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Arachne Jungle Guide! UPDATED 6/8/2013!

June 9, 2013 by AnarchKid
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My Classic Jungle

Smite God: Arachne

Item Purchase Order

Beginning Jungle

Build Item Bumba's Mask
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Healing Potion

If you get a gank or two in go for this!

Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Soul Eater

If you want to be a killer

Build Item Frostbound Hammer Build Item The Executioner Build Item Voidblade

If you need some survival gear

Build Item Midgardian Mail Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Magi's Blessing

Final Build!

Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Soul Eater Build Item The Executioner Build Item Voidblade Build Item Midgardian Mail

Good Actives

Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Heavenly Wings

God Skill Order

Venomous Bite

Venomous Bite 1 7 11 12 14 key bind


Cocoon 2 4 6 8 10 key bind


Web 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Night Crawler

Night Crawler 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Arachne Jungle Guide! UPDATED 6/8/2013!

June 9, 2013

So you want to jungle eyy?

First things First!

Jungling is something that you have to get used to in the game of smite. Lucky for you, you chose the best jungler to start out with!
Arachne is a hard character to get good with, but when you practice a lot she becomes a definite unstoppable force with games scoring as many as 20 kills with 0 deaths!
Being one of the first jungler characters to come about, and the only God with the title of GREAT JUNGLER on her character description it makes it obvious that if you want to start jungling its probably the best idea to start with a great god such as Arachne.

My Best games consist of me never dying and having above 10 kills.


Starting the new jungle you want to go with the item that gives you the most sustain while at the same time allowing you to get a speedier approach to the jungle that will let you progress through the jungle at a very efficient manner while maintaining a healthy amount of Health. That item is the New BUMBA MASK. This mask grants 25% increased gold/experience from killing jungle creeps as well as getting a percentage of the jungle creeps health upon killing it and when you kill the mob boss you gain a POWERFUL 25% speed buff for 4 seconds. This allows you to fly through the jungle with speed, health, and with your Warrior Tabi you will also gain attack speed plus attack damage to help finish the creeps off fast.

Once you build some money your going to want more damage as your skills stack with your physical damage and so the more AD that you have, the happier you are. Along with attack speed, these are the two most fundamental things of jungling. The faster you deal higher damage, the faster your enemies die and you can move on with your life.
That's where DeathBringer comes in. This weapon is all AD carry or assassins wet dream and allows for massive damage when mixed along with critical hit items. The fact that this weapon increases your critical hit damage by 50% allows for fast killing and team domination.
To pair with this weapon and its amazing damage, is one of my favorite items. Soul Eater, this beautiful item gives you an increased rate of attack as well as giving you AMAZING SUSTAIN! Attacking a creep or an enemy God has never made a Glass Cannon happier and with Soul Eater in your Arsenal you will be back from 200 hp to 1600 hp in 20 seconds flat.

Your enemies still getting away from you? Go ahead and buy what i like to call the F.B Hammer, or in laments terms THE ****ING BADASS HAMMER! Giving a healthy boost to both your physical damage and health as well as a 25% movement SLOW that last 2 seconds but can proc multiple times in short periods. Might as well call it GG if you have all of these items and you have not died.
Seeing that you just cannot injure the other Gods even though you have massive amounts of PHYSICAL DAMAGE?! Well its probably because you don't have any PENETRATION!!! Well to help you solve this you need to buy THE EXECUTIONER! This BEAST of an item, is for those who DO NOT SPAZ when they play and can actually hit the enemy champion. This allows you to stack a percentage of 7% per stack (max 3 stacks.) for 3 seconds per stack. Now if you can just keep hitting the enemy you can proc this multiple times and SHRED THROUGH the enemy's health, even the tanks.
Along with that item, is another item that provides you with three VITAL things you need to be an efficient killer. Physical damage for the kills, Physical Protection so when your going toe to toe with a loki, and lastly PHYSICAL PROTECTION REDUCTION to those within range by 25. Now if this item doesn't sound appealing to you, i don't know what will.

If you need more tankness and you see that their physical brusiers or carries are taking you on too easy, time to build one of my favorite items.
Midgardian Mail with a mix of very high physical protection and a very high health boost you cannot miss out on this item. Equiped with this item your enemies will find it hard to keep up with you or attack you as fast, because this items passive will slow them in both areas while you either make a clean escape or fight them 1 v 1 now that they have slower attack speed.
Winged Wand will give you a passive movement speed increase of 10% while maxed out and with this plus the added health, mana, and tenacity you will be able to dive towers while being immune to slows.
Breastplate of Valor will give you the extra Physical Protection and some Mana If you need some because of the fact you will be casting your spells a lot more consistently because of the decrease of your cooldowns by 25% with this items passive.
Lastly, if you see some mages are giving you trouble don't be afraid to buy the item Magi's blessing. This item will give you a spell shield that works every 30 seconds along with a boost in health, magical protection, and mana.


Broodlings, This will be your Ace in the pocket when you start your jungle. Placing a couple of these on top of blue buff when you start the game will ensure you a speedy start as your broodlings will kill buffs at an alarming rate. They also will be vital to you in 1 v 1 fights when you need a little extra damage to get the clutch advantage. I like to take a point early and max this skill second.

DRAIN LIFE! What can i say, this ability will silence your target while making you oblivious to your targets attacks because of the fact that YOU ARE ON THEIR HEAD! While you are in this ability you will also heal for an amount of the life that you did to them which stacks with your physical damage. This is her main damage ability and its very vital that you max this skill first!

Tangled web. This skill provides the utility slow that you need to catch those speedy champions such as Apollo or Cupid. Spray behind your enemies if coming from behind in lane for a nice slow when they backpedal to try to escape from your fangs only to come to the realization that you just walked right into where you want them most. IN YOUR WEB! Take one point early and finish 3rd with the least priority.

Cocoon is for those champions who think that they have escaped only to come to the realization that they are not in control of the map, You THE JUNGLER ARE! This ability will wrap your opponent into a web and YANK them back into your REACHES and stunning them for a second so that you can jump onto them with your DRAIN LIFE ability. I recommend you max this as soon as you are able and practice so that you can hit it every time!

Pros / Cons

Pros are as so!
- Very Mobile Champ and becomes an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE when assuming control of all the jungle buffs.
- Can dish out damage fast while having utility of crowd control by silencing key members of the enemy team, slowing champions that your team is targeting, and stunning and pulling back enemies who think they have made a cunning escape.
- Great SUSTAIN mixed with a SILENCE
- Fast Jungle clear speed
- FREE WARDS that will attack anything that gets close enough+Fastest recharge for ultimate in game
-Has very good burst damage
-Very good early/mid game
-Can get fed very easily
-Very strong if fed

Cons are as shown
- Very Squishy early
- Need your team to not feed early game, or else you fall off.
- Needs items or else you don't do damage.
- Abilities are close range except for Ulti, if you miss abilities or can't get in close then the enemy will dish damage out back to you instead of vice versa.

Creeping / Jungling

Start with Blue buff on the left side and place as many broodlings as you can at both the blue buff and at the Gold buff to the right side. After you take both camps head to the other side and take your other gold camp.
After that is taken care of, you can then take on the movement speed buff, and cooldown buff if you have enough health(which you should). If you feel like backing to buy something or to replenish health now is the time to do it since you have the movement speed buff and getting to Red buff will be fairly quick. If not, then go for a gank if your teammates are there for you if not go to red buff and then check for gank opportunities after.
After you take damage then the jungle is really your playground and if you can, take all the enemy side buffs so that you can maintain all the jungle buffs making you that much more op.

Team Work

COMMUNICATE! Make sure your team knows you are going to come in for a gank. If you don't ever tell anyone then how are you ever going to get the cooperation needed for a gank to work. YOU WON'T SO DON'T TRY IT!
Pings are very helpful as well and show where you either want your team to go or what path you are going.
Your Q works as wards so make sure to drop some around your allies main gank spots so that they can always be aware of who might be sneaking up on them.
Your W will help your team by silencing and putting an enemy under crowd control effects as well as healing you so if you have the mana to spend always use this to keep your health at max.
Your E is great for ganks as it slows the enemies greatly and allows you to slam them with more damage.
Lastly your R is your last chance skill, if they are escaping well they aren't anymore once you hit them with this. When used correctly you can pull in an unsuspecting enemy into position for your team to JUMP THEM and secure the KILL!

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