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So I posted idea I had in the Hirez forums for smite, but I also want other people's opinions in other places about this new god idea. I personally think Shinto Mythology would make a great addition to their pantheons. Opinions and suggestions would really nice. :D
Here's a link to the forum:
But here's the suggestion copy pasted with changes I have made so far:

Izanami, Shinto lady death
Izanami's "true form" in the game Persona 4. I'm not suggesting she should look like that though.

Fixed: "Izangi" to Izanagi man people can't spell
"Izanagi (meaning "He who invites"), together with Izanami ("She who invites"), are of the seventh generation of Shinto's celestial gods. Together, they were the creators of the Japanese islands (Yamato).

Izanagi and Izanami were given a special spear by the older generations, with which Izanagi reached down and created the first island, Onogoro.

Izanagi and Izanami decided to marry and to mate to bring about new generations and new lands from the Earth. To marry, they created a ritual to celebrate. During the ceremony, Izanami cried out delightfully upon seeing Izanagi. Izanagi returned the excitement, but reminded Izanami that a female should not speak first in this manner.

The first result of their lovemaking was a deformed child that was shaped like a leech (this child is sometimes associated with the god Hiruko). Izanagi and Izami returned to Heaven in order to determine the cause of this deformity. They learned that Izanami's outburst during their wedding polluted their marriage. So, the couple then repeated the ceremony, only Izanami remained silent until spoken to.

Their next attempt at mating created the eight largest islands of Japan, and consequent bubbles in the ocean gave rise to the smaller islands and other foreign lands. Izanagi and Izanami later created dieties of the sea, wind, mountains, rivers, trees and of rice.

Izanami then gave birth to a fire god, Kagutsuchi, but with dire consequences. Izanami was burned during burth, and fell down to the ground. From her death, many more gods were born, including earth and water goddesses. Izanagi's tears as he mourned his lover also created more dieties, and in anger, sliced Kagutuchi up with a sword. His pieces, too, became gods, and his spattered blood formed the stars of the Milky Way.

Izanagi sought to return his beloved Izanami, and followed her to Yomi, the Japanese underworld. Eventually finding her in the darkness, Izanagi begged her to return. She refused, and told him that she had eaten the dark food of Yomi and could not return to the world of the living. Later, though, as Izanami lay down to sleep, Izanagi lit a torch to see. When he did, though, he saw his wife's decaying body. The sight shocked him, and he dropped the torch and ran.

Izanami was woken and tried to stop Izanagi from leaving, but he created a barrier between the world of the living and the dead with a boulder. He announced that he would divorce his wife, and she protested saying that she would take 1000 of the living each day if he did. Izanagi replied that he would give life to 1,500 each day."
I'm too lazy to paraphrase the whole mythology :|

Role: magical Jungler. Burst damage.


Passive: Inevitable Death

One cannot outrun death, nor a god or goddess. Izanami personifies death herself and chase after gods to bring death at their doorstep.

Izanami gains a 10% movement speed bonus when facing towards an enemy god or an allied god.

It's kinda like Vayne... actually it is Vayne's passive from League of Legends. For her burst and to chase down unsuspecting gods and goddesses.

1: A thousand Deaths

Izanami promises to Izanagi that she will kill 1000 people everyday for his treachery. Izanagi however counters that by promising to give life to 1500 everyday. Izanami spawns a spirit from Yomi that attacks the enemy.

Damage: magical
Izanami summons a soul from Yomi that quickly travels to the enemy and deals magical damage for 50/55/60/70/80 (+20% magical damage). With a cooldown of a second and costs 7 mana.

It doesn't to very much damage but it's very spammable. It's useful when chasing down enemies and whittling down their health for the kill.

The projectile of the of the the ability should look like a Yomotsu-Shikome, for example an image from the game Persona 3:________________________________________________________________________________

2: Death's Embrace


Izanami's body is rotting ever since she ate the food of Yomi. Her body is now a host to a massive colony of maggots eating her rotting flesh. Izanami can only shake so much away until more come to live in her cold dead body. The maggots themselves are part of her body now and one with her. They hold her very essence and health.

Damage: Magical
Izanami throws a cone of maggots towards her enemies. dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+50% Magical damage over time) 25% of damage is converted to health.
Cooldown: 18/17/16/14/12

Izanami throws maggots similar to the Infested one in the game "battle realms"
I do love making game references.

3: True Visage


Not only is Izanami's body rotting, her face also inevitably succumbed to the same fate. Her face was now ugly and rotting, unfortunately Izanagi had to learn that the hard way and ran away from her because of him revealing her face in the dark with a burning comb.

Izanami reveals her true visage while dashing forward towards her enemy screaming as her face rots at the same time she releases an image of her when she was alive backwards creating two images that split. However, her true image is the one of death and rot. When she dashes forward revealing her true face, any enemies she passes gains an attack debuff (-10% decrease) and any enemy that gets hit with her fake face gets a speed debuff. (-25% speed) Izanami also gains a buff to all her abilities (+25%)
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12
Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds

Visually it would look like her bodies two splits

Ultimate: Vision of Yomi


Izanami dies when she gets birth to Kagutsuchi and she is thrown into Yomi. Izanami's true form is revealed to Izanagi in Yomi. Shrouded by shadow she hid her form during Izanagi's stay in Yomi. Her true form is horrendous that could paralyze anyone in fear. Izanagi just has enough courage to run away from Yomi to lock Izanami in the world of darkness never to reveal her grotesque face ever again.

Damage: Magical
Izanami lifts her shroud of darkness around her and shows her true form and a vision of the world of darkness known as Yomi. She channels the ability constantly showing her face to a single enemy on the battlefield. Both her and the enemy cannot do anything during the duration of the ability.

Cough. Cough. >.>

She does 200/250/300/400/500 (+60% magical power) over time.
Duration: 2.5 Seconds
cooldown: 90 seconds

Thanks for reading.

Before you actually post anything you guys should know:
I don't actually know if it's balanced. I really would like you guys to comment and suggest stuff on this. I'd really like you guys' opinion. Please be good to me. >.>


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I like her spell ideas and stuff but the cooldowns are really long for her spells with such durations and i don't know what her character model will be or her weapon
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by deathduelist » April 1, 2013 9:21am | Report
Oh really? Well people were talking about the cooldowns at some point in the Hirez forums. But from what I've seen though reviewing other gods it seems to be in the 20-10 second range. Plus her 1 is spammable during those cooldowns.

For the character model and weapon... I'm not entirely sure... it could be a comb or lamp... with a long flowing kimono and long black hair that floats up. Occasionally cracks in her skin appear with a maggot or two crawling up and burrowing again.


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The idea is great but i think that the first ability should have a longer cooldown. A second cooldown will give her an unfair advantage.


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I agree for 1 main reason!
I want to play as Amaterasu in smite ;-;


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Maybe one day they'll add Shintoism. Maybe....
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