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Agni is great, if used right.

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Smite God: Agni

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Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
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Agni, the Fire god

Agni is my favorite mage, he by far in my opinion has the best kit a mage could ask for, good damage, great poke, good clear, a free ult, a good dash but not an OP dash, and isnt too squishy nor puts out too much damage. Sure other mages are better picks but agni is never a bad pick and works well with most comps as he can set up very well and follow up very well. Even if agni doesnt get the kill he can push the enemy off with his range and damage alone and cause kills happen using his skills. Agni is the mage i fell in love with, i love being supp, jung, or solo and having a good agni in the mid who i can count on to do what agni does best.

Noxious Flames

This ability is very very weak in terms of damage but in the use of his kit it is very strong. It is used to stun your enemy with all of his abilities.

Flame Wave

A great ability and able to ignite his fumes after it is fired if you use his 1 fast enough, i usually level this to max first but not the first ability i get at lvl 1. At max and the build i have provided this ability does enough to make people scared of you even the tanks if you get ahead. Your enemy wont want to be hit by this at full power.

Path of Flames

At lvl 1 this is the best ability to pick up as it does the most damage, i hate seeing an agni not pick this up at lvl 1 as it clears wave rather quickly. The damage is great with Spear of the Magus as it will just rip their protections. At late stage it does a good amount of damage.

Rain Fire

FInally, his ult. Agni's ult Rain Fire is great, low cool downs on each shot, free to cast so its good wave clear if you think youll die if you get close enough to use his 2, and is amazing set up and follow up the range on this ability is amazing, i love firing it stunning someone then dashing on them then using my 2 to basically finish them off, and if they arent dead, your other 2 ult shots will do the trick. its great peel as well as a good way to back assassins, warriors, and guards off of you and your team. No one wants to go on a agni with 3 ult charges and his fumes up.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author POPER187
Agni is great, if used right.
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