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Ares Supp Damage Build S2 League

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Smite God: Ares

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League: Health DMG

Build Item Traveler's Shoes Traveler's Shoes
Build Item Sovereignty Sovereignty
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus
Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff
Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Hand Of The Gods (Old) Hand Of The Gods (Old)
Build Item Greater Blink Greater Blink
Build Item Watcher's Gift Watcher's Gift

Ares's Skill Order



1 X
1 4 6 7 9
Bolster Defenses

Bolster Defenses

2 A
2 8 14 15 16
Searing Flesh

Searing Flesh

3 B
3 10 11 12 13
No Escape

No Escape

4 Y
5 17 18 19 20

Understanding the Art of Ares

Now to begin, when I first started on the quest for Diamond Ares purely and mostly through league than most games, it was difficult. But the best surprise is, that most enemy teams will waste burning down other Guardians like Athena, Sylv, and Ymir for their banning requests which gives you the advantage of more options for meta combos.

Now why would you want to pick Ares as a guardian? He doesn't provide any AoE healing, he doesn't have stuns like Bacchus, or even has the freezes like Ymir. So why on earth do you ever pick him? Simply put.... there's no escape and I don't just mean the Ultimate either. There is a reason he is considered the God of War, and feared by all when entered into the battlefield. People FEAR me when I go in once they find I can take 2 on at a time or combo'd with a decent ADC, or an Assassin.

With this build and art form you'll be mastering the battlefield and slaughtering your enemies with your chains.

Before we go into the Build, let's focus on the art form of Ares. Ares' chains is the most valuable damage and undeniably the most effective Ares has. Matter fact if you don't get any chains off, well you're almost worthless in the field. So you're completely reliant on this.

Typically most build require some CD reduction, although I would advice that yes it may be nice on the quickness of letting your chains out and quickly using your No Escape ability, you want to sacrifice that for more Health, and Damage. What you do to get your chains ready, is by dodge tanking. You want to use that spare time besides burning your victims to the ground, is dodge tanking, make unpredictable movements. This I cannot teach you and is only purely skilled by each player. Once you master this, Ares is even more dominate in the battlefield.

You ALWAYS want to level your chains first, this is what does by far the most damage. Next will be your number 3 ability, burning flesh, and then your number 2 bolstering defenses. Mainly keep your No Escape for Utility then level up whilst up to 20 at end game.

The best about Ares is that, "You know those little bastards that keep getting away with the really low health and you just can't get them? Yeah, your the one that satisfies everyone's wants by completely stomping them into the ground. Remember Janus portalling away? Not anymore, remember Thor ganking and running away? Not anymore." Unfortunately you cannot chain certain characters ults such as Apollo, Ratataskr,(if spelled correctly)
or some others I cannot name top of my brain.

Now I will go into detail of each item to get and how you can also alternate into other items as well. I will also explain that although his passive is nice, you can easily change out that passive for a more diverse Ares and Fearful towards all enemies.

Early Game: Staying Safe, Play Smart

This is where we are tricking the individual that you are weak and non-aggressive, also by plainly playing safe. You are a considerably weak god at this point of the game. Saving gold, attacking smartly and playing safe is complete key. Coordinate with your ADC how your ambushes will be as well. Typically Save mana for bolstering defenses every once in a while and chaining them when close to your tower.

THE WATCHERS GIFT: This typically is something an Ares ALWAYS needs in Conquest. Ares is very gold hungry, and to be on top of your game you need that gold. On here they haven't updated it lately, but Watchers gift gives you +30 gold for a hit on the god. So you are constantly supplied.
I don't request that you build any pure defense at beginning game purely because Ares needs the gold early, even if you are super skilled, chances are that other player will counter you especially Ymir, or Athena. You want to play safe, unless you have a decent and aggressive ADC that can dodge tank for you.
SAFE early game is recommended. Plus those minions hurt quite a bit.

THE TRAVELERS SHOES: I highly recommend getting this, they will tremendously help you in early game to late game. The Speed when in non-combat and the health regen will help when you're in early defenses, including surprise ganking mid or occasionally chasing down that tricky jungle. This is a great great combo with Greater Blink.
You need the speed as well to dodge whilst going towards your enemies, want to make sure you're flawless before blinking in with Greater.

SOVEREIGNTY: I typically recommend this just because it's good early cheap defenses that are for both Physical and a bit of Magical, plus the Aura DPS passive Ares has +30 power for every aura. Not only is that a bit of a benefit, but typically ADC's, if good ones, it will at least be ready for the damage they can give you.
It's a good solid one, if it's reversed and for some reason there's more magic in the field and the Physical players are doing worse, well then change it for the Heartward Amulet.

Mid Game: Being Aggressive, Ganking Mid

In this part of Conquest you want to start building a bit more aggressive, more Damage. Ares is good viable somewhat CC abilities, on preventing enemies from escaping. But that extra damage can help a long way for those ADC's and Jungle players. Now at this point as soon as you hit level 5, BUY BLINK. It's is absolutely essential that you provide yourself with the surprise attacks. Also please please, don't make it obvious that you're going in, because you may think they don't know, but after a few times, they're already prepared for a counter attack. Always surprise them.

VOID STONE: This is where you build your equal defense now into Magical Defenses. Most would argue that getting Heartward Amulet would be preferable. You gain MP5 and a little bit more Physical, with the +30 Power. But this is far from the reality. You will be TOO tanky at this point. Though yes you will have a combined of 60-70 Magical Power, it will not benefit you if they're just as tanky. You want to decrease any defense they have early game and shut down your opponents.
It gives you a total of +40 Damage with +50 Magical Protections. Yes you lose out on some physical but you already have bolstering defenses to guide you. So at this point you are building mostly damage.

SPEAR OF THE MAGUS: This is your biggest surprise to the enemies and the greatest gift you could ever put fear onto your enemies. This will DOMINATE all Magical enemies, and to surprise kill your Mortal (or should I say Immortal) enemy Support to the ground. Your penetration will completely eliminate all Defenses any have, and you will dominate with your chains. A combination of all three chains after a blink, and burning. You can by yourself take on almost any god (besides Nemesis or maybe Poseidon).

End Game: Dominating the Field, Group Up

At this point of the game, with Bolstering Defenses adding to your defense including the 2 tanky items early on. You will have enough to take on majority of gods if not all of them. (Again besides Nemesis) Now at this point, your enemies will already understand when you're going to be using your ultimate and surprising them with it, after chain blinking to mid and occasionally solo lane. In any single fight, at level 20 and all your items, you cannot if I dare put my own reputation on the line WILL NOT lose to a fight. If you hit will all your chains and burn them where they damn well stand. At this point, your defenses is going to be purely built off of health, and in return, that is transferred into Damage.

Ethereal Staff: At this point you will start to see your health and damage really shine. You are going to packing a lot of punch. Let's say hypothetically speaking, your lagging behind, your men/women and yourself are hanging on by a **** hair. Once you start building a lot of damage such as this. You will start to make your enemies fear you and even question going in. Just remember, always stayed group at this part of the game, although yes you can get a group of 2 of them to run away from you. Don't expect them to completely run away without a fight of teasing. They will hit you in a group and chain ults on you. So be careful still and stay smart with your group.

WARLOCKS STASH: Why this item last you ask? Why a build stacking item at end game is ever a good idea? Well let's face it, as Ares. You're never good against minions, so building stacks is a waste early and mid game. Plus your ADC and Mid need to build early. Your such a special snowflake now, you don't need minions to build these stacks, you use GOD SOULS TO BUILD THIS. Yep that's right, you will devour your enemies to the dirt, and chain them up like it's their last meal. This will not only increase your damage per stack, but also increase your health, which in turn increases your damage once again.
At this point you will also be buying damage potions and potentially getting a few Jungle Buffs here an there.


Now this isn't by far the most Ultimate build ever. This is purely through observation, trial and error on a grand scale of League play and normal play. This has been tested between theory and other ways. I mean you could potentially switch out some items completely depending on what type of group your playing against like if you fought 4 physical and 1 magical, then you can tweek and alternate some items here and there. But the basis of this build is Universally decent.

Now GOD OF WAR, go out there, chain those pigs up and dominate the field; find who is worthy enough to kill you.

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gravandire | September 18, 2015 12:05am
Thanks mate. Definitely going to be re-working on this build again. But again universally it's a decent build.
SepticFir8 (2) | August 28, 2015 2:04am
Nobody commented on this build? I'm certainly intrigued by it. I don't use as many offensive items as you, sticking with Shoes of Focus, Breastplate of Valor, Sovereignty, Heartward Amulet, Void Stone, and then fluctuating with my sixth item. Most of the time, Ethereal Staff. However, perhaps it would be wise to sacrifice some of the tanky protection and CDR for a little bit more power.

It's certainly an idea. Nice guide.
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