February 13, 2022

Zathong Has Been Plagiarizing SmiteFire

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On February 11, 2022. I have found a guide site, Zathong, that posts guides similar to Smitefire which also included Smite as one of the games this site has guides for. When I clicked on one of the guides and read through it, it was very similar to our guides, quite literally word for word from our guides.
Zathong has been plagiarizing guides from users on SmiteFire for probably as long, if not longer than a year now. I, as well as others, are victims of this plagiarism. I’ve alerted the admins about this and people higher-up are now aware.
I am asking you don’t go to their site, harass Zathong, or look to see if your guide was plagiarized since the site is running multiple ads so they are making a profit off our stolen work. I am writing this to let everyone know what has been happening and to get the word out about what Zathong is doing.