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are you afraid of the dark?

August 12, 2016 by conscript2theend
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Build 1
Build 2

accurate players

Smite God: Xbalanque

Item Purchase Order

what i use (⚠ only for arena ⚠)

Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item Bloodforge
Build Item Hastened Fatalis
Build Item Wind Demon
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Rage


Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Heavenly Wings

God Skill Order

Branching Bola

Branching Bola 1 13 14 16 17 key bind

Poison Darts

Poison Darts 2 6 8 10 12 key bind

Rising Jaguar

Rising Jaguar 3 4 7 9 11 key bind

Darkest of Nights

Darkest of Nights 5 15 18 19 20 key bind

Important point necessary to be noted even more important than introduction

1st build: some people prefer transcendence in their build which i have to admit it's very effective and suits xbala very well but the thing is i hate stacking and when you maxs it's stacks,right you get a lot of physical power but if there's an item can to be changed in my build replacing transcendence instead of it is Wind demon which i see it necessary to mention if you take away wind demon your critical chance falls badly,like if you have rage,wind demon & deathbringer together if your first hit is not critical i'm sure the 2nd will certainly be crit and there's a chance having your next 2 hits as critical too but replacing transcendence will lower your chance for having your first critical hit almost after 3 normal hits.

with this build using maxed branching bola your max damage is 770 which will do good trust me,i mean 3 X 770 equals 2310 damage isn't it bloody enough for you?

and my build is for arena and stacking is worthless in it in my opinion xbala is so relying on team mates besides killing minions for is no fun but there's no stacking for wind demon,

so i assure you won't regret why you didn't use transcendence

2nd build: you are kidding man what's wind demon anyway damn new stuffs,old transcendence destroys everything when it's at max stack,and feeds xbala: the mana hungry god
besides we don't want to put away it's devastating damage right?


Xbalanque the moon's light known as Hidden Jaguar Sun In Smite,If not the Strongest Hunter, undoubtedly Is the Second strong hunter,With a high maneuverability on purchasable items,One of the best choices avaliable for playing team-fighter ADC.Xbalanque is a big threat for those who fear something we call challenge,you can't simply walk around him assured of nothing will give you quite a thrash,imagine you are so confident about you're going to make your quadra kill to a penta but wait a second is that xbala remained alive!!! you are shrouded into darkness and within a second you find yourself surrendered by tons of bolas which are coming straight to you and wait you are slained XD,now that's the fury of xbalanque darkening your penta kill dream till it's gone.
but nothing to be ashamed of,Now you know you should respect xbalanque,because he's wrath will destroy you before you even think of approaching him

Pros / Cons

+ very effective passive
+ high mobility
+ wide ranged item (bola)
+ useful for team in early game if not a good killer
+ exetremely damaging character
+ that bloody increased range from his ult will come in handy

- mana eater
- ult doesn't deal damage
- no attack speed buff (relys on devastating damage with good accuracy)
- his weakness to root,cripple,disarm,stun,etc means certain death for him
- Most skins are not avaliable for achieve anymore besides they aren't attractive either

Team Work

he's perfect for the teamwork if not greedy for killing all the enemies himself (that makes him quite useless ally) he can easily poke enemies with rising
jaguar( third ability) and blind them with Darkest of nights (ult) his first ability(Branching bolas) can hit the target you are dealing with while he's focused on his main target weakening both of them leading them for a fallback or even a bloody death
and poison darts(second ability) are good at damage over time and an Illusion that makes the target think that someone Is chasing him taking damage

Items 1st build

NINJA TABI : you know i'd prefer warrior tabi if i was going to use another build but in this build you can't rely on hastened fatalis only for attack speed so it's going to be good aid for your main attack speed providing item (hastened fatalis) but it still statisfies you giving 20 physical power,always buy ninja tabi if you liked my build.

BLOOD FORGE :the most important item for a hunter is lifestealing one in my opinion,Blood forge is not as good as soul eater in life steal but very good at replacing 20 physical power lost by buying ninja tabi instead of warrior tabi.

HASTENED FATALIS : the sun,air,water and core of my build (what do the people that english is their native language call it? butter and bread am i right?) hastened fatalis,personaly i hate getting 50% slowed of movement N attack speed when shooting my bolas to the target runs out of my sight very fast but fatalis removes this debuff by every successfull hit and in arena you can shoot minions to move much more quickly using this build,it's 30% attack speed is pretty satisfying too.

WIND DEMON :provides a good amount of physical power and it's passive provides you 20% movement & attack speed for 5secs something we are in lack of

DEATHBRINGER & RAGE : i don't think i need to discuss these two items, when u get hit by these items screen goes dark and the speaker says you are slained the thing i like to mension is ( wind demon,rage& death bringer provide 60% crit chance having deathbringer's passive for 40% extra chance for critcal hit will satisfy you though truth to be told you won't make all hits at critical for 100%)

Items 2nd build

TRANSCENDENCE: best item which suit's hunter classes and feeds mana hungry gods,I bet it's designed for xbala,truth to be told i hate stacking but no worries killing gods with xbala is easy if you learn to handle his abilities.see it's passive turns your 3% of mana to physical which calculate it once but i forgot the number but no doubt it was more than 70 like 71.5 and as you noticed this build has lack of bloodforge in it which transcendence will replace the power that bloodforge provides

WARRIOR TABI: you are not supposed to buy this item you are going to buy ninja tabi right after buying transcendence ninja tabi will provide a good amount of attack speed and movement speed but if so why did i say buy warrior tabi in complete build? well you are going to sell ninja tabi after you completed whole build then you buy warrior tabi at the end at first buying warrior tabi will cause you to face lack of attack speed and
having ninja tabi in high levels (15+) provides you unnecessary attack speed so and as a hunter you need to use every single physical power you can get so buying warrior tabi at end will provide 20 more physical power than ninja tabi.

ASI: I used this item from the beginning of smite because when i joined the game anhur was on rotation i tried him several times anyway check it's passive it's very usefull you will have additional 25% lifesteal if you drop below 35% health cooldown: 10 sec (which is nothing) so you'll have 40% lifesteal which i suggest you after you bought this item don't turn your pack and run to your mama fountain stand in there's better chance to survive with it's help than escaping from thanatos !! unless he says : "your time has come" if so it means he's going to land on you my opinion? " run for your life",anyway it gives you attack 20% speed which good enough and 15% physical penetration don't laugh at me but i never understand what will this stuff do?!! it's good after all at least i'm sure of that

HASTENDED FATALIS: you have this item,oh i'm sry i guided you wrong way cuz you remember thanatos part with fatalis "his time has come",just don't let him land on you and shoot and circle over him ( don't get in his melee range) every xbala has to know bloody-fatalis it's pretty useful for him and necessary especially for non-accurate players 30% attack-speed and gives you a buff which removes 50& lower movement-speed when shooting bola or arrows(other hunters) and a rediculous 10% movement speed don't get it wrong way this amount was perfect,but this stone cutting sword item which was added in S3 turned the tides of battle and weakened fatalis's efficiency.

RAGE:As it's name says it's a hate-bringing item for those who taste it's effects 30physical power and 20% crit chance besides it's passive increases your chance for critical hit every-time your successful attack wasn't a critical one combined with deathbringer it's will ease your mind of low critical hit chance anxiety

DEATHBRINGER: sometimes i doubt about it's passive does it work,work or not it from a long time has a special place in one the spots a hunter can fit his/her items, in and it gives 50 physical power and a passive of 40% critical hit chance

some self experiences

I started smite playing as chaac at first but soon i found out yo mate you're pretty bad with him I Mean it's not a good character for a beginner ( I still can't play him as it meant to be played) then I chosed xbala to play i spent quite a time playing him and when i learned how to play with him i had my first penta kill with 36 kills in that match but we lost the match though it was arena and i was the only one was getting the kills well i did something that noobs like to call ks (kill steal or killing securely that kinda stuff) i mean if there's one game mode in smite ks doesn't mean anything in it it's arena i spent mana and ult for that kills i think now u understand why i say if he's greedy he's not a worthy ally nobody took care of minions and i got the kill's gold for myself so allies were weak and i was the only one who could survive enemie's attacks anyway we all know which characters are good for getting kills easily i'm not saying they are easy to play nor easy to master but you can get kills with them
you know most of assassins : loki,thanatos,nemesis & mage ao kuang oh ao kuang i miss the time his abilties were just like kukulkan's,but kuku is much more weaker, he was invincible yet his new kit is pretty good too,anyway im giving you a guide for xbala right? not a bunch of bull... the point is xbala can't provide that that easy kills like characters i mensioned up there but if you are here seeing my build it means you wanna give a try to him so get down to it ,play with any build you like ,if you liked him you will make your own build as time pases and you master him like probably you have a personal build for any other character.he's a worthy character to play N you'll enjoy he's personality and he's voicepack if you are looking for something Further than a bloody killer in game,let's end this children story i'm a xbala player that only plays adc or guardian class characters and sucks with all other classes especially assassins. and I hope you'll enjoy your life playing smite

with best wishes conscript

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