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Developer Update - 5.5 Level Up Rewards

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Wayne3100 » March 30, 2018 4:21pm | Report

Hey everyone!

I wanted to take some time to chat about the new Level Up Rewards in 5.5.


When we announced the new level up rewards we communicated that due to the nature of the new system, and technical limitations we would not retroactively reward players that have passed Level 30 before the changes went into effect.

We received lots of community feedback on this topic, and after careful thought and consideration we decided to do as much as we could to reward our long time players.


With the release of 5.5 we introduced the new Level Up rewards, and made them available for all players that have not previously claimed them. The main technical limitation we faced in implementing the new rewards is that we have no way to "reset" a players claimed rewards.

Players can only claim one reward per level. Meaning if you claimed a Level Up Reward for a milestone in the previous system, you are not able to claim the new Level Up reward for the same milestone.

Example: If you reached Level 2 last year and claimed the then Level Up reward, a Poseidon rental, you cannot claim the new reward for reaching Level 2 which is 3500 favor.


Unfortunately due to the technical limitations discussed above we are unable to reward players with any Level Up Rewards that they have previously claimed.

We realize this means that some players will receive more rewards than others, but we felt that this was the best course of action to take rather than doing nothing regarding all of your feedback.

We will be addressing bugs with the new system to ensure that the menu can be navigated smoothly and clearly indicates what rewards are available and able to be claimed.

We'll also be implementing a way to let users that own all of the Gods redeem their new Free God Chests. If you own all of the Gods and have a Free God Chest, you will be able to roll that Chest to receive your choice of either 5 Favor, Worshiper, or Fantasy Points Boosters.

Lastly the originally announced Level 1-30 pacing changes are not included in the live 5.5 release

We love giving away free stuff. From Daily Login and quest rewards, routine weekend events, Mixer Chests, and more; we give a ton back to the community because it keeps our players engaged.

We're always thinking of ways to reward our fans, and want to continue to make SMITE the best experience possible for both new and veteran players. Thanks so much for your understanding through all of this.

– SMITE Dev Team


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