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JOINED: November 08, 2012
LAST SEEN: December 05, 2014

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Update as of Nov 17, 2013, Hello everbody! You guys might wonder who I am, well, I am what you would call a "ghost member" aka, someone that no longer exists yet would revisit this place every once in a while. Anyways, if you need me, I'm probably dead....Er... if you wanna read my guides again, ask. Um....if you're just here to say hello, well, Hi. PS I love Sunfall, best sister ever~

Hello guys, my name is Ragingstorm, and I'm in the highest position I could be in the things I interact with online the most, I'm usually busy on the net and doing my admin duties. Be sure to +rep me!

My current achievement on this site is:

-First Guide Published

-Vamana Guide over 10,000 views

-Vamana Guide got 5 bars

-Vamana/Kali Guide got front page on Smitefire

-Vamana Guide gets first spot on Smitefire

-First Vamana Guide to get five bars

-Best Vamana Guide on the Vamana section

-First Vamana Guide to get on the front page of Smitefire

-Second Guide Published

-Second Highest Kali Guide

-Editor Rank

-Kali guide reaches top Kali guide

-Kali guide achieves 10,000+ views.

-Vamana and Kali guide reaches 20,000+

I also help with, Guide Evaluations, Signature Requests, and BB Coding. Pm plz

P.S. I work my butt off for these guides for a reason. Don't downvote them just to troll me, that stupidity is what pisses off most people. Just because they cannot make a better guide, they downvote. Except for Kali, she's incompleted cause I'm just lazy.
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