2018 by xXTheFluffXx0
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How to Merc

Smite God: Mercury

Item Purchase Order

Here's the starting line

Build Item Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Boots
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Heavenly Wings

what are wards

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Hidden Dagger Build Item Ward

2nd back

Build Item Deathbringer Build Item 8-Pointed Shuriken Build Item Ward

Death to squishies

Build Item Wind Demon Build Item Heavy Mace Build Item Ward Build Item Sentry Ward

Here's how it should look

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Wind Demon Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Malice Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Meditation Cloak

God Skill Order

Made You Look

Made You Look 1 4 6 7 9 key bind

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity 2 8 10 11 12 key bind

Special Delivery

Special Delivery 3 15 16 17 19 key bind

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom 5 13 14 18 20 key bind

How to Merc in conquest?

March 6, 2018


Okay Welcome to the best merc bulit,built out there.. Im here to teach you how to merc the right way First lets get to know your god here mercury passive (Fastest God Alive ) Make him hit harder the more you move something like that i think i havent checked tbh. oooo And 10% of movement speed Is converted to Power okay> Moving on Mercury has <Made you look> <Maximum Velocity> < Special Delivery> As his abilities..........Ward the Jungle


Why these items are good cause right now your thinking im crazy but winddemon and deathbringer quick for the early gank kills not to metion the moment someones low thats a kill Kill=Gold Gold = More items MOre items = More damage Jotunn wrath what are you mental i can hear you say but fact of the matter is that season five said no more titans bane okay soo you just agree you dont argue the game is like that one girlfriend thats alway wants to be right ......Ward the Jungle


Lets talk Skills you dont need any because merc is ultimate but SHIFT key you want to lvl your 1 first because it triggers crt and other basic hits buffs for you and allows you too Poke out Peeps And raduis increases soo larger area of damage after that you want to Max lvl your 2 cause duh GOTTTA GOOOO F***ST your 2nd ability increases your base movent speed and you remember that passive right yup more damage next max Lvl your ult and then your 3...Ward the Jungle

Pros / Cons

High damage
Good Jungle clear
Clean up
Attack speed


There are none
Low sustain

Creeping / Jungling

okay for your start as jungle you get the basic Assasin start and teir one boots with a heavenly wings While Jungling you want to clear with your 1 while your passive is fully charged afther taking care of right jungle for the first time you go support your solo lane and help get a a early kill and if not take some relics chances are you'll also be attacked by their jungle head towards left jungle and clear middle alittle and head to red buff and purple buff pop health pot and heal a bit clear oracles and head for your speed again back when you need too you always want to clear right jungle as much as you can focus out their mid cause he well be the easiest to early game gank.Your 3 is going to be main way of helping lanes.Ward all the time

Team Work

During team battles your objective is taking out the enemy jungle and use your ult to stun 2 or 3 enemies each fight targeting squishies and taking out main damage is job every time. your pretty useless during theses fight so you gotta fight careful .Ward the jungle


IN Summary Buy wards all the time

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