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Crazy Cab Builds

January 21, 2016 by walterwhiteiii
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RIP in Cab

Smite God: Ah Muzen Cab

Item Purchase Order

Quick Kills Cab

Build Item Death's Toll
Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item Heartseeker
Build Item Hastened Fatalis
Build Item Rage
Build Item Asi
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Combat Blink
Build Item Greater Sprint

Not as Squishy Cab

Build Item Death's Toll Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Hastened Fatalis Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Rage Build Item Soul Eater

God Skill Order


Hive 2 4 6 8 11 key bind


Swarm 1 7 9 13 16 key bind


Honey 3 10 14 17 19 key bind


Stinger 5 12 15 18 20 key bind

Crazy Cab Builds

January 21, 2016


Hi, this is my first build on SMITEFire so if you have any complaints or questions, please feel free to ask. These are builds I personally use for Cab. He is the strongest carry in the game if you can play him correctly. The only issue Cab faces is that he doest have an escape. This is could mean trouble for some play types, but if you can place his hives in strategic locations, there is no need for an escape.


When you start the first build, keep in mind that you might need to build decisively and on the spot. Cab is a great god for quick switches as long as you don't completely revamp him late game. Right as soon as you finish building Asi, you will sell Death's toll and start building Deathbringer. You can modify this particular build in a few ways. If you want to, you can swap out Heartseeker for Jotunn's Wrath for the extra mana and cooldown, or Winged Blade for health and cooldown. These items are situational so if you feel like you lose mana to fast, then swap to Jotunn, but if you feel like you need the extra health then winged blade is perfect.

I would only use the second build if you are facing a team with a lot of mixed damage. An example of a dangerous team combo to build this against is: Poseidon, kumbhakarna, Bastet, Chang'e, and Medusa. A team like this with a lot of stuns and damage I would use this build.


Cab's skills are not very important. The only ones I 100% use all the time are his hives. These are what make Cab the absolute monster that he is. I would consider him the best carry in the game with his hives. As I stated before, he doesn't really have an escape but you could pick some actives that can help with that, such as Blink, or Greater Sprint. I prefer Sprint due to the fact that it has a lower cooldown, and your hives and Heartseeker will make you move impossibly fast so if you add Sprint on to that you will fly. With this build, Cab will get his monster power from his basic attacks. He will shred any god that stand in his way with this build. There are very few builds that can counter this Cab build and if their whole team focus' on stopping you, then your teammates will be able to push past them and get the win.

Pros / Cons

Super fast
Very powerful
Very useful in team fights
Highest attack speed in game
Doesn't rely on mana as much as other carries

Very squishy
No escape
Can be targeted more depending on other team

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