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Arachne joust 1v1 guide :). In depth bans (S2)

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Smite God: Arachne

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The core items you need!

Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath

My standard build against a physical

Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Witchblade Witchblade
Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Rage Rage

Arachne's Skill Order

Venomous Bite

Venomous Bite

1 X
2 4 7 8 12


2 A
3 15 16 18 19


3 B
1 6 10 11 14
Night Crawler

Night Crawler

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Welcome to my ranked 1v1 guide for Arachne, I am currently mastery level 5 with her. I am a long time smite player (since beta). I am in silver 3 league so I am no expert. This guide is aimed at people that play Arachne in conquest/arena and want to main/try her out in Joust 1v1's. Enjoy :D

The problem with making a joust 1v1 guide is that you have to build different items depending on your situation. However there are two items you will always buy, ninja tabi (the red boots) and then build into a jotunn's wrath after that it completely depends on your oponent.

Some people say Arachne is not viable and I would agree due to how the majority of her damage comes form her basic attacks, her whole kit is built around her spiders (3rd ability), they slow the oponent and leave a trail allowing you to catch up if the enemy have a way to kill your spiders easily like Posiden's whirlpool...

This is my first ever guide and I am writing it on my IPad so there will be no BBcoding. Comment below if you have any tips or any problems with this guide.

Ok now the into is out of the way, what is a joust 1v1? This is a game mode in smite that you must be level 30 in order to play. You will be going one on one with a enemy God. The objective is to kill the enemy Titan to win. There is one lane with side jungles attached with a total of 2 attack speed buffs, 2 mana buffs and 2 power buffs. All three of these buffs work great for Arachne, I advise you use the blue buff in the early game for sustain in the lane, then move on to the power buff to give you more damage to help killing the enemy God and minions/buffs. Later on in the game around the 12 minute mark I would advise getting the purple buff in order to take objectives and start ending the game.

Who is Arachne?

Arachne is the goddess of spider in smite. She takes down foes by weaving an army of spiders to slow down enemies allowing her to shred them with life steal and keeping them in place with web. In joust 1v1 you will not need to be as careful with your health unlike other assassins, she has a surprising amount of defence combined with this builds insane life steal you will even be able to tower dive and if the situation gets 'tangled' (pun intended) you can get the hell out of there with your amazing and slightly op ult (especially with cool down reduction).

Items explained

Ninja Tabi: The extra 20 power that warrior tabi is only useful early and lets you down late game, I would rather pick of ninja tabi for that %15 attack speed later in the game.

Jotunn's Wrath is just an amazing item for Arachne, it gives you a little bit of penetration to get trough the towers defense and the enemy's base defenses. it also gives you 150 mana, 40 physical power (amazing) and just to top it off 25 percent cool down reduction. Why is this so good? you will be able to weave webs faster use your ult for often and use your steroids sometimes twice in a fight.

Asi gives you life steal allowing you to have sustain and increases your attack speed by 15 percent. also its passive allows you to make clutch plays.

Death bringer gives you decent crit chance and its passive increases crit damage making it work great with rage as well.

However if the enemy builds for defense or you want to try a bit of back door'ing I would advise you you replace Rage with a titans bane.

Pros / Cons

Great burst damage
Great buff clear
Best joust 1v1 escape
Almost never banned.
Can back door late game.

Lots of hard counters
Depends heavily on her spiders (3rd ability)
Bad against mages, POSEIDEN please!!!
Only escape is her ultimate (but is the best escape in the game)
Long cool downs
Rely heavily on basic attacks.

Who to ban?

The following gods I have founds very difficult to play against in joust 1v1's...

Ban: freya, Posiden. Chronos. (Mages in general)

Freya is very hard to deal will she can fight at range and up close, if she gets in trouble she will just ult causing her to be u targetable and allowing her to fire 4 very painful projectiles at you and if you are hit by all 4 without defence you will be a very dead spider. Ban her every time no exceptions.

Poseiden when building cool down will be a really pain. He can slow you down while killing your spiders and can attack you from range using his basic attack steroid. Also his kraken does a billion damage if you do not build a stone of gia, so I recommend picking it up as well as Aegis to counter his Kracken, however this takes great timing. If played well and baiting his Kracken you can win but it will be difficult.

Chronos is currently the strongest God in 1v1 you or your oponent will most likely ban him his damage is incredible and can reset a fight by 8 seconds. He has a stun that is very hard to dodge allowing him to stun you and your spiders. He is to a insta ban like Freya but if you go up against a diamond chronis player you better have your try hard pants on or your screwed.

Who is Arachne's good match up's?

Loki is one of Arachne's easiest match ups. When Loki has walked through your spider wall you will be able to see him while he is invisible and your spiders will follow him. Loki will most likely get first blood on you due to his ult but you win the mid game, protect your tower because late game loki's love to back door your Phoenix.
You beat Loki because you can see him when he is invisible and he is also very squishy so is easy prey. I would advise that you buy a witch blade for the physical defend and attack speed.

Artemis is a tasty snack for Arachne as she has no real escapes but her damage output is insane so you will need to catch her off guard and have beeds ready for her ult.

How to start?

I personally do not like to start with a red potion but that is a viable option. The way I like to start is buying rank 2 Ninja tabi's. I also pick up a active based on the enemy and two of each potion. I like to leave some money left over but you can spend it on more potions.

Do this step quickly and run to the mid lane and place a tangled web in the middle of the lane and then run to the buff of your choice. Arachne uses lots of mana so I usually start mana buff if you were quick enough you will be able to place another tangled web at the blue buff before it spawns. While you are taking the buff your spider in mid lane will farm the minions getting you exp and gold while pushing the lane causing the lane oponent to loose a entire minion wave to tower! Putting you a large amount of gold ahead of the oponent.

The opponent will be on low health but you will have most of your health because your spiders will have tanked the jungle camp so will be at an advantage. Try to look for first blood. When there are no minions in lane go into the jungle to kill some buff camps. If the enemy follows you lay a trap for him and pounce, this should be an easy kill and if things go badly just use your ult to jump in the air and run away :D .

Late game

You have some 'back door' potential. What is back dooring? Well towers have decreased defence when minions are in its fire zone. This is to stop people just running is and solo'ing the tower. However some gods can create their own minions such as Nu Wa with her clay soldiers. Arachne's spiders work in the same way however for them to activate a enemy God or minion must walk through it so Arachne can only back door when there is an enemy minion wave but this is not so bad because you can then life steal off the minions after taking a few tower shots.

Your late game damage is very good with your insane attack speed and crits with some life steal/penetration. You will have no problem finishing the game.

What actives should I buy?

Against hunters I would advise to buy sprint and shield of the under world.

Against people with cc such as Ymir you should buy beeds.

Against gods with high damage ults like Posiden I would advice aegis.

For assassins buy a enfeebling curse to slow their movement speed and attack speed allowing you to swiftly take them out.

And finally for healers such as hel and Aphrodite get a creeping curse to reduce their ability to run away and stop their healing.

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Arachne joust 1v1 guide :). In depth bans (S2)
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