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TormentedTurnip's Blog
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March 01, 2015

The Best WolframAlpha Graph Ever

Views: 847 TormentedTurnip
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It's beautiful

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February 01, 2015

Introduction to Differential Equations

Views: 2594 TormentedTurnip
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RazeMage wrote:

TT should make a blog every week, titled "Learning Math with TT"

HiFromBuddha wrote:

I prefer: "WE GON DO MATHS NIGGA with TormentedTurnip"

Welp, let's get started, then! I'm probably going to do a blog about the major concepts I've learned in my differential equations class roughly a week before each test. These summarized notes I've tried to write in a way that will be approachable (compared to the abomination that is my textbook), but if you don't have an understanding of the basic concepts of Calculus 1 I think you will have a hard time. If you can follow it to an extent, I'd be grateful for any questions you have - teaching (or, at least, attempting to teach) the material is probably the best way to master it. And I really want to get an A in this course haha.

Anyways, here we go! I wasn't quite sure whether to start with Classifying differential equations or comparing them to algebraic equations, but decided on starting with classification. So …
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January 27, 2015

Sinusoidal Concentration

Views: 1558 TormentedTurnip
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Not one single number.

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January 26, 2015
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Spoiler: Click to view

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December 04, 2014

Just Wrote the Perfect Capital Z

Views: 2147 TormentedTurnip
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My life has peaked, guys.

Had to include the Y or else I'd have to crop out part of the tail. The Y turned out okay but I failed pretty hard on the bottom loop. :,(

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