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Fun Joust Build

August 10, 2018 by AAJR72
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Smite God: Neith

Item Purchase Order

Build Item Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Odysseus' Bow
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Wind Demon
Build Item Deathbringer

God Skill Order

Spirit Arrow

Spirit Arrow 1 4 6 7 10 key bind


Unravel 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Back Flip

Back Flip 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

World Weaver

World Weaver 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

This is for experienced players who want to try something different

Neith is a standard god for beginners, but please do not read on or use this build if you are new and want to get good at smite. This is a build that I personally like and you probably will never see and pro use this. This build is purely to have fun with the game while running through opponents. Neith is my first diamond god. I usually play with friends so there is good communication (as there should be in any game). NOT RECOMMENDED FOR RANKED.


Neith is a great team player as she can root opponents so your team can bring the pain. That certainly doesn't mean you won't be doing a lot of damage yourself.

Early game be cautious but don't be intimidated. Meaning GO FOR KILLS! That's what makes this build fun! Try to stay with your team or at least a player that can damage mitigate well. Remember if you are gonna be bold and go in make sure you save enough mana to backflip out because you're squishy as hell!

Mid-game is a good time to start setting up traps around the battlefield. By traps I mean her broken weave. These last for only a minute so don't go crazy with it, but especially on enemy pushes or counter-attacks if you already have some broken weaves down from her backflip it helps with putting a quick end to a counter, possibly countering the counter push, or just saving your *** when you need to run.

Late game is when you really start to have with it. Go in! Be bold! Make your teammates say "******* bro you wilin'". I can't tell you how many times I've two pieced squishy gods and my teammates were surprised. Have fun with the game and try out knew tactics.

Major threats are pretty much fast assassins when your 1 is down. Is an assassin like arachne gets close and she has good sustain she'll run through you if you can't root, run and 3 away.


  • Transcendence
    I almost always start with this because Neith has a very serious mana problem that will annoy not only you, but your teammates as well and the extra power is always a plus.
  • Warrior Tabi
    I don't think I need an explanation lol.
  • Odyssues' Bow
    Most people would pick Ichival for the pen and you still have that option. I like to to ody. for the extra attack speed to start annoying opponents early, plus it helps a little with lane clear so you can save your 1 for a god.
  • The Executioner
    Pretty standard on a hunter. This is where you start getting more powerful and able to keep pressure on the enemy team.
  • Wind Demon
    I build crits next cause crits along with your atk spd and pwr really run through squishy's and even some tanks.
  • Deathbringer
    This gets you up to 45 crit which is a good spot to be at.


Please don't take this guide too seriously as it is for players who just want to try something new. Please comment on how I can make this guide and future guides better! And try it before you hate on it!!

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