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Cant Fight the Light - Ra Mobility Guide (Conquest)

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Smite God: Ra

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Main Build

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Book of the Dead Book of the Dead
Build Item Shield of Regrowth Shield of Regrowth
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti

More Powah

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Book of the Dead Book of the Dead
Build Item Shield of Regrowth Shield of Regrowth
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant


Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Teleport Glyph Teleport Glyph
Build Item Aegis Amulet Aegis Amulet
Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune
Build Item Shield of Thorns Shield of Thorns

Ra's Skill Order

Celestial Beam

Celestial Beam

1 X
1 3 7 10 12
Divine Light

Divine Light

2 A
4 15 16 18 19
Solar Blessing

Solar Blessing

3 B
2 6 8 11 14
Searing Pain

Searing Pain

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Good day to you, ladies and gentlemen of Smite. If you're here, you're probably here to find out what's going through my head. Or you're just looking for a Smite guide for Ra. I suppose that's just as reasonable.

This is a guide that is very useful for a person who wants to get into Ra or play Ra better. However, keep in mind, the build and guide is built for Conquest. (If you want something for Arena or Joust, lemme know, and maybe I'll be able to come up with something for you. Different Gods, even? Whatever.)

Now, keep in mind that when you're going with this guide, you're likely going on your own, be it down solo or mid.

Alright, I think that's all out of the way...

Now, it's time for everyone's dose of Vitamin D! ...struction.

It's funnier when the bird-man says it.


Okay... The build here is pretty straightforward.

1. Shoes of Focus

To start, I'm one of those crazy people that buy the Boots right away. I know about my surviveability because of it. But they're actually important at the moment. I usually go with the Focus Shoes, For a few reasons. First, they have +40 Magic Power, which is useful for some early extra damage. It also has +10% CDR, which is also useful in getting an early leg up. Along with the incredibly useful +250 Mana, you get a lot of benefits right away. I know you could make a case for Starter items, but I'm personally not a fan.

But the Boots have one other important function. In fact, it's the backbone of this build. The +18% movement speed. It comes in handy later.

2. Banecroft's Talon

This is something you're going to have to work up to as you work on your lane (I'll talk about how to play this all soon enough) but for the lowish price of 2300 total, you get some nice Lifesteal, which, in tandem with Solar Blessing, can keep you alive for quite a while. It's also going to make your Celestial Beam (Assuming it's been leveled correctly) a lot stronger. Creeps are pretty much no major issue by now. Unfortunately, it's Passive isn't as useful, with how much damage you'll be healing. But there is another item to amplify Banecroft's power...

3. Book of the Dead

Why would I put two damage items next to each other? Shouldn't I be building some kind of tank?

No. I should not.

But hey, I found a compromise.

That's right, the Book of the Dead. It has the same stats as the Banecroft's Talon, (+100 Magical Power and +20% Magical Lifesteal.) There are three main differences. One, it's more expensive at 2800 Gold. It's also giving you a very useful +200 Health. But that's not the end of the survivability help. It also has a Passive that can grant you a shield.

In other words, you're hitting hard and can now be hit hard.

4. Shield of Regrowth


Shut up and listen!

The shield is a somewhat cheap way to build up what Ra already is getting from his previous three items. Let's break it down. First, you gain more HP5 and MP5. Just a little bit. This won't help much, but it's worth mentioning.

But here's the important factors. First, it gives you another +200 Health (You are now with 400 more Health than you normally would have. Not bad for taking damage.)

I can hear you now; "Whatever! It's just more health!" But you might be missing the use of the speed the Shield gives you. First, it has an extremely useful 20% CDR. Think about this for a moment. You haven't even really been building anything for it specifically (Well, I don't) and you have 30% CDR. That's a lot of casting you can do. You'll need it.

But there's one last thing, and it builds quite well into this mobility build. By healing yourself, the passive of the Shield allows you to, for four seconds, move at the insane rate of +40% Movement Speed.



Between the Boots, your Passive (I'll tell you about how to play with that later) and that, you now zip around fast enough to make Mercury jealous.

Assume you have the boots, your Passive is at max, and you are on that little run with the Shield. You now have a +76% increased Movement speed. Catch me now, suckers! (If my calcs are correct, of course. for those of you who understand and want the normal numbers, thats a speed of 616. For the layman, standard Ra speed with no boost is 350, and with any Boots, its 413)

Now you have the ULTIMATE escape mechanism. We may be using quite a few slots, but now we're moving!

5. Valor and Chronos' Pendant.

The fifth slot is completely situational. My reason for buying one or the other is either by 1. looking at my K/D or 2. just knowing who I'm in a lane with.

But I can hear you say it first.

"Oh Magic Defense, why wont you build Magic Defense? Or Penetration? Or f***ing anything?"

In short, commonly used Gods that use magic against you are usually much less of a threat than most Warriors and some Assassins that use Psychical Attack.

Breastplate of Valor is going to be a major middle finger towards them. With the health, new defense, and speed you have, unfriendlies will really have a hard time killing you.

I guess they could call you... RA-sputin?

It's okay... I know the way to the door...

Anyway, I say go with the most expensive option because it's pretty clearly the best. CDR of 20% is useful, now making your Cooldown as fast as possible without the hastening Passive of Chronos' Pendant.

But hey, assume your common opponents are other Mages, maybe a Hunter, or something else you can probably mop the floor with. Forgo the Breastplate and pick up Chronos' Pendant. It won't give you the same Mana boost, but you gain quite a nice Magical Attack buff, allowing you to pick up the damage you didn't have yet. Also, now combined with the Shield of Regrowth and it's Passive, you have some of, if not THE fastest Cooldown reduction in the game. Hope your foes like that ult, because they'll be seeing a lot more of it.

5.5: Back to the Shoes.

Like I said, the Shoes are important to this setup. That extra Movement Speed is... shall I say, a... godsend? (I refuse to leave)

But now your Cooldown is maxed, you have an impressive Mana pool (Especially if you went with Valor) and the use of those boots is just a little lesser. Trade in the Shoes of Focus for the Shoes of the Magi. +60 Magical Power, and the same Movement Speed. Just a little more kick to your spice.

6. The Rod of Tahuti.

A.K.A. The Rod of Obscene Amounts of Damage.

Ahh, that pesky Health your opponents have. And yes, that annoyingly effective bulletproof vest against your magic (With varying levels of strong)

When this thing comes out, they'll start running.

Fortunately... you'll be able to catch them.


The Rod gives you +125 Magical Power. Now that's incredable, in it's own rite.

But there's a LOVELY and gratuitous perk to this condensed staff of damage.

In addition to any kind of Magical Power it gives you, it also increases your TOTAL by 25%. That's right. You just kicked it into overdrive. Let's assume you did this as full damage as you could (Shoes of the Magi, Banecroft's Talon, Book of the Dead, Chronos' Pendant and Tahuti) That's giving you a STUPID high number of 556.25 Magical Power from ITEMS alone.

Imagine the reciving end of that damage!


Well said.


Alright, Ra has massively useful skills. As in I use all of them and find that they have their place in the sun. (Pun intended)

Speed of Light: Every time Ra uses an Ability, his Movement speed is increased by 6%, and this stacks 3 times. If a new ability is not used within 12 seconds, the effect fades. This is a massive part of Mobility Ra, as this, with his Shoes, make him fast.

Celestial Beam: This is your main source of damage, and also your main way of killing off creeps. It's an ever so useful attack, and it's only major downside is the fact that it takes so long to move. But there are few greater satisfactions as Ra than to see an entire wave of minions mowed down by one beam. (Or when you kill a God with this by predicting their movements. That's always fun.)

Divine Light: Other than serving as your Flashbang grenade when you get in trouble, it also does minor damage, and you can cast other spells while Divine Light is charging. But otherwise... what's the big use?

Well, because this is a mobility set that centers around constant casting, and any of those other abilities should really be on standby at all times, it makes sense, in a way, that the skill you'd normally use the least you just spam at this point. It's also likely not going to be upgraded beyond level one for the majority of the game, so it would barely drain any Mana to get Ra moving. Don't believe me? Try it yourself, keep that Divine light up mid-late game. You'll be so much faster.

Solar Blessing: Ah, the ultimate 'tip the scales' of a Minion fight. Just drop it in the zone, and you pretty much become the inevitable victor. Other than healing Minions, it also provides additional Protections, from 10 at the first level to 30 at max. Oh yeah, and it damages the enemy back.

But of course, the Gods are not exempt from the luxuries of those precious Protections and ever so useful healing. Once up to level 4 and 5, you can pretty much not even have to worry about going back to the Fountain, unless to buy or replenish Mana (But, then, that's what Meditation Cloak is for)

One other noteworthy thing is how strong it is for early-game push. It can turn a large swordsmsn into an actual tank. Under Solar Blessing, right in front of the tower, it can outlast you under the tower's fire by like... double the amount of time you could last.
In other words, its a great way to put in a few hundred of points of damage in on the tower early.

Oh, Ra's ultimate. How I love you so.

While not being the insane powerhouse of a move most people expect, it's secured more kills than I can count. Note to those people who want to counter Ra. If you're running away from me at low Health and I'm at LEAST Level 5, have the common decency to not run in a straight line. Seriously, c'mon. At least try a Serpentine or something.

But yeh... Searing Pain can look at your opponents Health bar, and say "You know, there's too many digits here. Let's try and cut that down a notch."

Sure, it'll take a decade just to charge up, but after that, its pretty much an instant straight-shot.

But while you're waiting, you might say such phrases as "I've seen DEAD HOUSES MOVE FASTER THAN THIS"


It all begins on the Character select. You better get that cursor on the chat and call either solo or mid as fast as you possibly can. Then select Ra. Unfortunately, because of some of the jags that play Conquest, you shouldn't lock it in.

Assuming you can get your team to co-operate, then you should Lock In and get ready. As soon as the game starts, you should go and grab those Shoes and Meditation Cloak as quickly as you can. This is made much easier if you decided to get a Custom Build on Ra. You can find it in the Gods section on the Main screen before you hop into a match. Just look at Ra and open it up, it should be the bottom-most tab.

Anyway, you'll wanna head down the lane you called. If you ask my opinion, while you can rock the solo lane, I tend to have better games down mid. Maybe it's a personal thing. I can confirm a few things, however.

Headed down solo, you're likely going to meet face-to-face with a strong Psychical that also understands what bulk is. Think Tyr and Hercules. (In fact, Tyr seems most common, and with good reason. It's a pain to kill him.)

Jungler also will likely be near by, so watch your back for Awilix, Loki, Fenrir, Thanatos, and other such unpleasant Gods. Awilix and Loki actually seem to be the most used there, but that one varies a lot more.

However, assume you are going down mid. You are more likely going to run into a mage. I've seen a lot of different ones, but it seems some common choices are Zeus (Probably smart) Poseidon (Definitely smart) And Scylla (Arguably smart) Fortunately for you, these guys shouldn't give you too much hell, as they will likely be building as much damage as you.

So now it's just up for you to be better :3

I digress.

Your main focus should be the minions. Your Celestial beam is fantastic for clearing the lane. Even early on, two beams and they're all evaporated. Even if it's a stupid choice, I don't believe in Jungle Camps. So just stay in your lane, if you're like me, and fry yourself some minions.

Or go for a Jungle Buff. I'm not the end-all be-all. Just expect to lose a little ground.

Just work towards Banecroft's Talon. It'll give you some extra oomph early on.
Oh yeah, and you want to get that Solar Blessing early. It's useful for the minions.

A great thing to do early on (especially if you're down Solo, because you're opponent is likely a warrior and they stand right in the middle of the minions) is use one of your beams on the enemy God. This becomes important in an early push.

Ra doesn't put out the sort of damage that can be ignored. If you place your shots while also taking care of minions, as soon as a big creep on your side rolls around, you can charge and take out some of the health on the tower.

A good Ra can be the first to damage a tower, and should be the first to take one out, too. He's classified as a "Pusher" for a reason. Of course, you should be trying to stay alive, but don't feel too bad if you go down once or twice early on.

Consider that the enemy does get alerted when their tower is under fire. and when you're on your own (ESPECIALLY down mid), it could very well call the entire team on your @$$, and any time, even that early, this can spell THE END in bold letters. Like just then.

That should really cover the early game. Push up. Force you enemies back. Farm XP and Gold from their minions, until you can take out their first tower. Again, if you're any good, it should take you a few minutes. Then, if you have a chance of some kind, and your team needs help or could just use the assistance elsewhere, you should go and help those pushes. This is not as viable in mid, but down solo, it's surprisingly easy to become the Boogeyman.

The mid game is a lot more God on God fighting for you. You'll be ambushed, and fight some warriors and other mages head on. In the end, your main goal should be to push up to their pheonix quick as possible without losing too much of your own tower(s).

Now, if they aren't considering surrender, then now is probably a good time to get into some fights and help the team out. Early Conquest is easy to get orders for and carry them out, but every match is different due to the inevitable melting of lanes, as I call it.

You just need to be dealing your damage, doing your job, getting some kills. There is no specific action to be taking. Just whatever you can to help your team. I mean, that's all I can really recommend for the mid game.

So to pass the time until late game, let's go over some tips in general to do well in the mid.


1. Push up a lane without attacking a structure if you're already doing well on the lane (Ex. when you've destroyed both towers down solo but don't have any help for the phoenix)
This will net you Gold and XP, as well as giving that lane a small period of security. Ra is one of the fastest pushers when it comes to just minions. Dont worry, it'll give you time.

2. If there's one lane where your team is outnumbered or is getting hammered by attacks, go over and help that lane. Due to the usual competence of mid, this will likely be the duo lane, in which case a flank would greatly benefit you and your team. Usually, you can get some tower damage and maybe a kill, if you manage to run off the enemy well enough

3. If you get in trouble, it's important to remember just how fast you can move. Use Divine Light to keep your passive going, and when you're running from someone, drop down a Solar Blessing in your path. Not only does this temporarily turn you into The Flash (Or Mercury, I suppose.) It heals you and usually forces your opponents to make a small detour.

4. Don't act dumb. Seriously, this is the most stupid easy thing to do. (Unintentional pun, that time) Don't pick a close quarters fight with Kali in the Jungle or try and blind Jing Wei by running into her line of fire with Divine Light. Just... I can only carry you so far with this. Use common sense, please.

5. Finally, for the last tip of surviving the mid game, get together with your team when they're assembling! You may be a useful loner, but when you show up with the team, you bring something to the table, and sometimes that's unexpected. You'll know when the time is right.

Now it's time for the late game. You've (hopefully) made it to where you took out most of their towers if not all, they have taken a few of yours, maybe, and you're near full power. Your team will likely congregate down mid, and this is a good time to have your ult ready. Winging someone is worth it, or even getting them weakened for your team to finish off. At the very least, they'll have enough trouble to have to make an early retreat.

It can also be used to chase the enemy. Fun kills when your opponent is busy trying to get away from the stuff at close range.

In the end, you hopefully push up to their middle phoenix. The next phoenix should probably be the one guarding solo. By then, you should back up and let that work its course. This is where you should just stick with your team. If you die, push up a lane, get yourself some of the last levels.

If you have any defense problems, you are the prime candidate to put an end to that. Recall to the fountain or use the Glyph to get back on the new battlements.

You should be there for the final push for the Titan. Don't be too afraid to use your ult, it will take off a good chunk of the Titan's health. If nothing else, Celestial Beam is also useful, and that Level 5 Solar Blessing can be a useful tool for combating the damage the Titan puts down on you and your friends.

Maybe you won, maybe you lost. But I'm hoping you had a good game.

Pros / Cons


-Crazy Offensive Output
-Seriously. It moves really fast
-Awesome survivability
-A lot less spongy than most other Ra
-Good range on attacks
-Extreme pushing power / Good for destroying objectives
-Decent team player when necessary, but is good on his own


-Still sorta squishy, direct fights are a trouble
-Mana hungry
-Little to No support from teammates (Lone Wolf)
-(Specifically for this set) No penetration, high number dependent
-Slow abilities, be it from a chargeup or their sluggish traveling speed
-No Magical Defense buffs from items (For this set and most others)


In the end, just try it out and see how it works. It's led me to my fair share of wins,and it's been lovely to use.

Be smart, be good, and go get 'em! I'll be cheering for you!

I'll see you on the battlefield. *winks*

TailRadish is a SMITE player that has been playing since around 2013-2014 (He doesn't remember himself) because he was invited to play something with a good friend of his. Though he's been in and out for the past few years, he continues to enjoy SMITE to this day, racking up the hours. He finally can consider himself "Alright" at the game. When he's not making a bird-man or a nearly nude archer fight for his amusement, he's generally writing stories and playing OTHER games.

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Cant Fight the Light - Ra Mobility Guide (Conquest)
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