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In my opinion, the implement of only one buff per god encourages team cooperation and it kind've gave way to certain lanes getting certain buffs. My team have assigned what lanes get what buff to maximize the benefit of the jungle to ALL players, not just the jungler. It also kept a super OP gank with a low risk of leaving kill-less from happening anymore, because I think most would be intimidated by a Fenrir loaded up with speed buff, red buff, and CDR/Mana buff all at the same time.

Our Buff Assignments:
Speed- Jungler
Damage- Mid-Lane
Mana & CDR- Solo and Duo-Lane Carry(now that white and blue have been combined like in LoL)

~After 20 min/Level 16
Gold Fury- Solo'd by jungler
IGN: APHValentine
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Main Roles: Jungle & Mid
Main God: Loki
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