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ah puch, season 4 update conquest/joust

April 20, 2017 by victorfsa
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ah puch, season 4 update conquest/joust

Smite God: Ah Puch

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Sands of Time
Build Item Boots
Build Item Chalice of Mana
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Aegis Amulet
Build Item Purification Beads

early game

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Book of Thoth

build full

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Rod of Tahuti


Build Item Warlock's Sash Build Item Magi's Blessing

If you have a enemy fenrir/ares on joust or even conquest

Build Item Stone of Gaia

God Skill Order

Undead Surge

Undead Surge 1 4 5 18 19 key bind

Corpse Explosion

Corpse Explosion 2 7 8 10 11 key bind

Fleeting Breath

Fleeting Breath 3 12 14 15 16 key bind

Empty the Crypts

Empty the Crypts 6 9 13 17 20 key bind

ah puch, season 4 update conquest/joust

April 20, 2017


Use the same build as conquest, but you NEED to build at least these core items: boots, then Spear of the Magus second for early kill potential and increased damage. Then you have a choice: stacking items or Gem of Isolation.

Just remember to watch your team, and good luck.

Edit: thanks to Technotoad64 and Anothny for showing me the errors. Corrected.

the beginning

Hi guys, this is my first guide. I’ve been playing Ah Puch for some time and I want to share with you this build. I think it’s more effective for Ah Puch in Joust/Conquest, but it also works in Arena.

In the early game, Ah Puch has good push potential, but you WILL NEED to push the enemy back. Use your basic attacks to press him close against his minion wave, and try to hit the front minions to slow them down, so that your first ability hits as many minions as possible. This will be hard if you’re fighting an experienced Kukulkan or Agni, but just try to kill as many as possible until you are level 2.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: your low maximum mana is your greatest enemy, and you will need to think twice before any skill used. If you aren’t sure it will hit, don’t try it. Mana is your main limitation.

Try to kill some camps with your jungler to get level 3 ASAP, because at level 3, you can clear the minions with one use of your kit. Use your first ability, then 1 or 2 basic attacks, your 3 on the front minions, then explode the corpses. If done right, you will kill all the minions faster than your enemy, leaving you free to go clear some jungle camps and get to level 5 quickly.

level 5+

At this level, DON’T get your ultimate.
It’s tempting, but your ulti doesn’t work too well if you’re facing only one enemy. The best use for your ulti is area denial. (They need to wonder if taking a lot of damage to get an objective or kill is worth it.)

Try to poke as much as possible, and if you’re confident, attack. If you think the enemy will run away, or you see another enemy coming, use your ulti and run. Your opponent will be delayed for a moment, and you may be able to get away.

The point of not getting your ultimate at level 5 is that if you level your first ability, you can summon 2 corpses at a time, which will increase your damage by A LOT.

At this point, you can probably go back to your fountain to buy boots, so go back and buy them, because you will need the extra mana and CDR.

Now, go back to lane, WARD, and farm. Warding is all too important for Ah Puch, because he is so vulnerable in the early game (maybe the most vulnerable mage in the game).

After some farming comes your first choice. You can go for penetration items or stacking items.
Decide this way:

If you aren’t fed by at least 3 kills, get penetration. Spear costs 2100 gold, and you will deal true damage to your enemy with this ONE ITEM! Do the math: you get 15 normal penetration, and each ability takes off 10 defense. At this point of the game, the enemy mid should have around 22 magical protections, and after you hit your first ability, it will drop to 12, and your penetration will make you deal true damage. When you explode the corpses, the damage will most likely hit him for about 50% of his HP. It is necessary to make him play safe, so you can push lane on him. BEWARE: the enemy jungler will know what you’re doing so only try to push if you warded or are sure the enemy will not gank you. If you fall behind as Ah Puch, you’re dead weight. Just get your ultimate, STOP leveling your first ability, and level your second. Keep in mind that leveling your 1 increases your damage by too little (you will get 10% more slow and just 40 more damage with two points); this same number of points will increase your corpse explosion’s damage by 20 from the spell itself and 90 from the corpses, resulting in 110 more damage, and letting you clear a whole wave with 2 abilities (1 and 2).

If you ARE fed, you can buy a stacking item as your second item. I prefer Book of Thoth, because you will need the extra mana, but if you’re facing a god with good poke potential, like Thoth, Warlock’s Sash can be more useful.
As the third item, you need a stacking item for the power spike, because your penetration at this point will be good enough to melt some tanks (they generally don’t have much magical protection at this point), but your kill potential WILL fall, so you need more power ASAP.

lv 13+ mid to endgame

At this point, you can use your mana and your passive to get you in the fight, get out, heal a little and come back in.
Don't understimate the healing potential of ah puch, you will have at this point 20% cooldown, s if you use your 1+3, get the corpses, you will can cast your 1 again, so you will get in about 6 seconds 25% of your life, and your mana will regenerate at the same amount of you spend in the corpses at this point.

IF you're feeded, get spear of desolation to extra cooldown/penetration/power. Its all you need to melt your enemies.

IF you're not feeded and your team is lacking cc, get gem of isolation, it will slow down your enemies and increase your killing potential A LOT.

At this point, level up your 3, because it will be your poke ability.
People understimate it, but its nearly impossible to avoid, and you will hit 80% of your power with one skill (plus the basic damage). Your enemies will not expect this, and most importantly, the can use their dash to escape because they will think you will explode the corpse. if this happen, wait a window and use your full combo in him.

IF the enemy try to heal, throw the third spell and they will take A LOT of damage and be stunned, just asking to be exploded by your combo.

again, they will try and avoid your 1, but your 3, alone, is too much difficult to avoid.

So, poke with 3, clear with one or be agressive with 1+3+2.

if you're chasing a enemy, and have the gem of isolation already, just try to hit your enemy with the 3, because 1 its hard to hit (its slow and can explode in wall), but your 3 are instant, have a great range and will kill him if healed a bit (like a r using his heal to increase moviment speed).

The endgame

Here is where you can shine or not. you will be a constantly pain in enemies, because you have too much damage over area, plus slow.
You need to stay ALWAYS behind your enemies. in close range you are too vulnerable, so stay behind and punish your agressive enemies while you push then. its nearly impossible to a jungle attack someone if ah puch is poking him, its too slow and too much damage.

Youre not scylla or RA, you cant be too much agressive, because you will die.
Don't overstimate your mana, even in the endgame it will be drained fast.
be a support for your team, go in a surprise, attack to save their lives, but don't stay too much in the fight if you're not getting a kill or more.

STAY ALWAYS back and ALWAYS together someone at this point, or you can be dead in few seconds for a jungle or adc.

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