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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Artemis Is the Most OP Character Period

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Smite God: Artemis

Build Guide Discussion (25) More Guides

Purchase Order

Mid Lane

Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Qin's Blades Qin's Blades
Build Item Qin's Blades Qin's Blades
Build Item Qin's Blades Qin's Blades
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Golden Bow Golden Bow
Build Item Golden Bow Golden Bow
Build Item Golden Bow Golden Bow
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet

Artemis's Skill Order

Transgressor's Fate

Transgressor's Fate

1 X
4 15 16 18 19
Vengeful Assault

Vengeful Assault

2 A
2 8 10 11 14
Suppress The Insolent

Suppress The Insolent

3 B
1 3 6 7 12
Calydonian Boar

Calydonian Boar

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


My name is Doom and I've played Artemis in over 300 games. In said games I only lost about 7 times because my teammates were complete ****/leavers. Artemis is by far the most powerful mid laner. The only characters that can give me any trouble is a good Anhur, Ao Kuang, and Agni. Ao Kuang quickly becomes not an issue when I hit lvl 5. Anhur can be tricky because his ult really hurts if he nails you. Agni is impossible though as his meteors are just too potent against this build, if they have a mid agni, abort mid and go lane with a partner.

Anyways I am revealing my secret guide because I'm TIRED of seeing people play Artemis so ****tily. I mean life steal as your second item? Your damage and attack speed aren't strong enough to make a freaking difference yet! I'm hoping that with this released I can trust more of my allies to play Artemis so I can try winning on other Gods.

Anyways this is a work in progress and I will update it with more colors and **** later. It is the best Artemis build hands down. I've gotten plenty of 21/0/4's with it and even some 43/3/7's.

My best i believe was 49/1/10. It was 4 v 5 and they just did not want to quit, so I sat in their base and played with them when they respawned.

Things I will add:
More Color
Skill Sequence Section: (explain what to do against enemies with bead purification/leaps)
Compare Artemis vs. Other Gods (Which gods you can beat easy, which are more troublesome)
Teamwork section (What gods you combo fantastically with)

Pros / Cons

Extreme DPS
Can down a tower like it's nobody's business
Late game can jungle everything in under 2 seconds.
Can solo harpy easily by fifth item and fire giant when complete
Super ganky with skill synergy

Can have mana issues if you suck at efficiency
Thorns armor is the bane of Artemis' existence

Skills Explained in Detail

Passive Still Target: This is the best passive in the game. Getting 5% crit per attack up to 15% is ridiculous and all your items synergize with it. It's why you get attack speed FIRST and then boost crit. This build thrives off this.

Transgressor's Fate
I see so many people use this poorly.
First of all, I don't plant it at all early game, waste of precious mana. You use it right after hitting them with your boar so that they are trapped, then pop your attackspeed buff and finish them off. Later in the game if i don't feel like leaving mid what I'll do is plant 2 next to each other in the left jungle, and one just in the middle of the lane. Then I'll hug the left side of mid lane. This means if a gank comes from the right side i just run through my traps on the left and escape, and if I get pushed hard from north I can just run south through the one trap i put in the middle. It seems like a small difference but making them run around it has often bought me the precious little range difference i needed to avoid their shots.

Vengeful Assault
I also see idiots use this poorly as well. There are only 2 situations to use this spell.
After stunning/snaring a God and ganking them, or when jungling/tower-phoenix killing/harpy-giant killing. Don't use it to kill off soldiers/archers, don't use it to harass. It's an amazing spell but your mana is low. If you get meditation later you can use it more freely but I only get that ability late game.

Suppress the Insolent
People suck at this one as well.
First of all never ever ever ever use it at rank 1 unless the enemy is really stupid and you know you can get a kill off them with it. Or use it to scare the **** out of them before the game starts then back and get your mana recharged. I only start using this at rank 3-4 because it lets me take out enemy archers quickly. THIS IS ESSENTIAL IN MID. If you can wipe out the enemy archers while the soldiers are still up, you can basically force the enemy caster to back away, losing exp and gold from the soldier's killing eachother. Sometimes I won't attack the soliders at all, letting them reach my archers so the enemy pushes in a bit, then take our their archers and go for the gank. Of course also use it in a chase, the slow makes a difference.

Kalydonian Boar

Items explained - This Item set-up is like psychological warfare

My item section is not up for debate. It works against every enemy set up. The only thing I ever do differently is if I'm not in Mid I'll get 1 rank of boots and 1 rank of executioner to start, then finish off the executioner before boots.

This whole build utilizes your passive, Still Target, is by far the most powerful in this game. 15% crit chance bonus at level 1 and forever afterwards is amazing. This means that Artemis benefits MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE from crit chance, attack speed, and Death Bringer's unique bonus: Crit Damage.

People who get life steal as their second, third, or even fourth item should be slapped in the brain. Your damage output and constant attack speed are too slow for it to save you in any fight. So let's get on with it:

1.Warrior Tabi
This is basic. Boots = Run speed = Chase enemies to their death. You get attack speed and crit chance and physical power. It synergizes perfectly with your passive.

2. Executioner
This item is amazing, especially early game. It gives you more damage and a good amount more attack speed than your boots do. That's great in of itself, but let's take a look at it's unique ability: -20 enemy armor per hit, stacks 3 times. Funny, your passive crit chance bonus stacks 3 times as well. That means the moment you maximize your crit chance you'll have minimized their armor as well.
Let me explain 2 more things in further length.
1. All Gods have some innate physical armor. This means that this item will enable you to do more damage than just from the physical damage buff EVEN IF YOUR ENEMY HAS 0 ARMOR ITEMS.
2. -60 armor is a ****-ton early game. That's removing armor boots 3 and a rank 2 armor item completely. This will make your ganks super effective.

3. Qin's Blades This Item is where the psychological warfare begins. First of all, it's amazing without it's bonus. It gives you 150 life, 25% attack speed, and 30 more damage. That's more attack speed than from executioner and now you will be tearing things up. Once you get this item you should steal jungle buff whenever you have a chance. But it's bonus: 30% chance to do 10% of enemy health as magical damage. This makes me laugh so hard. If an enemy god has 1000 hp you might get an EXTRA 100 damage as MAGICAL DAMAGE done to them. And at your attack speed this will happen, a lot. Here is why it's really psychological warfare: If your enemies had any brains they'd try to stack up even more physical armor against your executioner, but with this you can go in for another gank and they will see that their armor made NO difference. If anything, because their armor usually gives health as a bonus, you might end up doing MORE damage to them.

4. Death Bringer
It is at this item's completion that you should completely abandon your lane and kill everything as time efficiently as you can. I weave in and out of all 3 lanes ganking, jungling the speed buffs, attack buffs, defense, health and mana, and decimate everything. With it's 20% critical strike chance, you will have 41% crit chance when you have 3 stacks of your passive. Your crits also do 50% more damage now, which is the real killer. This is where I 3 shot people, this is where people rage quit. Why get it now? Psychological warfare: First, it's more effective now that you are shooting faster. More hits, more crits. 2. This item adds a lot more damage, no attack speed, so before where enemies ran from you because you hit them so much, now they will literally have their mouth drop open because you deal so much damage.

5. Golden Bow This is really a sweet item to follow death bringer. It'll give me another 10% crit, ensuring that I crit pretty much half the time, and it gives me faster run speed and AOE damage! The AOE damage is the best. At this point I do not spend ANY mana jungling or laning. I can take out all 3 archers in 1.2 seconds, I can take out jungle buffs at the same speed. There is no reason to use your spells for anything but killing gods now and towering. :] At this point you should solo gold harpy.

6. Devourer's Gloves
This item is the ultimate psychological warfare. Why lifesteal last? Multiple reasons: It is most effective now that you have all your other damage bonuses and attack speed bonuses, your enemy thinks you have forgot about life steal at this point in the game so the fact that it gives you almost infinite sustain and tankiness will break their will, and getting 40 stacks is NOTHING this late in the game. The moment you get this up to 3 you can solo the fire giant no problem with just rapid fire and supress the insolent.

More notes on Devourer's Gloves:
With it you can now tank enemy spells that you could not tank before.
Anubis' Ultimate: It locks him in place while casting it making him the perfect punching bag. If he missed his snare and is using it on you, just rapid fire and you'll kill him before he finishes, you'll barely lose 25% hp thanks to life steal.

Odin's Ultimate: Trapped in a ring of spears? Well if he has no back up from allies you can literally just face him with rapid fire. He just made his own circular grave!
Sobek's Ultimate: What people don't realize is you can still shoot him while he's underwater. Just shoot the red circle that represents him and he'll be dead before his ult even comes up.
Bastet's Ultimate: Run the frick away. It'll block your shots and the cats just have too much life after buff.
Vamana's Ultimate: You should be far ahead of him in gold/items so you will be able to just shoot him in the face until he catches up in gold/levels.
Anhur's Ultimate: So long as you aren't hit by stun first and you are ahead of him by a couple thousand gold you should be able to tank with rapid fire.


Artemis doesn't need to waste items on abilities. You should spend gold on strengthening your character via items, I get abilities last. However, if the enemy team has lots of stuns/CC and is trying to gank, get beads as soon as they do unless you can survive their pathetic attempts to kill you without BoP.

Aegis Amulet: **** item, ****pier on Artemis. It's only good on tanks who are trying to absorb tons of ultimate attacks. On you however enemies will just come close to you after your use of it then finish you off. You lack the defense to utilize this item well. Never ever ever get it.

Hand of the Gods: No. Never. No. Nope. Don't even consider it. You can destroy jungles fast enough without it.

Meditation: Great item on Artemis. I usually opt for it and sprint after I get my last item. It basically means you'll never have to go back to town again since you can just kill buffs with your life steal to heal.

Sprint: Fantastic Item, faster than Heavenly Agility and lasts longer but much longer cool down. Since I'm usually so far ahead of my allies I prefer to get Sprint because they aren't usually near me to benefit from Heavenly Agility, but I like Heavenly Agility's lower cool down. Sometimes I don't get Meditation and get HA and Sprint instead.

Beads of Purification: As I said, if they are super stunny get it, but I try to avoid this if I can help it. Usually I can get my allies to soak up the stuns for me.

Creeping Curse vs. Heavenly Agility: -35% movespeed for them or for you and your allies. I always do Heavenly Agility. Creeping Curse is horrible because they can just use BoP to remove it's effect. They can't remove your Heavenly Agility though so it's a much better item choice IMO.

Team Work

I'll list gods you work well with. Technically YOU work well with every single god because you have a snare, a slow and a stun. But I'm going to list EVERY god and how you work with them.

Good Gods
Ares: This Bronie is your best friend. He's a tank, he will get auras that benefit you, he has a really long lasting slow, and his ultimate can pull enemies into your ultimate or directly into your vinetrap. When I play with ares in a lane I set up all my vine traps sporadically in the lane so he can easily ult people into them. With this I don't even need to use my boar to get an ult and I can save it for a harder target.

Odin: A bad Odin will break you but a good one will make you. A bad odin traps you in his ult with an enemy while you are low on hp. A good odin does it when you're ready to rock. Mostly though his ability to buff your attack speed some ridiculous 65% will make you down towers/phoenixes faster than ANYTHING else. I swear when I'm buffed odin + artemis pushes so hard it's stupid.

Ymir Another favorite of mine to lane with, over Ares even. Ares slow is nice but Ymir's wall is easier to pull off and it outright stops gods in their tracks. He's more likely to save your *** from a gank and to help you gank. He can freeze gods in place and then you can use your vinetrap directly on them and then he can use his ult. It's hilarious. You have so many combos together, to gank and to harass.

Hades Not as good as the rest but his ult can hold enemies in place for you if they don't have an escape and his ability to silence enemies and teleport can help save your *** a bit.

Bad Gods:
Agni, Ao Kuang, Ra, Vamana, He Bo. I remember saying that you synch well with everyone, which is true, but these gods are bad because they will get more minion kills than you early game and they don't really help you gank so much as you help them gank.

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CakeSlapping (29) | March 29, 2016 6:23am
This guide is 4 years old btw... And the last comment was 2 years ago...

You should check the dates on the guides you're looking at, as there are much more up to date ones you could look at
Novaultima | March 29, 2016 4:54am
Well, since he seems like he don´t want to prove it, I think his claim is utterly bs.

I believe him that he is good and this guide is okay, but Artemis is by far not as op as other gods. You can success easy with Artemis and carry the team here and there if you aren´t bad, but if you playing with team mates on the same skill level, then the other 2 will get more kills usually.

I don´t know if they nerfed Artemis since this guide got created, but Artemis actually does way lower damage than most gods with effective builds. Though her damage is one of the most constant and it´s on high range.

Basically that means Artemis does smaller damage than most others, but hits fast and constant - which makes her good but kills are reither luck based and dependable on others skill level. Ofc it depends on playstyle, some will get more and others less kills, but Artemis is a good constant HP downer(on the enemys) anyway.

I watched even many videos from good players(even if it was kinda selfclaimed) to selfconfirm that my thoughts are right. I barely saw any great damage numbers or bursts compared to most other gods.

Obviously I also tried every possible build yet with Artemis and even with her great skill passive she does lower damage than many other gods.

So in short: She is a good god, but by far not OP, not even the slightest bit. It´s also a noob filter, that I have to agree on.
HoustonD | February 21, 2014 9:11am
All4Games wrote:

bloodthirster... you are both tired and have played to much LoL raze XD

but yeah. Houston it will help you to look for updated guides if you check dates of guides.

didn't see the age of the guide. :-) was just browsing when someone sent me the guide to ask what I thought.

but yeah ok, makes more sense now if its more than a year old :-P

but still many of my points, items and advices are valid for players browsing for Artemis, as my opinion to add different items and tactics should be provided for different opponents and situations.

Also that he should provide proper proof of his so called claims in form of the name for the account where he have 293 wins out of 300 battles. im a good Artemis player, and many battle I carry the team, but I still only have 60% win rate. to often does teams skill level, team composition as well as game mode and luck come into play.

RazeMage wrote:

And after all, Artemis was the only hunter, before anhur and cupid

well it was made after Anhur since he mentions that coming up against Anhur is a problem for Artemis in his guide. :-)

but as i said before, i didn't see the age off the guide.
All4Games (54) | February 21, 2014 7:32am
RazeMage wrote:

Excuse me houston, but this guide is more than a year old, so it is oudated, there was no Bloodthirster or Asi and some items were not viable aka fatalis. And after all, Artemis was the only hunter, before anhur and cupid

bloodthirster... you are both tired and have played to much LoL raze XD

but yeah. Houston it will help you to look for updated guides if you check dates of guides.
RazeMage (58) | February 21, 2014 7:06am
Excuse me houston, but this guide is more than a year old, so it is oudated, there was no Bloodthirster or Asi and some items were not viable aka fatalis. And after all, Artemis was the only hunter, before anhur and cupid
HoustonD | February 21, 2014 6:55am

first its a fairly good build - but with a big but.
everyone play differently and thus there should be recommended items for different playing styles as well as items and tactics for facing different gods.

for example.
Fatalis - is excellent against Agni to move away from his ults, as well as closing in on other high dmg players to quickly get the proper kills and hunting people down.

Asi - This item compliments her so much. it doesn't have attack power but offers 15% penetration, insane attack speed(30% higher than executioner and blades), and insane life steal which helps a lot with sustainability against gods like Zeuz, Ao, Agni and especially Aphro whom is deadly against Artemis.

Rage - this also compliments her very well, good power, attack speed, great crits(best out there), and for higher single target push, then you can get malice. this will offer insane amount of crits together with Deathbringer.

Bloodforge - Often better than gloves for several reason. 1. for those playing assault then gloves isn't available(banned). secondly due to the insane amount of attack speed, with its stacks it offers higher lifesteal. 40 power, and 20% life steal. passive: 5 stacks each gives 5 power and 2% life steal, meaning 65 power and 30% life steal when killing people where gloves give 30 power, 10 life steal, passive: 60 stacks with 0.5 power per stack and 0.25% lifesteal per stack = 60 power and 25% life steal. can mix it up depending on where you play, and who you are up against. e.g. mid lanes and situations where there is tons of minions to keep your Bloodforge stacks up then its better than gloves, or when there is lots of down time. lane shifting, jungling then gloves is better.

Brawlers beatstick
- Offers great amount of penetration as well as great power and reduced healing. this item is great if team have tons of warriors, guardians, and high sustain gods.

Focused Voidblade - is superb with high penetration, good power, and physical protection against teams with Ah Muzen Cab, Cupid or skilled Apollo players. will give you the extra edge with your crits, speed, life steal and your boar.

Frostbound Hammer - Great if your chasing and hunting down high sustain players. especially if you are duo laneing with someone. also offers extra health since Artemis is rather squishy.

in other words i could go on about items that is good in different situations.
though i agree, her core build should always contain: Warriors Tabi, Qin's Sais, and Deathbringer + either golden bow, or rage/malice depending on playing style. top op with either penetration or executioner, and end with lifesteal.
but note the order in which you get different the different items all depends on who you are facing. where you are facing them, and how.
Assault - you should focus more on sustain since you can't get back to base. e.g. getting Asi as second item after Warriors Tabi. the attack speed complements her passive, and life steal offers sustain, and while the penetration means you don't feel the lack of power on the item since others also have a hard time getting back etc. and then you get crits + Deathbringer + power later.

Duo Lane - i would say get your Qin's as second, life steal on third, and move on to Crits and Deathbringer from there due to sustain and speed is needed in duo fight.

Lastly you do come of as a douche. also if your track record is so good as you claim, then give your account name to the account you have with that track record. if you don't, then i call BS as many others.

Have fun playing one of the best ADC's in the game. she is a true hunter - squishy, but deadly. ;-)

have fun Smiters
undinee | January 30, 2013 11:03am
adoomgod wrote:
My name is Doom and I've played Artemis in over 300 games. In said games I only lost about 7 times

In this sentence you clearly stated that your name was "Doom" which is attributed to your account name I presume, or is it your real name? Pfft.

You clearly are a self-absorbed person, bragging about your skill. Typical douchebag.
And then you've claimed that you HAVE played, which means UP TO NOW you've played. Basic present perfect grammar. You didn't add "since" to your sentence, which means from your birth you have played over 300 games and have lost about 7 times. Which is of course if it's not a mark up, it's pure bullsh*t.

Bye2, douche.
Shadowlinkds | January 20, 2013 4:34pm
Thank You for the Guide. I just started playing 2 days ago and after trying out your build today, I was able to get a score of 27 to 3 in Arena and was able to kill Fire Giant on my own in Conquest.

Your advice is helpful and that's all I care about.
Tukuto | December 12, 2012 5:22am
i like the guide, i do but ive never really been that good with artemis at all for some reason and her skills are reletively easy to use, maybe its coz my build contained life steal in the 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th slots, i might try this god next time with this build and see wether it improves my performance, also i do not respect what others are saying to yuu about being a douch, if your a douch i dont care thats your bussiness, i dont reletivly like people that are full of them selves that much but no, yuu are not perfect because you are mainly good at a certain character as is many people,and then more people are more proffessional, being better at a certain class.

theres to much negetivity that this guide has obtained and its not comforting to see such people being so harsh.

(judge me of you wish i will be sure to anser back if you do tho)
GxArchery | December 12, 2012 4:08am
and for this guide, it's not a bad guide. just that you need to talk about how you survive in early game. since you are getting lifesteal last, it may be hard to sustain in lane for long in early game.
GxArchery | December 12, 2012 4:07am
Unid wrote:

This is weak..
By creating new accounts all the time you start at "novice matches", were people just started playing. I once played my mate's account, at novice. Went 26-1 or something like that, people at novice don't know how to play the game yet. I carried a whole team, and at that time i was about level 13 on my on.

btw. Isn't multi-acc illegal?

well i would say you are kind of wrong. not entirely wrong, but not entirely right either. i 3 accounts. and in novice match, not all the people there are new. a lot of the games i've been in novice. there are at least 1 or 2 people are smurfers. and sometimes, i either do very well or do very poorly in novice match because of those smurfers. and the reason i have 3 accounts, the first one when i was very new to the game. very newbish. and after being more familiar with the game, i created a second account and got a god pack. why second account? because i had a bad reputation on my first account. a lot of lose. and for my third account, i use it to train with other gods, trying out new build etc. BUT, on low level normal conquest( lvl 6-10). why dont i use practice mode? doesn't help much. it only lets you try out new builds and get more familiar with the god. it doesnt help to make you get better with your god because the ai of the manticore is easy to kill. rather get to low level normal conquest to train.
Bicoastalshrimp (1) | October 26, 2012 5:35am
Not a bad guide, but you're assuming everyone will just not die, and kill everyone that comes close. There is no way an Artemis could stand-up to an AD Odin inside his spears. She would die within 5 seconds. Not a bad guide, just very presumptuous.
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