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Artemis Joust Build

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Smite God: Artemis

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Artemis is one of my favorite hunters. She can be a huge game changer in one instant. Artemis features a wide variety of possibilities that can be done with her. Artemis has a passive that is one of my very favorite out of all the gods, probably besides Lokis BTB Damage boost. Artemis' Passive is that she gains a critical strike chance buff on every successful basic attack. It's a 5% Buff on every hit, it stacks up to 3 times. Her first ability is the Transgressors Fate, it is a trap which will root enemy gods to the ground, but keep in mind that even though they are trapped they can still use basic attacks to kill or damage you. One great part of her trap is the it has DOT(Damge over Time), even when they have escaped the trap, it still does damage for a second after escaping it. Her second ability is the Vengeful Assault, this ability buffs Artemis' Attack Speed ,Movement Speed, and Damage. In my opinion this is her best late game ability. Her third ability is Supress the Insolent,it is a overhead volley of 20 arrows or so creating an AOE effect which damages and slows all enemys in the radius of the volley, but n my opinion best early game ability for getting poke damage, eliminating minion waves, and slowing and killing escaping enemies. Her fourth and final ability is Calydoniam Boar which sets you and your whole team up for many kills. She sends out her boar which can hit enemy's which stuns and cripples them giving you the ability to do massive damage while taking none in return.

Pros and Cons/ Combos

Pro- Artemis is great for dealing damage to enemy gods, minions, and especially towers.

Con- Artemis has a huge issue with her that everyone who plays as her faces. Artemis does not have an escape like Neith's back flip or Anhurs Jump

Combos-There are many combos that can be performed with her, for example if say an enemy runs into your trap that you place on the ground you could do high damage with the vengefull assault or with the Calydoniam boar to stun and cripple them, then you could either follow it with basic attacks or your third ability. Once you play as her you can form your own combo or change the items as you wish.

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Bigsmile | August 6, 2015 2:00am
It simply explains the abilities of artimes and gives no hints on how to effectivly play her so this is pretty much worthless since you will get the same info by just looking at her abilities. and why call this a artimes joust build when theres no build or even mentioning of playstyle for a joust game? :p
Spukky | August 5, 2015 4:43am
Not realy a guide. Doesnt give any real help.
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Artemis Joust Build
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