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SMITEFire Halloween God Creation Contest!

Please review our General Rules & Guidelines before posting or commenting anywhere on SmiteFire.

Forum » News » SMITEFire Halloween God Creation Contest! 4 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Hades4u » October 25, 2021 7:23am | Report

Hey everyone and welcome to our Halloween God Creation Contest! 🎃

Our favourite spooky holiday is finally here and it's time to celebrate with a fun creation contest. For the following two weeks, anyone will have the chance to create a custom God following our chosen theme and rules for the chance to win Steam games!

Think about your God concept and create it using our God Creation Tool until the 7th of November at 23:59 PM PST and you're in! 🕒

Rewards - Steam Games & Spooky Badges!

The creator of the best God concept will receive their choice of any Steam game(s) of $60 USD value and a special golden Halloween God badge!
There will also be two runner-ups that will receive their choice of any Steam game(s) of $30 USD value and a special silver Halloween God badge!

Give freedom to your creativity and may the spookiest concepts win! 👻

Theme - Halloween!

Time to unleash your imagination on crafting Gods whose mythos are based on Halloween, fear and horror! You can use any aspect of the God to fulfill the theme: mythos, art, abilities, anything that comes to mind to make the God interesting and spooky at the same time.

If you cannot find any God of your liking that fits this theme, you can also create a brand new one from scratch! It's up to you and what you enjoy the most. Be creative and add any element that you find fun about your God that also helps the reader better visualize and understand the concept. And most important of all, have fun!

How To Participate

  1. Craft a God concept using our God Creation Tool. Make sure to respect the theme while creating your God!
    • All Gods created during the contest period will be automatically entered in the contest.

  2. Revise and polish your God concept, make sure it's in best form by the final day.
    • If you'd like more opinions or reviews on your God concept just link it in this thread or ask for feedback on our Discord server. Collaboration and asking for help is both expected and encouraged.

  3. That's it! All the concepts created during the contest will be judged and the winners announced after the judging period.

Rules - Gods Have Them Too!

  • The concepts must be created using our God Creation Tool. Linking to threads or external websites will not count.

  • You must create your God concept before 7th of November at 23:59 PM PST.

  • Your God concept must fulfill these material requirements:
    • God basic information (roles, pantheon, mythos)
    • At least 1 passive and 4 abilities
    • A brief description on your God's play style

  • You're allowed to make changes to your concept during the contest period and after the winners have been announced.
    • Changes should not be made during the judging period (November 8th - November 14th).

  • You're allowed to create multiple entries, but you may only win once.

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will automatically disqualify your entry.
    • NOTE: BBCode does not belong to any one writer and does not fall under plagiarism rules

  • All concepts will be judged by the SMITEFire Team throughout November 8th - November 14th.

Judging Criteria


Creating a unique God is challenging and that's why we're always impressed when we see something fresh and exciting. Originality could be a new and fun interaction with the game's mechanics, crazy abilities that we haven't seen before, or maybe a cool way to mix your abilities! Remember, while crazy ideas are fun, they must be realistic. When in doubt, try picturing your concept in an actual match and see how well it'd fit!


The background and personality of the God is important. Think about your favorite Gods, would they be the same without their wits and legends? Make sure to help the reader better understand and picture your God by writing a suitable mythos and creating abilities that fit with the concept of the God. Feel free to go to the next level and also create voice lines and interactions with other existing Gods - anything that grabs the reader's attention, you're able to do!


We often pick Gods because we want to win or because they're fun. Sometimes we're lucky and both conditions are met! We're going to focus on the fun part for this contest, so when crafting your God, make sure to think about both perspectives: will the God be fun to play with and against it?


Since we have a special theme for this edition, we are going to take into consideration how well your concept fits the theme. Make sure your God's mythos and abilities are all created based on the competition's theme - Halloween.


This is not going to be a crucial judging indicator, however, if your God concept is nicely formatted, the reader will most likely check out your concept thoroughly and not miss out on any crucial information. Use chapters, the features of our God Creation Tool and BBCode to your advantage. Even though it's not mandatory, including icons for your God and its abilities makes a huge difference!

Now, all you have to do is get started, good luck luck and have fun! 🎉

Thank you for checking out our special Halloween event, we're excited to see your creations! Please let us know what you think about our community events and God creation tool, we're always looking into improving your SMITEFire experience! 😊
<Community Manager>

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by BananaHammer33 » October 28, 2021 5:15pm | Report
Very excited for this event! Good luck to everyone!
You can check out my entry here!:


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Ozanoku » November 6, 2021 9:00am | Report
So excited for this! You can have a look at my entry here :


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Hades4u » November 8, 2021 12:13am | Report
Hey everyone!

The contest is now closed. We will be going through all the entries during this week and announce the winners when we're ready!

Thank you for joining our contest and good luck! 😊
<Community Manager>

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