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Agni Powa

May 16, 2013 by Rkraz3d
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Basic Midlane Agni

Smite God: Agni

Item Purchase Order

Midlane (Start)

Build Item Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Boots of the Magi
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

First back

Build Item Boots of the Magi Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Void Stone

Mid Game

Build Item Boots of the Magi Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Void Stone Build Item Gem of Isolation

Final (If you even get there)

Build Item Boots of the Magi Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Void Stone Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Rod of Tahuti


Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Purification Beads (Old)


Build Item Ward

God Skill Order

Noxious Fumes

Noxious Fumes 3 8 key bind

Flame Wave

Flame Wave 2 4 6 key bind

Path of Flames

Path of Flames 1 7 key bind

Rain Fire

Rain Fire 5 key bind


Just letting everybody know before you start reading!

This guide will not have any fancy pictures or colorful texts, because to be honest and very bm, half the guides that I see on smitefire are pure **** and only look good. I plan to deliver guides for competitive tier gods that arent absolutely autistic, easily and just really informative.

Listen, and listen close, because I am like many others on this site, trying to get better and improve and help the community grow.

If you do not believe me, here is my stats: https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/stats.aspx?player=elitee

Add me if you would like to learn more.

Since I midlane'd for my team and play midlane a lot, agni is a must pick.

Agni's power

Agni is a AP mage, and for many of those who dont understand what AP is, it stands for Attack power, and means most damage is from skills or spells and not auto attacks. Therefore you will be building Agni magic.

- Very high damage
- Ultimate is based off three meteors, which individually will not do much damage but combined will do a lot.
- Very mobile with his dash (3) and can clear waves very quickly.
- Has a stun which is very easy to use.

- Squishy like most AP
- If not played right, can be shut down very easily
- Skills are not as effective if his passive is not activated.

How to Play Agni Early, Mid, and Late game.

To start off, you will buy level 1 of boots, and bancrofts talon in for damage, and pots for sustain. Reason why i pick 3 mana pots is because I find myself running out of mana a lot when playing agni in the early stages.

You will, if you have a smart team, start off with buffs, and then go into lane. Mid lane typically does not need buffs as buffs are for sidelanes, and when you help with a buff, go directly to lane.

You will level your 3 first as it is the most efficient wave clearer in the early stages.

As many of you are aware, minions hurt, so I would start off focusing on killing the creeps from a distance and getting the creep advantage against whomever you are facing, this way you can push your lane.

Midlane is all about gold, and if you would like to get better at midlane, check into my blog later on where I discuss the mechanics of midlane.

Early Game

You will auto attack creeps and get your passive up, which is combustion, which allows you to have DOT on the enemy when using a skill. What you typically want to do, is run up behind the archer minions of the enemy and dash through them and back to your melee creeps. You will have to avoid as much damage as possible from the creeps as sometimes they will target you while dashing through the minions. After this you will level your 2 and then to your 1, now you have a decent kit to help you out of dangerous situations. Once you get your 2, and reach level 4, focus on maxing your 2, as it is way safer to use when farming, always save your 3 for when a gank occurs in the midlane. Once you hit level 5, it is time for you to push your lane up a bit harassing and poking with your meteors, and then going back to buy.

Mid Game

This is where most players seem to screw up, mid game is very crucial, as it ultimately decides what happens in the late game. Agni is a very strong mid game god because of his ultimate, and his ability to constantly harass enemies. This is where much of the ganking will be going on, so you have to buy wards, usually what I do is buy wards and [place them in the enemy red buff camp or in front of fire giant or gold fury, this way if someone decides to gank (Lets say a Loki) then I will be able to see them and make a hasty retreat back to my tower where (Hopefully) the Loki does not dive me. Since mid game is around 10-20 minutes in the game, you will be going for buffs more often, if your sidelanes allow you to, (ALways ask) take cool down reduction buff and damage buff, as it is extra experience and a edge on your opponent. Also, always make sure to take the little gold buffs when going back into lane, as once again it gives you more gold and experience. Mid gameis also where most mid lane towers are pushed in, so what your goal as agni is to take the enemy's midtower and roam around and help your sidelanes out. If your team does gold fury with the enemy up, what you want to do is zone, as in use your meteors to keep them away, much like a guard dog, and dont let them come near your team.

Late Game

Hopefully you can end it by mid game, but if not, late game is about Fire Giant and towers. This is around 30-40 minutes into the game, at this point most of the enemy and your team has all gotten your 4-5 item and are finishing builds. This is where you have to be very careful not to get picked off and die because the respawn time is so long that they can get fire giant and push towers and win the game. So My advice, get kills, take advantage of enemy deaths, and really be careful. ALSO WARDS!!! VISION IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!

Team Fights

In Team fights, typically the Ap Mage is in the back throwing down spells and applying massive damage to the enemy. Agni will typically lay in the back and throw down meteors, using his ult plus 1 stun combo, he can get many kills and help many others get kills.

Just remember to always be in the back, think of yourself as artillery, just firing meteors at the enemy.


So Agni is a very difficult God to play as, although very effective when played well. I think many players dont know how to play him, which is a dissapointment, because people get there inspiration to play based off of players like Smitten and Steve Schwindt. (No offense to both, they are really good community wise, but honestly they suck).

This build was adapted from TheBest who currently plays midlane for the team Curse Gaming. Much credits to him, he also taught me how to play him, through actual messages and watching his replays and games in tournaments.

If anybody would like to learn mroe about agni gameplay, I suggest you look up the following players :

njnick - Midlane for SNIPE gaming.

Lassiz - Midlane for ROOT gaming.

Psiyo - Midlane for SK Gaming

TheBest - Midlane for Curse Gaming.

Thanks for listening in, and hopefully you read the whole thing, as I say once again, this is not a guide to look good, but to be informative. Thank you.

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