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Guardian of Himinbjörg

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Smite God: Heimdallr

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Halló allir and welcome to my Heimdallr player guide! Before we discuss his kit and his general rotation, I’d like to tell you a little about his backstory.

Heimdallr is one of many prominent figures in the famous Norse Sagas such as the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda. Unlike the other Æsir Gods, he serves as the watchman of the Bifröst which is the link between the two realms Midgard and Asgard.

He signals the Gjallarhorn when invaders approach as an attempt to kill the gods. It is Heimdallr that knows when the end of days (Ragnarök) draw near and eventually meets his fate at the hands of Loki.

His abilities to see and hear are unmatched by all beings in the Nine Realms, making him the ideal protector of the gods. Hofuð helps protect him of imminent danger.


Heimdallr is a patient god which you will have to plan accordingly. With that being said, if you are playing Conquest i’d suggest investing his skill points in this order:

1 (For Wave Clear)
3 (For strategic positioning and farming appropriately) You can return to base in time for the next minion wave
2 (Additional DPS, free immunity to Hard displacement)
4 (You want to have your Ult)

In my personal order, I focus on maxing our my 1 first, then my second and finally my Ult. I don’t really bother using my 3, unless I absolutely need to.


Heimdallr is regarded as one of the highest damaging (DPS) Hunters in the game as of right now. However, that will be subjected to change if and when he receives a patch. His only WEAKNESS is having no means of escape (Gap Closer) so engage accordingly in team fights. Take advantage of your Sword to spot enemies for you as well as your team and Höfuð will serve you well.

I normally hold off on my Ult unless an enemy is around the 20% death threshold. That way you can instantly kill them.

Using your Ult can technically be used as a last resort option to buy you time to retreat if need be. Otherwise use your horn wisely!

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Guardian of Himinbjörg
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